Ultimate Sovereign


Definitely getting back to my old emperor ways. I’ve been pissed for the past 12 hours for various reasons, and letting anyone I come across feel it if they rub me the wrong way. Despite some initial fear I took a dive into an investment opportunity and made a ridiculous ROI, more than double than what I should have made for what I invested. Thanks Sultan and Mogul. I’m sure the executive also helped push me to take action, as well as the commander to help keep me from overthinking it.

Here’s the kicker, the dumbass account manager didn’t tell me about hidden fees I would have to face in a case like this (made too much, too fast based on my account level), so now I’m scrambling to figure out ways to solve the situation to access my profits. After berating the shit out of the account Manager, I got them kick in and contribute to solving the issue due to their error. I’m not satisfied with the contribution though and may just go in even harder on them.



In the middle of the afternoon and my rage subsided and I felt a moment of vulnerability, felt like outdoor silence after a storm passes. I came to realize and even accept that deep down, I feel disappointed that I’ve gone most of my life without being understood, and in return accepted for who and what I am from a soul perspective. I’ve often times have accepted this reality but sometimes struggle to maintain this mind-frame.

Coincidentally, I glanced at the clock and saw 3:33 which is supposed to be a sign that the “ascended masters” are with you and support you, depending on who you ask. I felt a brief moment of gratitude of knowing that at least spiritually, I’m not alone. The disappointment and heavy feeling quickly subsided. I’m now back to my default self.

Strange how that realization hit me once i calmed down, seeing as how that wasn’t even the source of my anger.

What I’m noticing about the executive is that for the time being, it only works for me in the moment. What I mean is, it pushes, or rather motivates me to complete a task within 10 minutes of playing it. Once the task is finished, or the loop is done (whichever comes first), I relax. Just been a couple days I’ve been using it for, so I didn’t expect it to turn me into a machine this quickly anyway.

With the commander…I feel changes but they’re so subtle that I’m having a tough time documenting what they are. Main thing it’s having me recall is what I learned in the middle of last year. Social power is like wealth, if you want it to last for the long-term; then use the least amount possible in any given situation, and know how to get returns on your investments. Again, just been a few days of use. I know it’ll take time to feel it out.

running 2 ultimas and a Terminus custom in a day keeps the mind busy. I can tell each program has to “wait its turn” for mental processing and execution. The effects of my custom sub are still present but its now sharing space with 2 other programs so there may be a slight slowdown until I become more acclimated to the load. Glad to say there’s no reconciliation thus far.


When you say Sultan and Mogul, do you mean mogul in the Emperor Terminus Core?


Yes Indeed


I haven’t tried the new Commander yet. The previous supercharger used to leave me feeling inspired and galvanized. I worked with it for 21 days in January.

Seems like for now I’m settling on The Executive, Sanguine, and Elixir for my Ultimas. Will see how things shift and develop over the next year.


Hmm. So in one way or another I’ve always been more of the outcast or loner type. Seems that’s becoming a firmer personality trait. Almost as if I’m becoming more of the “bad boy” type which honestly I simply don’t give a damn about any labels anyway since I’m not the type that can truly fit into a category when it’s all said and done.

Everyday I have thoughts, and moments where I come to a realization of how ridiculous many social constructs are and abandon them, as they have no place within the mind of the man I’m still becoming. My idgaf mindset is strengthening steadily. I’m attempting to keep social interactions much shorter as well. Sometimes I’ll hype them up just to entertain myself but end them once I no longer want to speak.

Mentally I’ve checked out of my job, I still do what I’m paid for but I’ve become so outcome independent in regards to my productivity and my coworkers opinions that it’s not even funny. I refuse to even let myself be bothered by patients, coworkers or management anymore. There behavior is unworthy of my attention or reaction. I don’t get paid to stress.

Also noticing that I’m becoming more chill in regards to manifesting too. Part of that is being fed up with the fact that I only seem to attract or manifest things when I stop caring (a little more than half the time). For instance, I literally said screw it to one of my goals yesterday afternoon, and achieved it an hour later. By then I was barely even grateful since I no longer cared about it materializing.

