Ultima - New Beginnings


3-5 weeks of regular use seems like it would be a good time period to get an initial read. Then 12-15 weeks to get a bit more solid of a sense. (Assuming that other factors, Action and Vision, are in place and on point.)

How long are you planning to work with this subliminal?


I am going to drop it for my custom pretty soon because I had to realize that Stark is not 100% aligned with what I am doing on a daily bases.

However, I am pretty certain that I will continue to run Ultima (A) on some days along with my custom.


Sadly yesterday was devastating socially.

I will elaborate more later cause right now I am heading to another party. Though even though yesterday was horrible, I am not mocking myself for it or feel any kind of negativity. To be honest, I somehow even enjoyed it because it was an opportunity to grow.


@friday somehow our private conversation got closed after reaching the limit of 501 messages, lol.

Unlike your evening yesterday, mine was Godlike, to say the least. Gonna take my time for everything to process and might write an elaborating post on it later.


I know :joy:

That was actually the reply I wanted to send you @Hermit

Eager to read it :slight_smile:


Let’s open a new one :rofl:

Name it Ascension and the Awakening stage two.


Will do so after coming back tomorrow same time


Just came back from the most incredible sex ever

will report more after getting a short rest


lol, your profile is closed, somehow can’t even sent you a private message. Start a new private conversation with me, I’m about to order some of those prebiotics and need to ask you some questions about it.


Just changed that :slight_smile:

Will sent you the pm later when I am back at my computer


It all started on Friday where I went to a party to meet some old friends. I did not know the host which was a girl with her 3 females friends but they were welcoming. However, the moment I entered I knew why I normally don’t attend such parties. It was really a low vibe, the girls did not satisfy my taste and my old friends are really no party animals. It was also weird because they are a close social circle only hanging out with each other and I have not seen them for 6 months.
So even when the conditions were hard, I disliked that I could not create the fun out of myself like I normally do. Instead, I was mostly sitting in the corner, listening or just talking with one person next to me. I did not even make the effort to start chatting up the people I did not know (the girls). The matter is, I thrive when I am the point of attention but lack when I am not - like in this case.
Normally I would have gone home devasted after such an event but from the start, I saw it as a good reference experience from which I can learn to do better in the future. The next day was another party I wanted to attend so I was extremely grateful for every bad experience at the party because I could so identify my mistakes so that I do not repeat them tomorrow.
However, I must say the following: While my social skills were lacking, people around me started to give me compliments and were really nice to me, telling me how great it is to see me again and how well my necklaces look and stuff like that. So even though I am not satisfied with how I behaved, people reacted very well to me.


So the above is what happened one day before that:

My best buddy celebrated his birthday and I made sure to especially do NOT repeat the same mistakes as yesterday at the other party. So right from the start, I pushed myself to be energetic, outgoing and I instantly got in state. We were having a great time and Starks social wit and charisma were kicking it. Personally, I love Khan but Stark’s social scripting is much more aligned with my personality.
Later we meet the rest to celebrate his birthday. In the beginning, we were only three as the others came late so that I had time to chat with that nice blonde girl. She has a boyfriend but I did vibe with her really well. Later when we ended up at his place, we came closer and made out on the balcony. My buddy gave us a room and we were having sex for around 4 hours lol; it really felt like only one hour. I made her come so many times and she was just LOVING it. I would love to know if Sex Mastery is in Stark as it definitely felt like that or if I am just a sex god naturally :sunglasses:. She also took good care of me and it was just incredibly satisfying and pleasurable. It was really an act of love.
I like to open up more after sex as I generally have a bad boy vibe to me but I feel girls find it extremely satisfying when I show some vulnerability after sex and she was also asking me some deep questions. She started to make me compliments how much she loves my biceps and how fucking handsome I look. It got really wild as I never got so many compliments, especially not for my looks. I got a little bit blushed. She was telling me how well girls and even boys think about me privately. She also said that my ex who also attended the party had a bet with her best friend if I will sleep with her (the girl I ended up sleeping with). The loser had to do wash the dishes for a whole month. Wtf it is really crazy how blind we guys are to so many things that happen in the background socially She also mentioned that my ex still has feeling for me which I also kinda suspect by how she acted towards me today.
But the way my girl was looking at me was out of this world. Never ever has sone looked at me with such huge bambie eyes and pure love. I made fun of her with that and she got blushed too. She looked so innocent and sweet like a small kid seeing Santa Claus. Funny thing is, she is actually more of a tough girl so that type of behavior is very very unusual for her. She began to tell me that she might develop feelings for me and started to try to persuade me to hit her up more. But she also knows that I am not looking for a relationship right now as I can much choose between multiple girls. She gave me so many compliments that I really started to feel like a celebrity. If this is what the fame and celebrity effect of Stark is, damn I WANT that. I truly think about adding Stark now to my custom as I have never experienced something like what just happen. I actually still cannot believe it. She also mentioned stuff like “I am rather unhappy in love with you (“because she can’t have me”) than to love X”.


I am not sure if that was the effect of Ultima or StarkQ in general as I did not socialize on Stark before cause of the lockdown but I suspect the compliments and “celebrity” effect was due Ultima. Ultima seems to be extremely fucking powerful (10x more than Q subs in my opinion) for generating auras and changing how you express yourself, it lacks however with more tangible things like productivity or even social skills in general (from hello to seduction).

Also, I feel different to Ultima (A) that the best results come one day later on a rest day. I have followed that pattern by accident and I always experienced the best results on the off days.


Agreed, made this same exact observation today.

Ultima is amazingly state altering, which is also why it will totally change your paradigm in a very limited time, mainly due to the totality of all experiences you gain out of it.


It’s in there. But, it does make you one naturally. :wink:


This is makes so much sense now, I was having Sex Mastery’s effects last months for me when I was running solely Stark. I knew there was something going on with it.


Well that explains a lot! I have StarkQ and Sex Mastery in my custom and Im stacking that with StarkQ Terminus.
Im overdosing on SM, I will become the Sex Master :joy::joy::joy:


I just meet with my mum to go for a walk. We were talking and I was again super social, charismatic and in a good mood when I suddenly saw an absolutely fucking hot girl in front of us. You know, some girls are more sweet and beautiful and others are actually just really fucking hot and spicy. And she was a total bomb.
Anyway haha, our eyes meet even though she was still pretty much away. She looked at me with that intense sexual craving and desire and so did I. We came closer as she is walking in the opposite direction. We are both moving our heads to not break the eye contact which is fucking rare for such a girl. I smile at her knowing that she cannot resist me. It was pure sex with our eyes…

It was literally like in this scene only that I don’t find her particularly hot. And the whole moment felt much slower.

I was very close to just saying hello and stopping her but I felt uncomfortable doing that next to my mum. But anyway I never had such a hot girl look at me for so long, moving her head (which was pretty uncomfortable) and looking with such desire. Saint Sovereign, are you SURE that you don’t underestimate the power of Ultima? I am gonna be honest, it feels much more powerful than Terminus for me. The last time I listened to Stark was two days ago but I listened to my first loop of Beyond Limitless today but I don’t believe this triggered it.


I agree with you, I think StarkU works better than Q and T, but it needs more time to process - at least for me.


@SaintSovereign please check the pm I send you (Elites)

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