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Does the Emperor Core in you Terminus custom ‘feel’ similar to your experience on Q, but stronger,
or is it almost a new beast? I don’t know if this makes sense, but I mean does it seem familiar, can you recognize it. I ask because my Emperor core did, and then after a week it didn’t at all. I’m looking to see if its more the terminus build or the addition of the sex mastery core. It seems likely its the terminus build.


It’s not the Terminus build, rather it is your Custom. The overal behavior you’ll experience from a subliminal is determined by it’s totality, when creating a Custom you’ll create a entire different Archetype which results in a different experience.

Getting the exact same Custom you’re having now in Q will give you similar results to the Terminus one.

AzrielLight EmperorQ

So you can take a custom with emperor core mix it with trail blazer, lion IV, mastermind, sultan, and spotlight to make a stark like emperor?


I am curious to @Davisnwc impression of this.

Of course, to some degree, but Sex Mastery impacts major programs archetype minimally in my stacking experience. It has an anxiolytic like effect, increased attraction, and more sexual energy.

Today I ran Terminus custom and it’s full Emperor with just more ‘sacral fire’. So the archetype is showing up as the same with simply an addition.
So as reconciliation subsides they become more cohesive it seems.


It will likely lean in a more Stark like direction for sure, what you love about Stark, may not be covered in those modules.


I guess you ment to say to make Emperor like Stark, and I wouldn’t say so because there’s way more to Stark then distinctively those modules. You can’t just turn a Core into something else by adding more to it, it’ll only add a finishing touch to it, something you’d like to see added on top of the already existing attributes.

Furthermore, I personally do not believe Lion IV, Mastermind or Sultan are present in Stark. So not really no.

On the bright side, if you like the trailblazer effect from Stark, adding that to Emperor Core will most definitely give that inventor like effect present within Stark to Emperor.

@Azriel, sure but it’s not only that, of course Sex Mastery doesn’t have like a very obvious directional effect. But here’s the game-changer, the more you add to a Custom the less pronounced each module will be, which is obviously noticed when people run Ascension – a compact script, suggested who knows how many times in one hour of listening? Surely it has profound effects.

I do believe that in the long-term effects will become more obvious, but then again it’s not like running Emperor Core solo as that’ll be way more pronounced in one hour of listening (Input = Output). The more energy used to process one script, the more pronounced it’ll be in it’s execution. So with your Custom, even though you listen 3x times compared to regular Emperor, every time you listen it’ll also go over those other modules & scripts, which we’re added.

Similarly Ascension in Emperor doesn’t give you the same Aura or execution as Ascension solitary because it’s just way more pronounced, plus you don’t execute all of those extra modules merged within the Archetype. For example a Custom with Emperor + Sex Mastery is not equal to Emperor & Sex Mastery listened to apart from each other (A + B is NOT AB but creates C).

Remember Customs are created with an A.I, the scripts of each Core and Module are blended together to work optimally, discarding or adding even one single module to your Custom will manifest in a different Archetype or Energy.

Hopefully this was a transparant explanation, but that’s basically how I feel about it.

AzrielLight EmperorQ

Thank you @Hermit

That answers a lot


apologies on the deviation in the thread, would love your thoughts on the Emperor Q vs. Emperor Core+ Modules in Terminus experience.

@Hermit- thank you for the input
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I never said they were in it lol, but they are probably close to some modules that might be in it, mastermind is in emperor house of M for sure, lion IV is probably in daredevil or Khan, maybe also primal, which if ps it is in stark lion IV might be in stark in some way as a really small sub module.

I meant to say an emperor like stark not stark but like it in some aspects like creativity and somewhat fame spotlight thing.


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Hey @Azriel I agree with @Hermit with my custom Emperor being making me feel different from the main Emperor.

Similarities so far:

  • Profound sense of inner strength

  • Loner tendencies

  • Keeps me deeply introspective

Differences so far:

  • When I do choose to actually socialize, I enjoy it more now.

  • I’m back in touch with my more fun-loving side.

  • The chill side of my personality has been brought back to the surface, where as with EQ I was more of a hard-ass and rarely displaying any emotions externally.

  • I feel freer to express myself self while not giving a damn about how I’m judged. Even if I’m perceived as weak, I know I’m not and have the confidence to put my full inner strength on display when necessary.

  • EQ put me more on the vibe of a dictator while my custom makes me feel more like a diplomat who stands ready to face and thwart any perceived threat should the occasion call for it. Meanwhile I can still cut loose and don’t give a damn about playing down my happiness, even if I’m surrounded by miserable assholes.

The content of a subliminal, even when they have the same core can wildly differ. I can already tell this from my custom and I’m barely into the 2nd week of its usage.


I agreed with another point of yours but here’s where I have to disagree. Terminus goes much deeper in my experience and hits parts of the subconscious that I feel like Q didn’t even touch. It feels as if Terminus reaches all the way to my inner child and quite frankly has me feeling as if I “grew up” having the qualities I’m exhibiting when I know damn well I didn’t. It’s like Q worked with who I was at the time. Terminus is taking my entire psyche, past and present and unifying them so that the qualities my custom is instilling is absorbed and executed by the entirety of my being. The transition also feels incredibly natural despite the fact that 1, I excluded the naturalizer module from my subliminal to make room for other things; and 2, the changes I’m experiencing compared to previous versions of Emperor are happening at a faster, smoother, and more profound rate than ever. Of course, I attribute at least some of this to the name-embedding.


