Ultima Test Experience


2nd loop being run now.

Feel some pressure and maybe a bit of a headache while listening.

Feeling clear and awake.


Dreamt about to a former classmate talking to me about a wedding for some unnamed mutual acquaintance.

As I am walking down the hallway of a familiar building a snake sinks its fangs into my hand and holds on as I attempt to dislodge it.


Drove around today with a friend to run errands and buy a few things.

Pleasant day, but not a lot to remark upon, at least at this point.


Third run of β€œB” starting at 6:20.


I feel like I was experiencing some kind of time distortion with this track. I felt like time was extended as I listened to the track this evening.

Also feeling pretty wiped out tonight, though I don’t think it is a byproduct of the sub.


Tomorrow will try to space out three loops throughout the day - morning, afternoon, evening.


It’s possible. I just tested the latest build and was floored by how draining it was.


I am on a trip and sleeping poorly due to not having my usual sleeping arrangement.

Woke up and started my first loop of β€œA” at 5 am, while sitting in a recliner, figuring this time and circumstance is probably as suggestible as one gets.


Feel ok. Getting my hair cut today for the first time since February.

Feel a bit β€œoff” today. I attribute it mostly to poor sleep.


Got my hair cut. Had a nice relaxed conversation with the woman who was cutting my hair. Was not trying to hit on her but I felt I created and maintained a nice level of rapport despite the weirdness of both of us wearing masks.


Running β€œA” for a second time today at 2:35 pm.


Starting a third run of β€œA” @4:45 pm.


Have felt extremely tired, pretty much devoid of energy, all day long today.


Feeling pretty decent this evening. Not sure how to quantify the effects of the sub on this, as I am by myself, without anyone to interact with.


I am going to need to wait untl later in the day to listen to my subliminal tracks.

Still on vacation. Not sleeping well, which has more to do with different than usual sleeping situation.


Running first loop of β€œB” for the day @ 6:35 pm.


Second loop of β€œB” at 11 pm.


β€œA” at 9:00 am.

I have been feeling a bit run down and tired, mainly due to poor sleeping circumstances.


It has been tough to test out much on people.

I have traveled to an area that has recently become a coronavirus hotspot to visit my mom. I have been avoiding being around people other than my mom. I have been outside to exercise and visit the graves of relatives in several cemetaries.

I have been feeling tired, due to poor sleep, but have mostly felt optimistic while here. Trying to notice other shifts in attitude.


Was your sleep poor even before Ultima?