Also had a girl that looked like she was in her early 20’s stare at me today as I exited the grocery store. I moved out of her way but she still stared as she passed by to enter the store. Though she was cute, I felt no desire to speak to her, and was actually a bit annoyed that she was moving so damn slow just to stare at me. As soon as she passed I went on about my business.


These business proposals aren’t gonna pan out. Some sound like scams and others are presenting themselves like they don’t know what they’re talking about and/or doing. Oh well, this is why contingency plans are necessary and also already in place.


Just beginning to notice that over the past week, whenever someone says or does something to anger me, I feel literal adrenaline rushes. I feel the entire process where something clicks in my brain to signal my adrenal glands, and the secretion of adrenaline of flight or fight. At first I freeze for a moment and then I prepared fight as a response. I feel the extra energy and have to put in effort to control it.

I just might’ve been close to losing my job yesterday or at least being written up because a supervisor sent me a message that I perceived as disrespect, when she was actually joking. When I saw the message I became engulfed in rage and my fingers went flying on the keyboard. Seconds before I could finish typing the message and hit send, she made it clear that she was joking.

Honestly can’t even recall what she sent me right now unfortunately. But I was sure to clear the air soon afterwards. I’ve actually bumped heads with this supervisor before as she’s has some sort of “tough love” personality and according to my observations she easily intimidates most people in my department. With the exception of myself and 2 female peers of mine that I’m pretty cool with, everyone else seems submissive towards her to a certain degree.

She’s not to be mistaken for a bully, she actually can be kind of cool, she just has strong and motherly personality. Unfortunately one of the biggest weaknesses of a personality like that is that it can come off as overbearing and therefore cause a woman to overstep her boundaries without a second thought at times. I’m no stranger to this, as I’ve had to deal with women like this all my life…which is part of the reason I have a lot of practice with asserting myself with women.

I actually dislike women with this personality type these days. Sure they make great mothers, but they are annoying associates (although very caring ones I admit). My dislike for them stems from how annoying and overbearing I found my own mother to be as I was growing up, which now thanks to a conversation my oldest sister and I had a few weeks ago, I know it’s due to her feeling as if she failed as a mom before I was born.

This contributes to my rebellious personality towards motherly women and at times I’ll actually wear on their nerves on purpose just to prove I can’t be dominated or controlled. These types, and women that exhibit excessive amounts of fear make my skin crawl so at least I know that’s 2 types I refuse to ever date again.



Just realized that the Rogue module has kicked in. It’s pushing me to express myself freely (even more so than before), to the point where when things irk me I speak on it without regard for consequences. I already had this quality but it’s definitely becoming more pronounced. I already pretty much had the ability to be indifferent towards any opinion that didn’t stem from logical and constructive criticism.


Been using commander and executive everyday since they came out. I’ve had no reconciliation but my mind is telling me that to enhance results it’s best to just go ahead and drop down to one loop of each every other day. So basically starting today my listening schedule:

Ultimate Sovereign - 4 loops every other day.

Commander and Executive - 1 loop of each every other day.

Was going to alternate days that I played the programs like US one day and then the Ultimas the next, but then I’d be going 8 weeks straight without rest days if I did that. So for now I’ll just play everything in one day, with at least an hour between sessions and let it all sink in the following day.


Call me crazy but I’m upping my loops of US to 5 every other day. I have 3 weeks left for this particular cycle and will be capping my loops here. quite honestly, even during the first 2 loops especially I felt like a hardass. Mind you this was in the middle of the night and I couldn’t even go back to sleep while playing my custom. By loop 3 I was feeling mental tension but then worked with my deep mind to dispel it through sheer willpower, and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the listening session from there. When I finally did fall asleep, I had a dream for the first time in weeks.