Not sure if you were asking me this but to make sure I understand, are you asking about basically taking one Core program, and adding your favorite modules from another program to try and get the best of both worlds, like a Emperor & Stark combo bit with only one core?


Took 12 hours to gain a decent amount of energy back and that’s because I got myself up and moving and had to push myself a bit. Seems I’ll be running 2 loops every other day (really 3 days a week) for at least a few weeks to get acclimated to the tremendous demand that 2 loops puts on my mind and body. Terminus is no laughing matter. For now I’ll have to run my custom upon waking instead of right before bed like I’ve been doing, because I woke up today feeling like I drank half a bottle of NyQuil, and still took half a day to energetically recover. Good thing I rarely engage in fapping and have a somewhat healthy diet to support my energy levels too, but in order to get the most of this journey I’m gonna have to step my game up with those things.


I mean kind of lol like not all aspects of stark but some


Lol got you.


Thank you for this.


Today was my rest day. No real issues with energy levels. Had to go to the store and noticed that I didn’t exactly like having to be amongst people today. Not sure what that was about. Also had people stare at me from up to 50 ft away, both when I was approaching the store and inside of it. Haven’t used libertine Ultima since starting my custom sub so I wonder if the “Emperor’s aura”!is beginning to manifest itself.

Some thoughts that also have come to mind since last night are trying to figure out what I want to manifest next in order to improve the quality of my life and take it to the next level.


Played 2 loops before I went to sleep. Didn’t want to but I ended up having an energy drink with my dinner so I could push through and finish a couple tasks before I laid down to sleep, and powered through them both much quicker than expected actually. I was wired so I figured playing my ultimate sovereign custom would help eat up some energy.

Within 5 minutes of turning it on I started yawning excessively. I was asleep before the first 45 minutes passed. Didn’t wake up until 5 hours later to go to the bathroom.

Had a lucid dream YET AGAIN. This time, I was a school student again. The school in my dream was a mix between my elementary and high school. Me and a bunch of students went around angry and frustrated at how poor the condition of the school was in general. We even encountered a bathroom where the paper towels to dry one’s hands was soaked in piss and put back into the dispensers as a prank.

What made us so angry about that is we knew the janitors could’ve caught that but they simply did nothing to change it, (btw this is where I knew I had to go to the bathroom in real life, as I always do once I enter a bathroom for any reason in my dreams). I also take this as potential symbolism as times in my past where I got frustrated at myself for now standing my ground when I should have.

Usually I’d wake up from a dream upon realizing that I’m inside a bathroom but got distracted in my dream. I joined up with a large Mob of other students who had also had enough of the piss poor conditions (no pun intended). We ran into some asshole teacher who violently pushed a student next to me. The student didn’t wanna fight a teacher but felt he had no choice to defend himself, and didn’t want to let himself get punked by an authority figure.

Before anyone could process what was going on, the student and teacher started throwing punches. I stood there ready to jump in; and sure enough, this teacher threw a punch at me while he was fighting just to be an asshole. The fight transitioned to it being between just me and him.

Surprisingly I found him not to be that much of a challenge, and so I did what I used to when I really was a school student and got into fights. I normally didn’t start fights but always enjoyed it. What I used to do even when pissed off was test how good my opponent was by trading a few blows. I got to the point where within the first 7 seconds, I could tell whether or not they were gonna be a challenge.

Teacher in the dream showed fear and hesitation after a few seconds, which is when I knew he had no chance of beating me because he wasn’t ruthless enough. So just like what I used to do in real life, I started playing around with him while still holding a serious expression and pulling punches just to see if he’d get a good hit in. After he didn’t, I resumed the fight as normal; it was then, that the entire mob of students proceeded to attack him all at once. This imagery actually reminds me of when I was using the Commandant supercharger.

Needless to say, he went down swiftly after that. There was easily more than 20 of us. Finally woke up to use the bathroom but was dead tired. Upon being in my feet for about 3 minutes, the energy came back.

Feels as if this whole dream was symbolic of me being displeased with my internal makeup, and rebelling against what made me anything less than my ideal self. It’s as if I’m experiencing a level of “inner anarchy” that I never have before. Terminus is shifting my internal “blueprint” from a core level. Makes me wonder if T-squared works from a superconscious level to drive deep alchemical change within the user. I’m at least a year off from being prepared for T2 though, but hope I get to find the answer to that question one day.


Ran 2 loops at around 4 am when I got up to use the bathroom, been awake since then. Seems as if I’m already getting acclimated to the energetic demands of running 2 loops every other day. To ensure this morning wasn’t a fluke, I’ll assess how I feel once I run 2 loops on Saturday to determine rather or not I should continue on with 2 loops for the next few weeks or start adding an additional loop twice a week.

Even though I no longer “feel” the program processing in the background, my inner voice is getting louder in regards to how it helps guide my behavior and actions. Seems this is a combo of the merger of worlds module, and Terminus programming.


After 2 weeks it looks like the honeymoon phase between my subconscious and my custom is over. I’ve been experiencing mild reconciliation for hours in regards to feeling slightly uncomfortable at the idea of not living up to my full potential. I also feel as if my willpower has been sapped. Feels like a mild depression honestly. Midnight is approaching here in the Eastern U.S. so let’s see how this session goes.