Ultima - New Beginnings


The dreams are getting so vivid and realistic that instead of waking up at 5 am, I wake up at 9 am because I want to continue the dreams. It would need a lot of will power to stop them and get up.

Edit: Decided to implement my dream themes:

#1 Catching a whale, a shark, and two octopus and putting them into a box with water to grow them?

#2 City is on lockdown, and all the trains are forbidden for the normal public and only allowed for those working in stores. Exploring a store with a nice girl (going up each floor), where I observe the above. As on the fifth floor, every house/most houses/stores are connected with the subway.

#2.5 Seeing my social circle with my bully as the alpha walking past me on the subway station without looking at me.

#3 Playing soccer (yes I played an entire match in my dreams). High school and (college friends) of me got separated into mixed groups and we play soccer. Normally, I suck in that sport but most of them are even worse so I begin to stand out and get called that I play pretty good.

#4 Talking with my best buddy about the soccer match and what followed: I got chosen to play in the real team for a big match even though a lot of people where actually professionals and they did not get chosen.
While talking, I am flying/jumping high around a house. In this dream, he asks me which of the two girls I want to invite to our meet up. I refuse one, and he calls another friend of us I wanted him to try to persuade.
This one is extremely real as I will meet him on Saturday and this exact convo end ending is very likely to happen.

#5 Back to dream #1 where I look for my animals. I open the box and see no movement. I got scared, close it, talk to somebody that they might have died. The other person told me that they likely have killed each other.

The dreams became extremely realistic (in terms of some themes, how I perceive them) even more than on Terminus.


Ultima A - one loop

Really enjoy this sub. I was feeling rather sluggish today but while and soon after playing Ultima, I got energized and motivated to do my work. Also, I only need to listen to some music to really bomb me in this state where life is good. While this is a tendency with music on its own, it really is on another level with Ultima.

Also, I am noticing I tend to go to bed later and have no problems to party all night long. In fact, a few days ago I came home at and wrote my whole report of the day till 3 am where I normally wake up at 5 am. While this is great for partying, I really need to start to force myself to go to bed earlier otherwise I end up being pretty unproductive.

This is an excellent summary of the effects I got.

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Ultima B - One loop.

Days on Ultima are very different than on A. Whereas on A everything feels lighthearted and light, on B the day is continued with a rather dense & blunt feeling. This is especially noticeable when studying, as on A I easily get into the flow state and enjoy the work much but on B I am rather frustrated to do it.

I came from another party today which was absolutely epic. I was enjoying the moment and mostly living in the now. I was touching myself (hair) a lot but could easily stop it after noticing. When we were speaking in little groups of 4-5, I noticed that people always looked at me when they told a story. In that regard, I also seem to animate attraction more towards the hotter girls automatically. This could be because of my looks/clothes but probably also because of the aura I am animating from Ultima. In regards to seduction tough, Ultima B can’t compare to A.

This is definitely not the case with B, even though the script is probably the same. There were numerous occasions where I could sexualize it with girls more to push for a make-out or take them home (also some with Ultima A before in comparison to Khan St4 but much fewer occasions where I don’t even tried). To be honest, I did not even care for make-outs and stuff like that. B just made me enjoy the party on its own. Also, when I saw people getting close to a make-out, I did not get jealous much or the unpleasant feeling I normally experience (this happens even when there is ZERO attraction from me towards the girl).
When I then was making my way up home, I normally go over the night and review my seduction. So there are sometimes nights where I would be pretty sad, frustrated, etc that I fucked it up (like this time). I was doing it when it suddenly got repelled. I begin to feel extremely happy for all the insights I have gained that night. Even though, I “failed”, I begin to see how much I gained from that failing. I turned on the music and just enjoyed my walk back home.


pretty soon you will have to change your username to j.a.r.v.i.s.


Took a rest day and am eagerly waiting for stage 2 :slight_smile:



Before the Ultima test, I was listening to Stark and Stark Terminus for around two 1/2 months, so I am eager to see how both versions compare.

