Ultima let the testing begin


I do. Between SubClub, Neville, Dispenza, reflections, I’m in a great place.


Wonderful :smile:

How will you know when you have what you want from the subs?


What will be available to you when you have what you want?


Qn 1:
I have goals which are defined objectively. For my custom sub Ultimate Healing Q, the tension in my body will be eliminated as a lot of times tension is due to the emotions stored in the body as a traumatic experience.

For my future sub titled Lust On First Sight, ***K On First Night, I will be able to talk to any woman who I find sexually attractive and get them to initiate physical intimacy which culminates in passionate sex.

Qn 2:
Perfect health and sexual partners of my choice.


out of curiosity

whats important to you about eliminating tension due to having emotions stored in the body due to traumatic experience?


The body is a reflection of the soul. Tension in the body means that subconsciously, there are some limiting concepts that are preventing me from being pain free, which is my (or our) natural state. I just want to return to my natural state, for I believe that it’s easier to navigate the world in perfect health (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally)


and just so i can understand you better

whats important to you about being able talk to any woman who you find sexually attractive and get them to initiate physical intimacy which culminates in passionate sex?


Choice and pleasure. I want to share an intense orgasmic experience(s) with those I find sexually attractive.

BTW, are you CIA?


could be the C.L.I.A. :smile:


Wtf is happening here


I am giving intel away faster than Raymond Reddington does to the FBI :worried:


its ok, only helping you to get what you what you want

You have already begin to feel the calm, more insights from meditation, better concentration, increase in positivity from the subs,

from age gathered experience in this area can share with you how to break free from limiting concepts and delusions about the workings of the world, which will easily build on with what you are doing

allowing you to effortlessly return to your pain free natural state as you say. With this you will able to navigate the world in perfect health which will even allow you share an intense orgasmic experience(s) with those that you find sexually attractive.

Send me a pm dude.


1 Loop of (A) yesterday to fall asleep. Felt really nice.

Woke up felt tired though in the morning dont know why.

Sub gives a nice swag in public. Feel really good in the skin. Just happy to be me.

Listened to Another loop of (A) early evening. Good as usuall. Felt i could listened to more loops.


Just did! :slightly_smiling_face:


(B) day. 1 loop at noon. Was feeling ok before and during the loop felt relaxed, comfortable and happy. I wonder Does A and B have anything from Alchemy sub in there cause i see energy moving about.

If anyone who has done Alchemy, would be interested on there experiences with Ultima?

Felt a crash in late Afternoon and tired even now, though i don’t think its from B directly. Slept Late last night having listened to A earlier Yesterday seems like A has Red Bull in there:laughing:

Wonder what Ultima would be like minus Covid 19 and no Social Distancing.


Uhm dude, you got my PM?


Yes i have dude. Chat more on pm next week though.


Got to sleep at 3 am last night.

Listened to 2 loops of (A) this morning.
Not only does it get you to be present, notice patterns in nature and surroundings. Gives a huge gratitude to be alive. Must have a gratitude booster inside. Also clears the mind and feel smarter.

Some shortcomings i noticed with (A) or* it might be with me. Is that it gives a huge overall boost it might need something to calibrate to a individual and something to sustain it. (A) feels too good to be true like its operating at a 10 whilst am probably at a 7/8.

Had a long nap in the afternoon…needed that as felt drained, dont think its from the sub, just late nights,way too hot, and locked down.

Was originally going to have a break day, but i look forward to (A)

Thanks Saint for creating Ultima🙂

Might have a break over the weekend but then again there is another Ultima Test to try which i look forward to.


Could not resist had to try 5.1, though was feeling tired,

listened for five minutes, had these visuals come up during as if i was Dr Strange and was chained to a huge mystical clock. With some huge stream of flames blasting onto the clock and there was lava underneath.

The visual seemed fun, but was to tired to listen further as i slept very late last night and wanted to rest today.

Although it was only 5 minutes, (A) and (B) is different from 5.1, will experiment further.


Hey bro! how is it different?


The MCU references keep coming!!!