Ultima Test Stage 3


I believe that every part of your body/mind/soul is trying to help you fulfil your full potential, even the parts of you that you think of as Inner Loser.

Alienating a part of yourself implies separation, which is ineffective in itself as separation is an illusion. This makes it difficult for you to be your authentic self on the veil of an illusion.

So instead, why not set an agreement with this part of you and work with it so it becomes an Inner Winner? Teamwork implies you guys are together or Whole. Now you got a someone on your side and can express your true self as long as you stick to your plans of self improvement.


Can you give my some actionable steps please?


Continue listening to your subliminal stack, just also communicate with this part of you (talking in your head or writing it asa post), setting the intention that from here on out it’s going to support you how you want it.

Your good friend Jason Capital gives this “lesser self” a name eg Billy. Everytime Billy tries to talk you out of something, tell Billy “Rmb what we said about supporting each other?”

Come from a place of gratitude and acceptance.


Thank you!


I hope you have a breakthrough regardless of whether you decide to follow my suggestion :brain:


Day 5 A

I have not felt any negative effects since i started this test.

There hasn’t been any outstanding positive results yet.

Or maybe, the results that i have been having, seem no natural to me, that i can’t quite pinpoint it.

But I am feeling so grounded more than on khan, more than on starkq.


Out of curiosity, are you implementing my suggestion?


Surprisingly the negative voice in my head has been absent the entire day! can you believe it?


Of course! Optimism is the natural state and I expect it to continue for you.


Day 5 A update 2

My mind is going haywire on soming up with on the spot seduction routines. This is crazy. I am hating it


I feel the same :unamused:


Day 5 Update 3

I thought this should be shared.

Ever since I started the test,
I haven’t been able to sleep at night.even when I felt tired I couldn’t fall asleep.
I used this time to study.
But now that exam is over I could reflect on my experiences more deeply.
And not getting sleep for 4 nights straight for someone who loves sleeping isn’t Normal.


Do you experience compulsive thinking while trying to fall asleep?
What is it that keeps you awake?


I can’t believe I haven’t noted that down but this is the same for me too and actually leads into:

I’ve been experiencing compulsive thinking and never normally do that. My thoughts are about my job and improving at it. I’m starting to think it’s linked to what I really want in the current moment and I’m visualising all the things I do want.


Bro my brain is working like a machine to come up with seduction routines.

Like i am imagining realistic scenarios that have gone by, I replay the scenarios and just the concepts i’ve learnt appear in the back ground as my tool set.

The scenario progresses and one by one the concepts fit into the scenarios like a puzzle.

Instead of the seduction routines i tried thinking of more serious life stuff and i felt very uncomfortable


Would you mind sharing some of them?


Check inbox bro


I did, nothing received so far :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Day 6 B

Biggest Note: People who i ahve interacted with, seem more drawn to me than before.


Day 7 A

I don’t wanna share too much details about it, but i’ve had a window to go closer to my taboo fantasies. something which has always been impossible. It’s still a long shot away, but in the last few days i ahve noticed a slight shift in perspective at the other end.

Although the thing is that, i really have to stop the above. It’s very unhealthy for me. One part of my mind knows this has to stop, it is not right to take it any further. The other part of my mind is going like why stop when you are almost there.

How do i get rid of this dilema?