Ultima Test Stage 3


Hmm Ultima test stage 3 is either libertine or that sexual aura subliminal saint teased us about making sometime ago or I’m just completely off


I’m thinking that it’s both. There are definitely aura effects and other things as well.


Day 2.1

I haven’t got my loop as of yet today.

After lunch i felt extremely horny,
I went and watched porn, but then i stopped and moved on to doing some productive work instead.

I’m feeling like such a loser!


And yet you’re the exact opposite of a loser

and this was actually a moment of empowerment

it’s ironic that our moments of powerful growth often feel, subjectively, like moments of loss. I’ve found the same thing in my experience.


you always make me feel better about myself!!


Day 2.2

Couldn’t meet my girlfriend today, due to.external circumstances.

Anyway Stage 3 seems so weak compared to 1 and 2. As in how it makes me feel internally.

Or maybe it’s only meant to be effective when you take action.


Seriously, that’s a major milestone! Congratulations!


It’s a very focused title, with a specific goal in mind… and you’re not meeting up with the person that could help you achieve that very specific goal. :wink:

Soooo… meet up with her.



The girl I was attracted to – making clear that I just find her attractive and have no intentions to sleep with-- asked me if I wanna Netflix and chill.

She knows very well I have a gf, and she knows very well that I know very well she has a husband. :joy::joy::joy:



Seems that the sub is working really good then lol. I def want to get it once it releases




Sounds like a beast of a sub.


Met my girlfriend today…

Long story short,

Now I know what it would feel like if humans were like magnets. Lol


After meeting my girlfriend yesterday after our 6 month long distance, I love her even more!

I’m feeling even more intense feeling for her After waking up today


My girlfriend is more addicted to me than ever before.

Moreover, after meeting her yesterday and making love to her, I am more in love with her. And I stopped lusting for the 2 other girls previously mentioned.

@SaintSovereign is there any such romance scripting related to my specific experience?


Maybe you just satisfied a craving so you didn’t need the distraction.


Not directly, but I can see how the script helped you have this experience. There IS something quite attractive about complete sexual inhibition, eh?


You have no idea! Well I’m sure you do…but you know what I mean lol