Ultima Test Stage 3


Stage 2: Day 5

Stark Ultima has been very weird to me.

My sleeping cycle is in tatters.
The only day i had a good sleep since starting the test was the day when i took off from subliminals.
I think something is brewing up.

I have been taking a peek at porn everyday, although not jerking off.

Even though i have no inentions to seduce woman, i am still learning seduction stuff (Myabe somewhere i know i want to be a marketeer and i am gonna transfer these skills there)


Last few days have been really strange. However, I think I am starting to gett hold of it from today.


Today, after the ranting and regretting, I kicked myself in back and started taking direction whereby I can mitigate my losses!


Last 4 days, I don’t think i’ve quite been myself.

Today I am starting to find my feet again!

Today, after many days, i did not even go close to watching porn!


I’m glad for that but I think you missed my point. It seems to me that the dream you had was about not being so critical of yourself. Your subconscious was, in my opinion, letting you know that even though you mean well - you ought not to be so hard on yourself


@Neurokinetic Yepp I completely missed it.
Yes you are correct.
Maybe not immediately, but everything slowly falls into place If you relax and take it in


Stage 2: Day 6

After 5 Days of Being in the dump (Heavy Feeling of Being Lost)

I feel like a new man today!
Apart from the messed up sleeping cycle,
I feel Like a Beat inside waiting to get out!

Even i can’t believe what a See-Saw Journey my mind has been through the last couple of days.

Starting Yesterday, I started feeling better, and today, I feel amazing!

I am ready to take on the world.
I finally started taking care of two buiness matters, which had been hanging for 3 months.


One thing I have been consistantly noticing is that my Girlfriend seems to be more drawn to me than ever before every single day


Everyday I’ve been listening to in average 2 loops max three loops.

Today, since I’ve been feeling like a millionaire, I thought of increasing the loops by 2.

I just finished the 4th loop.

I feel like my brain is gonna explode :face_vomiting:


Before i hit the bed- Day 2 of no PMO.

I think i release my internal frustrations throug PMO.
Since they have been absent last 2 days, no PMO.


The internal frustrations in you is energy that needs to be let out and channeled in a healthy way if not it will find a outlet, even if that outlet doesn’t serve your highest good, easy one is pmo.
Emotions and pmo go hand and hand. When we feel negative emotions we want to self sooth and rid ourselves from those unwanted emotions/ feelings and fapping is a easy outlet/ boost to feel good in that moment. The mature adult thing would be to tend to our needs in a healthy manner. Feel frustration ? Channel that energy and shadow box, Punch a pillow, go for a run, yell etc
But listen I struggle with this issue a lot as well. I self soothed with fapping so anytime I feel bad, sad, lonely, tired, angry, frustrated etc I want to fap to feel instant good feelings. I feel like a man child in this sense because I struggle with dealing with my emotions/ stress in a mature adult way.
Also sorry to hear about your father unexpectedly passing man that must not be easy


Stage 2 Day 7
Today has been a rest day for me


As noted before,

I make people laugh with the most stupidest behaviours.


Stage 3 Day 1

Today I will listen to one loop.
Before I meet my Girlfriend.


Stage 3 Day 1.2

Heard one Loop today.

Then I was supposed to meet my girlfiend.
however, she cancelled the plan (she actually wanted to surprise me)

but when she cancelled the plan, I made another plan. and her surprise failed.

so anyway, in the other plant,

I’ve not really done any seductive moves, but i got instense look from people and countless headturns,
but that is about it.

Edit: I made some silly joke which were not funny, people still laughed


Does this generally happen to you?


When I’m talking to people, I can notice their eyes are dilated and they are looking at me with awe. Please note that when I say intense I mean that their attention is glued to me even though I’m not the only person there. Not necessarily with Lust from others.

When I walked in to a room, people looked at me first. Even people who walked into the room, looked at me first. the person I found interesting, turned her head many times to look at me. I even found her staring at me once. She is married and I have a gf so it’s a completely no no zone.


Sounds like attraction to me. :wink:

This is one of the reasons it’s very hard to create sexual related titles. In many situations, they are working but the user doesn’t know how to gauge their results, and anything other than a woman yanking his pants down in public is dismissed. Regardless of modern conditioning, most women still won’t engage in overt displays like that. They’ll eye you, and give other subtle symbols that they’re attracted.

So, the question I was asking was whether you get women giving you subtle symbols on the regular. If so, then determine your baseline and see if you get more reactions while on the sub. If not, then you’re getting results. Get one alone, see what happens.


Looking forward to seeing where this test leads.


Would it be possible to create a module to help people notice those things? I think that’s been part of my problem all along too.