Ultima Test Experience


My poor sleep is related to traveling and has occured since traveling.


“A” at 3:30 and now a third run at 5:15.


It has been a strange week. I’ve traveled to my mom’s house and have interacted with her quite a bit, including setting up an mp3 player with computer speakers in her bedroom to listen to Aegis.

She feels very positive about the subliminal. Feels calmer, likes the masked sound and has noticed vivid dreams.

I was out with my cousin on both Monday and Wednesday. My only contact with any other people was when we went to Wal-Mart to buy the mp3 player and speakers to run Aegis, and we only spoke to two people in the store, wore masks and maintained strict social distancing.

I feel an overall rise in mood and optimism, but I’ve also felt that my sleep was poor due to an uncomfortable sleeping set-up.


Running “B” just before 9:30 a.m.


I had a dream in which on of my family members had contracted coronavirus.


Have finished two full loops of “B”.


Not much to say today. I have mostly been staying in and interacting with a very limited set of people with whom I am very familiar. I am in my childhood home which probably triggers many psychological anchors of the past.


Starting a loop of “A”. 1:25.


Finished my 1st run of “A” the day and broke out of the stasis I had found myself in and took action on a project I had been putting off.


Running “A” again at 7:20 pm. Feeling a slight headache or pressure above ears in line with headphone band that seems to be energetic in origin.


Feeling pretty chill.

I want to run a third loop of “A” before midnight.


Running my third loop of “A” starting at 11:35.


Waiting for the phase two audio(s) right now.


I feel a special brotherly connection with you


I see another opportunity for an MCU reference, but I shall refrain from it this time :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Is “MCU” an in-joke I should be in on? :thinking:


MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe, which Tony Stark is a part of… ever since Stark came out I have been making MCU references as much as I could, just for the heck of it.


Oh, ok. I like the Stark Concept, but I am not much tuned into the Marvelverse. I saw the original Ironman movie but have maybe seen only a couple of related movies and none in probably five years.

I did see Wonderwoman, but I am pretty sure that is DC.


You should, there’s nothing like watching the last hour of Avengers: Endgame with Stark running in the background.


I don’t watch that many movies, but that sounds like it could be interesting.

I am more into stuff like Rick & Morty.