Ultima Test Stage 3


I’m also interested if the subs actually brought you closer to making these taboo fantasies a reality.


Today I will treat as arest day.

Last seven says I have had atleast one loop of A/B on alternate days.

Even i have not felt the burnout many poeple have reported, I will make today a rest day.


I just woke up from a short nap, where i dreamt that saint sovereign sent me a personal email. Thanking me for my services to SubClub… I wonder what that was all about


Interesting. I had a dream about Saint Sovereign during testing, too.


What were the content of yours?


Alright Saint, what’s really going on? :cowboy_hat_face:


I dreamed reading somewhere about the name Saint Sovereign and then thinking “Ah, this is where the name comes from”



Not sure. The script for the Ultima Stage 1 test is exceptionally focused and has no references to SubClub. The watermark says, [Title of the sub] by Subliminal Club, but it’s at natural talking speed.


Stage 2 Day 1

Just put on the first loop.
Immediately i can feel this huge pressure building up in my head.
The intensity feels to be inreasing every second but it is remaining the same.
I don’t know if I make sense.

I am gonna close my eyes and meditate the first loop through.


You’re not the only person who feels something in the head, another user felt some oblong energy in the skull. :thinking:


Nothing great felt on day 1. I rather slipped back into my isolated self today. Probably reconciliation


Interesting update: day 8 was rest day, I slept at night after a week. Today I’m back to the sleepless night


Stage 2 Day 2

My Girlfiend seems to laugh at everything i say.


This is definitely Stark scripting going on. When I was on Stark I was pulling jokes left and right, wherever I went. It’s fun!


I feel like I have screwed up my life. My father made me all the opportunities and spoon fed me, and I shoved it down the drain. I am a failure and a disgrace to my father.


Stage 2 Day 3.

I’ve been feeling pretty shit about myself lately, Pretty shit and pretty confused.


My life has been feeling upsidedown career wise. I am contemplating my life decisions.


Stage 2: Day 4

I woke up from a dream where a few people were makign remarks about me that would be considered rather insulting.
However, in my dream i realisied the undertanding of reality af these people and realised that this is how they are, and they don’t mean bad and jsut let it go.


You say you’ve been feeling down, being hard on yourself lately, right? Perhaps the dream and the realisation wasn’t meant to be about other people’s opinions of you


I really don’t know. Stage 2 has been really confusing for me