Ultima Stage 3 Elme Test Journal


You can make your subconscious block that…i also make subs so i know its possible, that is why sometimes a neutral gender sub is a two headed sword. But im loving to test this out :muscle::muscle:


So there are two things besides the obvious attraction and “celebrity” status this sub gives you there were two things i thought were not related but are :

  • this sub makes you extremly tired to the point of not functioning at all after work, i go to bed like a zombie. Apparently it also gives me small like pain in thr lowet back… maybe trauma release?
  • it manifests tons of beutyfull girls, i start noticing this bcs of the lack of randomness of this, a good example is very hot girls like models going near my store, most of the didnt know why they were there, we are in a covid 19 quarentine so this absurd of hot girls near my store is unnatural, also noticed some of them actually were more agressive and came after me, asking stupid questions, flirting, grab their husband and just came in the store and stood by me and not buying nothing and other absurds behaviours… so there is a manifestation of hot girls or at least they are graviting unconsciously to my sexyness like @SaintSovereign says. Dont noticed the man since im an heterosexual male but if this is a no gender sub the effects will be the same i guess.


Does the effects get stronger as the days go on? Or is it like run two loops and that’s it…does it build up over time like other subs?


Yes it gets stronger over time, this is powerfull, even 30m with proper quality headphones makes your head going into processing mode… can feel the tingling inside like its processing tons of info.


Are the effects long-term like the other subs?or is it like perfume…the day u use it the day u smell it?


For now it seems to build up … how log is suppose to last the tests @SaintSovereign ?
Just curious to see if it lasts


The test was supposed to be two weeks, but with the results everyone’s getting, I may cut it short as it’s evident that it’s working.

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Does it build up and cause long-term change or is it just for the day?


Longer than a day, but probably not permanent.


@SaintSovereign if this is paired along with SM or PS , is it gonna have more Prominent effect and can the effect from ultima last much longer then ?


So this is more than an enhancer than actually a more permanent module. Why its not possible to make it permanent? Because ir generates auras?


Hmm, I’m curious. Would this accelerate the alchemical process for long-term growth with a major sub (i.e Khan, PS, etc)? So indirectly it would give permanent change, or nah?