Ultima let the testing begin


Stage 2 Ultima, two loops last night.

First loop noticed a relaxation feeling, completely chilled out, had the feeling i am some metal industrialist.

Got to sleep late but put a loop on before sleeping. Woke up rested though bit late but felt good upon awakening, Feel a bit sharper too.

Definitely better than (B),

(A) is something else in itself.

Might listen to Stage 2 again today. Wonder what a named enabled version of (2) would be like,
Saint if you need anyone to test that give me a shout.


One Loop of Stage 2 last night as I fall asleep.

Woke up late whilst having a dream about some girl I met a few years ago, had a chat across different scenes then woke up realizing what was going on.

With Ultima, i think rest is needed to process them more efficiently, but at same time feel the need to press on.

Also remembered in Stage 1(A) had a dream of what looked like Valkyrie on Horses from Thor Ragnork minus Valkyrie and the horses were much whiter.



Since I wrote last, had a day of from Subs,

Listened then for one loop yesterday and then two in the evening,

I like this sub, has a nice feeling about it. Lets me awake restful might be a deep sleep inside as i certainly sleep deep.

Had another listen this morning.


two more loops of of (2) last night, this sub has a lightness feel to it and gives a nice feeling too, is there some sanguine in here to?


Stage 3,

1st day, seems very tranquil,think it releases pheromones.

2nd day,causes some irritation, seems like it gets into the party mood really quick

3rd day, can cause irritation if people cross the line.


Stage 3

Took a break from (3) was leaving the supermarket when this granny comes from far asking if she could take my trolley. Said ok. But then she was being all friendly, quickly ran as i got grossed out and she did not have a mask on. Realised it must be from the sub as she came to ask for the trolley from a far place where there were trolleys she had access to.

Felt crept out.