Day 1: One loop

From the first loop of listening, I am truly impressed with the results I am seeing already.

I did not wake up late but also not as early and energized like normally. My day started rather slow with having a long breakfast, and half-assing both my meditation and my right-after-bed-studies.
So at around 10 am I decided to listen to one loop of Stark Ultima while studying. In comparison to Ultima Stage 1 A or B, I did not get distracted while listening but could could focus pretty hard on the material I was learning. At 40 mins in, I checked for the first time since when the file was playing. It was at that moment when I began to notice a slightly weird time dilation effect: On the one hand, it felt like at least 1 hour and more has passed as I have done so much work in that time, and on the other hand I could not believe so much time passed already as me working felt like 10 mins because I did not even got bored once. This effect continued for the next 4 hours where I was just in the flow, focused on my work, got much done, never got bored, and felt the time going by slow and super fast at the same time.

I saw a lot of numbers today, like 1212, 1221, 66, 1555, 1911, 2112, 1112, 2121, 221 and more. I researched about two and both mentioned “philanthropy” which is interesting as StarkQ has some kind of (indirect) scripting towards it (based on the sales copy).

The third thing I noticed was that I got exceptionally hungry today. Also, I had cravings for sugar which I did not give in though. I quit eating sugar around 3-4 months ago, never really experienced any cravings so this was unusual on its own. But also the increased appetite is very likely not a placebo. Even after having a big lunch, I decided to eat a lot of fruits for deserts and was still hungry after eating again a big portion for dinner.

But even though I ate so much, I managed to sit down and continued studying immediately after having lunch which is something I usually do not accomplish because I just feel too full and tired. So this was great. 30-40 mins later, I decided to take a nap which I often had to do on Stark Terminus but which I did without much procrastinating before getting ready to fall asleep. The dream was rather weird. I saw a baby in front of me, who sat next to a big dog. I went closer to the baby and wanted to communicate with him (or he with me?) and the dog started barking at me loudly and aggressively. Then, I woke up. And worked some more.

So today, was a very productive day. Right now I am feeling tired and will go to bed soon.

EDIT: Oh, and I also got horny today just out of nowhere in the middle of the day which did not happen for around 2-3 weeks for sure.


Very interesting. For me, it was as if I slept for one second, next thing I knew the track was over…


Had again very vivid dreams

I dreamt about the one hot girl that was giving me IOIs on the last party I have been to. She was giving me them again in my dream, and like then I did not follow up on them. Soon I saw how other boys and girl took her away from me with far worse game than I have. I thought: “Enough! the next time I will see her or come in a similar situation I will just go for it no matter what”. Also I was back to school which is a prominent dream theme from yesterday (pre-StarkQ).

Woke up pretty sleepy today not wanting to get up. I always face the problem when I dream so vividly. All people wish for more vivid dreams, I wish for less, to be just able to get up and conquer my day like normally.

I have been feeling rather cold-hearted and drained out of good emotions. Might be also because of the vivid dreams. Also felt a bit sick today. Put this feeling vanished already.

Interesting :thinking: Very different picture to yesterday

After cleaning my room, I will listen to a loop of Ultima and then start my work.


Also again feeling exceptionally horny and just would like to call a girl to come now


Unfortunately I had to take an unplanned rest day yesterday due to external circumstances. However, the reconciliation faded, feeling fresh again and I will start my first loop of the day soon :slight_smile:

Dreams are still extremely vivid so that I woke up at 5:55 am but still ended up sleeping till 7:40 because the dreams have been just so exciting. The last dream was me infiltrating a model show, where I acted like I am the male model just to talk to some nice ladies. One guy got suspicious but I handeled everything smoothly. Later, even talked to Hedi Klum and other celebrities who wanted to meet the guy who had the balls to do what I did. The other dreams have been even more interesting but I forgot most of it at this point.


