Ultimate Sovereign


Today I woke up excited and full of energy, went the extra mile as far as self-care goes, in every aspect. Something in me is making me look forward to the healing and multidimensional clearing that I’ll be undergoing during my next phase. Tonight is my last night off before the next 8-week cycle begins. I sense something uncertain, but also positively exciting on the horizon.


Ok, so it seems a program in Terminus format has too much info for me to follow the stack recommendation in the support section. How I verified this?

Right before my break, I followed the recommendations for about 2 weeks and was right on the cusp for experiencing Reconciliation. Ultimately; during my break, it seemed like that was clear around day 4 of the break.

Yesterday I ran all programs within a 7-hour period and was drained by 1pm. Since Terminus has twice the info of a Q sub, plus I’m running two ultimas on top of that, I’ll run all programs every other day. Phoenix Ultima I’ll run only 3 days out of the week since I’m using Executive Commander and Ultimate Sovereign as my major programs. This’ll help save processing room for the extra loop of US that I do as well.

In terms of results, I feel my hard-ass inner edge is smoothing out, but not in a sense that I’m softening up, I’m just becoming able to be the type that’s relaxed, but also ready for action if that makes sense. I feel a sense of “relaxed edginess”.


Only gonna be running my stack 3 days a week now. Not sure why it seems so difficult for me to nail down a listening routine. Although frustrating I don’t want to just scrap the whole journey altogether.

I’ve begun to put an emphasis on detoxing and healing on every level. I also have identified several goals to achieve which I’ve given myself a deadline of accomplishing by October this year.

The most consistent result I’ve noticed this past month is my daily identification and rejection of societal standards. Literally every day I find myself questioning and rationalizing various societal norms of all kinds and basically saying screw em. I’m not just doing this to be a rebel without a cause. This proves is happening because I keep “taking out the trash” and doing away with any and everything beneath the surface that doesn’t benefit or serve me, even if it’s not something directly holding me back.