Ultima Experimenta: Hailing Hydra never felt so good


It seems like Ultima 2(A) makes one feel “light”. And that nothing’s a big deal…


Day 2 of 2(A):

Busy day ahead. Excited to see how this sub can aid me. Going to start the first loop in 1.5 hours if all goes according to plan.

edit: 3 loops, spaced 4-5 hours apart. I went to bed at 11pm sleepy af, woke up at 12am. Listened to the 3rd loop, and now am energized and feeling calm at the same time. hmmm…


Day 3 of 2(A):

For the past few days, I have been waking up in a more optimistic/good mood. Going to start the first loop in about an hour.

Typing this as I am listening to the 3rd loop. I notice that I dont feel anything while listen to Ultima 2A. It’s might as well be Canon In D or something, not that I’m complaining.

I continue to feel calm, but today distracted. Like having a difficult time concentrating on reading my kindle book.

There’s something about Ultima 2A that’s making me sleepy, and then energized once I sleep. The correlation is like 99% atm.


How has Stark Ultima been treating you @Sirchiropractixalot ?


I’ve been feeling very sleepy after listening to it, but I have a hunch that this is attributed to me waking up earlier than usual yesterday.
I will update my post above when I am done with 3 loops for today.


Day 4 of 2(A):

Slept during the first loop, had a dream about an instagram and onlyfans model having sex with a guy, and in the dream I was screaming my head off after watching it. Also dreamt that a few family members came to visit me, but I still asleep when they did.

Listening to loop 2 now as I am typing this. edit: Paused the track at 33:12 to be resumed after a walk at the beach.

edit 2: Listened to the rest of the second loop and third loop with a 2 hour interval… slept after the 3rd loop. I’m noticing that I tend to feel very energized after this. Just what is Ultima 2 (A)? :thinking: At this point I’d call it Hypno Q based on my experiences.


Day 5 of 2(A):

I woke up feeling optimistic, which is not common. I attribute this to both Ultima 2 (A) and the Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz.

I feel like taking a break, but I will probably do that tomorrow.

You’re a bodybuilder, do you think the concept of de-loading can be applied to subliminal exposure? ie instead of taking a full day off, decrease the number of loops on off days. Seems like the only time decreasing the number of loops is recommended is if one is facing reconciliation :thinking:

edit: I took a break in the end


I personally prefer to take a break when I sense signs of reconciliation but you may experiment otherwise. Most likely it’ll build up until you are at the state of intense reconciliation whereby you’re eager to change subliminal’s or even belief that the subliminal is not working.

I aim at keeping my loops right below reconciliation. I feel out every low and so on days where my energy is lower I will also use less loops, on days where my actions are very congruent with the subliminal’s scripting – I’ll be doing more loops, and so on.


The biggest thing I’m noticing is how my sleep cycles are changing with Ultima 2(A). I am sleeping less, but at more regular intervals. I wake up feeling alert and energized. Sleep itself is great, my dreams are less crazy.

Going to take a break and see if I qualify for Stage 3 of Ultima, if not I will resume Ultimate Healing Q. Grateful to be a part of this test group.


The Morning After Reflections:

Personally I did not experience any earth shattering effects while running Ultima (A) or 2. Not saying that as a complain at all, because Ultima isnt design for that.

For Ultima 2, I think the reason is that I am not ready to run Stark regardless of the build. I have a hunch that after 6 months of my custom: Ultimate Healing Q, I would get significantly better results.


When testing or running a subliminal, you’re not supposed to be looking for “earth shattering” effects. This misconception of looking for something to completely change your life in a day causes people to miss the small changes that lead up to a huge shift over a period of time.

We were looking for data on how affected your mood, daily habits, etc., no matter how small, that way we could calculate how it would work in the long run.


I understand. I meant “earth shattering” relative to the experiences of other users that were part of the experiment. I did my best to notice any small changes while running Ultima, and all of those are reflected in each post.


On reflection, I think running Ultima for 4 days straight, 3 loops was too much for me. My thoughts were scattered, my performance as a healer decreased, and I just didnt feel at my best.

After resting for 3 days, I am more clear headed. Starting with 1 loop a day as per the official guideline is a good way to go, for anyone reading this.