Just had a nurture to look at the modules for my custom again. Ended up cutting it down from 21 modules to 12. After I was done, I began to feel euphoric and I can’t wait to order it.
That’s why I love Stark, it really is great for planning or creating something.

11:01 will start one loop of Stark Ultima now


So you’re not going for a 20 module Custom?


Not for now

I will send you my modules later and the reasons why


Ultima Stark

One loop:
The same day: No reconcilation, amazing productive day
The next day: Tremendous RECONCILATION

Two loops:
The same day: Some mild reconcilation
The next day: ???

Today, I listened to two loops for the first time. I was productive but my thoughts went wild and I could not concentrate or focus on one task for long. Still, got my workload done but I know I could have done much more.
Went out for dinner with my family. There was a really stupid sign that one should not go a certain way, but because no guests were there and there is actually no point at all to go all the way around, I decided to go there anyway. Suddenly the waiter shouted something from behind and came over to tell me that I may not go this way. I got calmed, smiled but stand my ground and showed him how stupid the sign and the what he is ordering me to do is. In the end, I got my way and went through. He was rude but instead of anger, I felt compassion for him. He is just doing his job. After that, we had a great dinner.

Definitely felt some mild reconciliation today. My family pointed out that I am negative (which I was not) but probably expressed through non-verbal communication. This often happens when I feel mild reconciliation. 2 loops were too much for me today, so I will only listen to one loop tomorrow.


Am I loosing my mind??

Well that would be pretty positive actually as this would be the egoistic structure of my mind but I just woke up and had a very strange night. I am not sure how much of it is real or was dreamt but somehow I was acting out different personalities in my sleep also through my sleep positions. Having the thought in mind: “Am I schizophrenic?”. I remember (dreaming maybe) waking up (5,6,7,8 am) at different hours and having a positive or negative response to it based on the hour (8 am - angry for oversleeping) but I just woke up and it is only 6:55 am…

Dreams are getting exceptionally interesting, vivid and weird. But also realistic in some sense. I figured that this is for me the next level. I normally dream vivid, when the sub is working one something, I dream long vivid dreams and the same or a level after that would be me having exceptionally realistic dreams, things and themes that are happened or could happen to me. Another level after that would be to have no dreams or “black dreams”, this often happens in the first days of a new sub when there is extensive working and absorption of the script going on.

Back to my dreams, I was going out with my friends climbing which I usually do. The city was different and it looked like Las Vegas. We had to wait in a line but I spotted some other friends so we passed that. Also my grandpa joined us (which is weird haha as he is 90). He got confronted by a guy and I took a stand for him.
While climbing, we separated in two groups (my grandpa vanished) where I was with two other girls I fancied but would consider “out of my league” a few weeks ago. Those were girls I know which I did not seduce or really talk much because feared fucking it up with them. While climbing we meet the other group and my ex (who was in the other group) wanted to touch my dick. I refused and talked my way out of it very smoothly but still said that I would get a boner. Fast forwarding, I ended somehow outside where I guess we were looking for my grandpa maybe. I and my best buddy are becoming doctors and we saw that a lot of babies lay outside in the sun. We went to the mothers, and told them to be careful and take the baby away out of the sun or he will burn his skin. Als ways my friend said so as he had much more knowledge than me and I did not really know what he talked about. But soon I wanted to talk to them myself, and so I did. The conversation with the mum was good but suddenly my friend came and interrupted me and said the reasons I am naming were all wrong. I got angry inside in my dream and thought: I love you but this is the last time you take stand against your family ever! (cc Godfather). After that, I found myself nuking the place just out of fun. I did not create an explosion but I contaminated the whole area without somebody noticing as the bomb and wave as invisible. I was wondering if I have just killed myself through it but did not care much. Later, I found out that it was 7 hours later upon first entering the climbing hall and that my friends have been looking for me and got really worried. My best buddy got switched with another buddy and we went to party where there were I my boys who were creating a big fat joint. This were the party’s my “bully” is attempting to it in general the “cool kids” back in high school. While I found it weird inside, when I entered, everyone got excited that I was there…