Woke up tired being that I was kept awake by the sub for about 5 hours (even though part of the session was ultrasonic. After 20 minutes though I said enough of laying in bed and blasted through my hygenic routine effortlessly. Now that it seems like most (if not all) of the modules are “online” the Emperor core is revealing its true self.

asked a question about this in another thread but over the past week or so my voice cracks several times a day when I speak. The only other time my voice cracked while running a subliminal was when I ran an alpha related sub a couple years back. Feels like I’m going through puberty for the 3rd time in life. At first I thought it could be a potential emperor’s voice module in the core of my custom, but power unleashed may have something to do with it too since part of its function is to get someone to express power in their voice as well.


@SaintSovereign and @CyberSec are on to something in regards to running 6 loops in a row of subclub programs. I ran 6 loops of ultimate Sovereign overnight and though I was tired upon waking up, it didn’t take long to gain energy once I was up and moving. As a matter of fact I’m surprised I didn’t just lay in bed longer.

  • My sense of self worth was noticeably higher.

  • I effortlessly transitioned from task to task, and didn’t feel as if I forced myself to be a productivity monster.

  • I was very dominant and commanding towards people in my household but of course without being disrespectful.

  • While I carried laundry to my car, 2 men that were in my way moved out of my path when I was still a good 20 feet away. One of them went out of their way to say why they moved as if he wanted me to acknowledge his respect.

  • I caught myself with a very stern facial expression several times while zoning out into an “alpha state of being”. Had to relax my face consciously for the first few hours I was awake.

  • I definitely now notice that my voice is deeper and projects more, I didn’t even experience any cracks in my voice while speaking today.

  • Just noticed today that I am beginning to look forward to challenges more often and they make me feel more alive. I of course feel great and notice that I’m breaking plateaus more often in certain areas.

I’m not saying everyone that runs 6 loops in a row of a subclub program will be able to handle it, especially if they haven’t built up to it first, but it seems as if it’s a good strategy to implement from time to time for rapid and astounding improvement.


Usually I’m running 6 loops of Q every day, how did you do your buildup :thinking:


Hey, thanks for trying this however I think I’m onto something you might want to try also. Try doing 6 loops Friday and break on weekends then only 2 loops in the morning I tried that too (decided not to do a break on Sunday) and holy damn I feel so limitless like it’s hard to explain it’s like taking the real-life NZT.

Also, a weird side effect from my current stack girl’s is more attracted me and are more talkative to me on social media even tho my stack is very productivity-focused maybe girls do like people that are more intelligent which is what my stack is supposed to do.


Coincidentally whatever number week I’ve been using my custom is the number of loops I’ve been running, for example this is the 6th week so I’m am running 6 loops every other day. I subconsciously developed this pattern without even realizing it


Nice, like the rule of thumb to do it! We have all sorts of complicated rules for running subs and one simple could make it so much easier for new users!


Can’t believe a week has already passed. Glad to say that the contents of my custom are definitely being executed on an automatic basis now. I will admit though that it feels as if I’ve been running on autopilot the last 5 days too.

Went out a couple times this week, the first time I walked along the boardwalk at the beach with a couple friends. I noticed that I basically paid zero attention to anyone outside my group. Usually I’m the one looking all around to try and observe the environment around me for various reasons. That particular night though I was blatantly uninterested in anyone or anything beyond the group of people I came with and even then, I spoke the least.

Last night I went out after work and had a good time. Again though I wasn’t too interested in much but did observe my surroundings a bit more. I noticed how quiet I was once again compared to the rest of the group and how it seems like after 5-10 seconds of silence, someone would speak just to fill the silence. Guess it’s true what they say, many people just can’t deal with silence in interaction whether it’s awkward or not.

It basically just seems like I’m becoming more introverted as the days go by but that isn’t much of a surprise. Also noticing my general level of indifference is rising towards things, people and events that don’t directly effect me as well.


I can feel myself steadily becoming more solitary. I’m even losing the desire to interact with my own inner circle. It seems to be taking a while for me to socially warm up recently, where as this time last year, I could turn the charm on and off like a switch. Can’t say at this point that I miss the goofier and more social side of me though. A part of me is enjoying returning back to the strong silent type I once was, as at one point I was becoming more of a 24/7 party animal that just wanted to play almost all day.

