Ultima Test Experience


Running Ultima 2A: 10 am


Going for back to back runs with Ultima.

My biggest issue with Ultima is needing to run it each time with my bulky HD580s. It is difficult to be mobile or active with these. They are pretty much sit down and listen headphones.


Running Ultima 2A right before going to sleep: 11:25 pm.


11 am run.

Bad headache this morning. Completely unrelated to Ultima.


Letting it run for a second exposure.


Ran three times back to back, through my HD580s.


Feeling optimistic about a big project I need to complete by tomorrow at 1pm.

Still procrastinating, though.

Feeling bad about the bridges I may have burned with a woman, even though it was a hopeless situation right from the start. Why do we want things that are impossible?


Running Ultima 2 at Midnight as the first sub run for Friday and then will sleep.

Sort of a productive day today. Optimistic, though.


Trying to think of what modules could be good in combating ocd.


Planning to run Ult 2 @4:45 pm. 2nd run of the calendar day.


I have been feeling an elevated mood and positive motivation today.


Feeling more clarity about some troubling issues today.

I am going to run Ult 2 for the third time starting around 10 pm.


Ran it twice as I was working on my laptop.

Will consider the second as my first Saturday run.


Running Ult 2 @ 10:30 am.


Ran Ult 2A @ 4:30 for second run.

In general I have been more productive and had a more positive mood while running this.


Running ULT 2A this morning @11:30 am.