Ultima Experiments - Fractal


So the testing is wrapping up, I thought I would leave with a few thoughts:

  • I think you have to be careful to not overdo ultima. I found when I went too hard, my results lessened, like my mind resisted activating the scripts. The state change of first listen of Ultima A was incredibly noticeable but not as much the days after. I think this could be like getting in a cold swimming pool and feel that intense environmental change but once you get used to it, it starts to just feel normal even though you are still in the pool. However, you don’t want to go so hard that you drown yourself in it.

  • I believe there is lots of potential for a purely physical ultima, like a pre-workout. It just makes sense to me, instantly release the hormones and nutrients you need with ultima tech. I still feel like I’m all pumped from these tests, it’s great and I don’t even think that was their intention. In the mean time, I got godlike masculinity in anticipation for the ultima version, I think this would be an amazing pre-workout.

  • If they are upgrading all the superchargers, I’m really looking forward to their upgrade of Dreams too!

  • Ultima has changed how I’m approaching my custom Q. In my other journal, I mentioned that I found regular StarkQ provided more conscious guidance while Terminus needed me to actively release that information. So this is the main reason why I was considering regular Q. Now with Ultima, I feel that these solve that guidance issue, since they get you in the state that you desire. I also want to have more time in the day to play Ultima subs so having Terminus makes sense to solve that issue too. It’s like a perfect synergy that SubClub created here.

So that’s all, I’m taking a subliminal break today and will now look into my Q again. In the mean time, I might play regular StarkQ just to give me a fresh reminder of it’s effects. Thanks again guys for having me take part in this, it was pretty interesting! I hope my journal has been helpful.