Ultimate Sovereign


Whatever was going through last night, I snapped myself out of it. Being accepting of remaining in a depressive state won’t do Shit for me and never has. Simply saying fuck it to depression and doing what I want despite what I may feel inside.


It’s nice that you are aware of your inner state like that :wink:

Do you still have that “domination” over your world state of mind we referenced earlyer in your thread?

Seems like LionIV might smooth out some of the anti social aspects of Emperor :thinking:

Also love the review you made of terminus, I’ve never tryed terminus Custom, but might try it… Depending of what 12 is!


Yes I still have a dominant inner frame of mind, the aggression has been tempered somewhat compared to EQ, that’s all. Lion IV certainly does help smooth out the antisocial mind frame that Emperor can put you in. People have responded to me better since I began my custom 2 weeks ago. I’m still selective about who I interact with for extended periods of time though.

Glad I did end up getting Terminus strength. Once you get acclimated to it, it’s not bad at all and there are plenty signs that it hits at a deep core level.


So I’m at the point where I’m beginning to question more and more what I want to do with my life. It seems the answer to the type of man I want to become has been answered. Truth be told, my introspection has brought me to the realization that I’m already the type of man I want to be, the only thing that’s left to do is figure out how to exude these qualities more consistently, and strengthen my personal frame so that this does not falter under chaotic situations.

This morning; shortly after waking up, I came to accept the fact that I’m very different from most of society, I came to be at peace that I care nothing for societal norms in any area of life and I’m ok with that. I might even be considered things such as cold, fucked up, emotionally scarred or angry due to certain viewpoints…all labels that do not reflect the truth of who I really am at my core.

Those labels don’t suit me anyway since I find myself to usually be the most genuine, kind, happy and peaceful and strong person amongst any group I find myself in. I just tend to chill when I want and am selective about what I choose to show to others. I dislike most people’s vibes which is why I’ll typically appear as cold on the surface or perhaps even antisocial and arrogant but I simply don’t allow external opinions to hold any internal weight. You can’t satisfy everyone and to be honest, at different points in my life whether I was more introverted or extroverted people still had complaints.

Fact is most people don’t even know themselves, don’t like themselves and don’t love themselves. I do all three of those things without effort. I also tend to be more realistic in my perspective than I used to be which I’m thankful for because optimism; although better than the perpetual pessimism I used to experience, for me was still and unbalanced lens to view this world. I am mentally, spiritually and emotionally free.

There are no scars I try to hide, no anger at the way the world and people are anymore, just acceptance of what is while choosing to be who I am at any given point of life and to unapologetically express that. In a positive sense, I’m now in a perpetual mental state of “fuck the world mode”. Meaning that my happiness depends upon nothing or no one outside myself. Who and what I am, think, and feel is dependent only upon me. I’m open to external perspectives but if it doesn’t line up with my core being than it is what it is.

Whatever I choose to do with my life from here on out is only dependent upon me fulfilling a mission and not the response others have to what I do. I feel grateful to have become what I am and all before the age of 30.


Appears I’ve already reached the point where I can handle 3 loops of my custom quite easily. Time to see what transpires while this amount of info processes.


In a day? Do you take the next day off or what’s the listening/loop schedule and how many hours between loops?


Today was my first day doing this after building up to it after the first 2 weeks. I plan on taking days off inbetween so basically 3 loops every other day to avoid potential overload. I’ll see how things go this week and adjust accordingly. I did one before I went to sleep, let that process for about 5.5 hours and then played the other 2 back-to-back.


Woke up at 5 am filled with energy after 5.5 hours of sleep. I was simultaneously in a relaxed state though and began noticing how my subconscious can create the images of people and events I’ve never seen or experienced. I was not dreaming which means my subconscious is more creative than I ever gave it credit for. Perhaps I can use this ability practically if I ever decide to get back into writing.

I can tell the unlimiter is in full effect. I find my self both consciously and unconsciously rejecting any self, or externally imposed limiting beliefs. All the while only allowing the most powerful version of myself to affirm what is true for me. Pretty much at the point where I’m sticking a proverbial middle finger to any thoughts, beliefs and feelings that don’t serve my personal ascension.


Not gonna lie, I’m starting to feel more like I’m on EQ now that the programming is settling in. What really made it hit me is when my daughter looked at me just now and said “your eyes are angry”. Since my last update my sense of confidence and authority has increased. It’s also feeling like I’m becoming a bit colder though, as if the initial happy go lucky feelings or calm bliss are fading but it’s fine to be honest. Just signifies to me that my internal state are becoming more masculine.

I may have also manifested a great investment opportunity but until things come to fruition I won’t speak much on it.


I’ve noticed the modules hit ALOT faster on terminus than the cores.


Yea i noticed that too on my emperor terminus when i ran it lol pretty sure secrets of akasha and serum x hit first before anything else.


@Azriel @Floridianninja Imagine that, we got hit with a switcharoo lol. It’s cool though, at least we know we’re getting what we paid for.


I loved my emperor terminus custom but i wanted a more social and creative custom, i was gonna keep emperor and just add stark and see what would happen since they are kinda opposites and ive already ran emperor terminus for 2 months.

I think terminus and Terminus squared are really interesting builds they seem to do their own things compared to other subs on top of being experimental mand stronger in power. I wonder what emperor would be like in Terminus squared.


Have noticed this on Q also, but eventually the Core becomes surface level. It’s interesting that modules manifest earlier, makes me re-think my approach. Initially I got one Core and a lot of modules, thinking that’ll make my Custom ‘less dense’, now I’m going for one or two Cores, limiting myself around 10-16 modules depending on the build.


So do I, and I plan to find that out next year.


Handling 3 loops every other day pretty well. Not much reconciliation so I’m upping it to 4 loops every other day and that’s where I plan to stop for the next 5 weeks. After that, my first 8-week block will be completed.

I can definitely feel Manipulus starting to kick in as I’m noticing more subtle cues of manipulation coming from others. Now that I notice it even more than before I can start implementing ways to stand my ground more against both subtle and blatant manipulation attempts. I have possibly only one more month to work from home and to be honest, I’m not sure I’m equipped to work within a corporate setting anymore.

I’m not in the mood for any BS games, politics, and an estrogen-dominant environment. I go to work to make cash, not participate in a reality show. Ironically, I’ve become even more fed up with my job since working remotely. I currently have 2 different plans in place to get the hell out.


Can’t wait to download my free commandant Ultima upgrade. Will be adding it to my custom and using them as a stack.


The executive has also been downloaded and will be added to the stack


Few things:

Commander Ultima:

Much smoother than the original supercharger but still effective. I don’t get the “conquer’s adrenaline rush” that I did with the supercharger meditation but instead it’s more of a calm and grounded sense of inner strength.


Boosted my energy a bit and got me focused. I see it as being a good tool to use in the moment and over the long term.

Ultimate Sovereign (My Custom):

Since last Sunday; basically within a 6 day period. I’ve manifested 3 solid investment opportunities. Still won’t go into detail on them but they seem promising. What surprised me is that within minutes, I came up with a way to take advantage of the opportunities and without initially even having to use my own money. Mogul and Sultan are working their magic. It’s been a while since I’ve spent this much time wondering what I’d do with a large passive income, the things I’d buy and would like to experience, the investments and types of businesses I’d pour money into. I’m going to remain even-keeled to avoid getting overly attached to outcomes but it’s been 3 years since I’ve been this excited about where my financial future could go based on opportunities presented to me.


IDK what happened but people won’t stop proposing me with business deals and opportunities. Lol it’s starting to become laughable