Me loosing my mind…

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I see where this is going here :joy:


Hahahaha :slight_smile:


Ultima Stark - One loop

It only has been a few days of running Stark Ultima but this subliminal is somehow vastly different to any subliminal I have ever tried before. To be honest, I can’t quite wrap my mind around it. From what I can tell it feels to be the same power level as Stark Terminus, but the effects seem to amplify each other much more. If you would imagine both of them on a chart, the normal Q subs would represent a linear graph with steady results/time but Ultima would be an exponential graph, where some results lack in the beginning but amplify over time. At least this is how it feels to be.

But I have not run Ultima Stark for long enough to determine that is actually what is going to happen. It really is only based on the feeling I get from it. But this clearly shows how weird the subliminal seems to act. To be honest, there are numerous things that are strange:

#1 Reconcilation comes instant. With Terminus, I at least need 2-4 days of “overexposure” (min. 4 loops) to experience reconcilation whereas with Ultima Stark, one loop is enough to give me reconcilation 0-6 hours after running it.

#2 The reconcilation is much milder than on Terminus. I remember being so tired and exhausted that on some days the only thing I did was to lay down in my bed and watch YT videos.
The reconcilation of Ultima seems to be different, however. After the loop, I begin to feel more tired but I can still push myself to work. It doesn’t interfere with my day so much but is rather experienced when around people. They express that I seem to be “more negative”, which comes from the fact that I clearly tell my truth and when there is something I don’t like I say it. But this is also probably conveyed with my non-verbal communication.
This is also very similar to what I experienced with Ultima Stage 1. I will quote some experiences here:

Especially the first quote is how I feel on Stark Ultima (even though it was the first loop of Ultima A when writing that). And you can also see that reconcilation and results are mixed together. I am more emotionally unstable but I still (or even because of it) COMMAND respect.

#3 Well this point is one I don’t really understand myself. There are things that I feel are lacking with Ultima (productivity, being focused on task etc) versus other results that seem to be much stronger (Everything that changes how you portray yourself, especially while socializing: aura, status, healing). Though when looking back, even my productivity improved in the last days but somehow it doesn’t feel like it. But at the same time, I feel that those weak areas are where I will greatly improve in the next days.

#3 DREAMS. I can officially declare that I never had such wild and crazy dreams as on Ultima. I think there might be scripting in Stark that influences that in general (maybe Submodel Alpha??). Like on Terminus dreams have been extremely vivid too but on Ultima, it seems like I am getting trained with my dreams for different situations that might happen or happened in the past to be better in the future. I am not quoting here any dreams because like in every dream I wrote down and reported here is this theme present. And the last part is HEALING. Made crazy improvements with my old high school bully in those last days only by dreaming. Today, I dreamt of how I was arguing with him. He was objectively wrong and argued really nasty and like I dick. Normally, I would just leave or get really emotional but I stayed calm until he did the right thing. Of course, I was angry but I did not let it show. Then suddenly out of nowhere, he was being attacked by two giants who beat him down. I quickly without thinking, went into the fight to help him. There was the beta guy who always follows him but he did nothing just stood there and watched in fear. I on the other hand, even though he was just so incredibly nasty to me, went in the fight, and yeah what a surprise… got beaten so fucking bad that I think I almost died. But I was forgiving him at that moment, and stand up for what is right.


Well, I must admit this chart resonates a lot with me. I only got a glimpse of this new Ultima track in the beginning of the week and now results really start to come out of nowhere.

More like an exponential increase compared to a consistent increase in results. Which makes much sense as Ultima gave long-lasting effects as well.


I just got spontaneously invited to a party - Normally I would not go because 1. there are no nice girls coming 2. it fucks my study schedule pretty hard up. But you know what? Fuck it
Gonna go there