Currently testing Godlike Masculinity Ultima out of curiosity. Although GLM is already in my custom, I began to wonder what it would be like to stack the near-instant state change version, vs the long-term development module in my custom. At the start of the first loop (still currently running that), I felt a slight surge of masculine energy.

I took the day off unexpectedly. I’ve been working overtime almost everyday for months and I’m starting to get the feeling that our department is more overworked, under appreciated and being taken advantage of more than ever. Decided I’m giving myself time to mentally recoup. I already have tomorrow off naturally so I’ll be prioritizing my own self care for the next couple days.


Interesting things happened in the past couple days as far as internal results are concerned. First off I have decided to take a short rest period. Only took today off so far. Think I’ll take tomorrow off as well in order to let all my input get processed. I feel as if I can handle more loops of everything but why overload myself when I’ve got so far to go anyway. I’m using these tools in a proverbial marathon, not a sprint.

I had a conversation with my ex wife’s BF today (as I’ve mentioned before we’re cool and hung out a couple times). He’s been venting to me over the past couple days about how irritated he’s been about her behavior. Long story short, he’s going through the same things I did except worse. I empathize with him as it took me a while of being away from my ex to realize how toxic she can be. She honestly seems to be getting worse too, she needs healing more than anything else now it seems.

Our conversation triggered anger within me to the point I started shaking a bit due to an adrenaline rush, and a slight drop in body temperature. A good amount of the irritation and other negative emotions I felt from that chapter in my life came to the forefront. Took a while to return back to a positive vibe. Thought I was over it all, now I’m not so sure. I don’t dwell on my past negatively to the point where I let it effect how I’m currently moving in life but perhaps a part of me is holding on to the negative emotions deep down to ensure I don’t forget the lessons I learned and put myself in similar positions in the future.

Honestly 3 of my male friends have had complaints too about how clingy their women have been today too lol. I do know one thing, when it comes to the romantic and even sexual scripting in Emperor, it’ll be a long time if ever that allow myself to execute it. I simply just have a bad taste in my mouth left over from not just that marriage but a couple relationships prior. My peace of mind is priceless to me and no relationship, material possession or circumstance is worth trading it for. I’ll leave it at that.

A few short weeks ago I remember being very expressive and speaking my mind, now I’m going back into silent mode, not out of fear, but because I’m simply choosing to conserve my mental and emotional energy more. I don’t mind speaking my mind if I really deem it necessary but if I don’t, then I’m fine with just carrying on.


Not sure why but I lost my positive vibe right before I went to bed. Once I was in bed, I filled up with anger and it felt like I had a massive testosterone surge. Took me 2 hours to try and calm myself down and nothing work until I finally decided to play my custom subliminal. In fact, call me crazy but I put in my entire Ultimate Sovereign playlist which in order is:

US - masked
US - ultrasonic
GLM Ultima
Commander Ultima
Executive Ultima

I woke up a bit tired but not exhausted and after having a bottle of water I feel relatively fine.

I had literally hundreds of thoughts race through my head during that 2 hour period, I think deep down I’m still pissed that many things I said, felt , did and believed were all based off of illusions that have been shattered for me quite quickly over the past year.

Looking back at my past and realizing that in the end that I’m the only one I could ever completely trust, learning just how conditional another human being’s “love” really is, people who called themselves friends but only while they considered it convenient and then vanished without a trace, the failed business deals and attempts to scam me. There’s also anger at myself there for not being knowledgeable and/or strong enough to move accordingly in some of those situations as well.

There’s more as well but I’m not trying to sit here and play victim, I’m documenting this because I find it surprising that I still harbor resentment to this degree. Most times I feel as if I’ve already accepted the past and learned from it, most times I simply shrug my shoulders and push forward while once again witnessing and experiencing the flawed and various sides of human nature.

Coming to the realization of how dark I’ve become and find it unsettling that I could go even further into the “abyss”. All while still trying to maintain some sense of inner peace and self control. In the end, I feel left in a state of uncertainty about who I’ll become. I can only wish others the best of luck and hope they never become effected by life in the way that I have.