Ultimate Sovereign


State change is perfectly normal. Especially when you run subliminals, you can never know what is happening in the “back end” of your mind. Subs are processed over days and some emotion might pop up in your mind one day after you listen.

Don’t give up :slight_smile:


No plans on giving up at all, but I do need time to handle this reconciliation. I’ve decided to take the next 2 weeks off to let things process and focus on executing what information is already contained within my mind. Hate that I’m cutting my cycle a week short but what must be done, must be done.


I would guess the extremely strong level of introversion/ solitary nature that is coming out is from the high volume of loops your doing on terminus. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with terminus and regular Q version of the same custom. And I can see terminus causes a kind of reconciliation that is very hard to notice at times, because the results are strong with it as well. It doesn’t ‘feel’ like reconciliation because there is a strength to it, but there is ‘stonewalling’ of certain progressive and manifestation effects. This may be not be the same cause as with you, but it might.


Not so sure, the subconscious is very large and deep and so that is something to take into consideration; however, I’ll be honest. It isn’t the sub alone that’s causing this mindset shift, it’s how life for me has unfolded in certain ways in general.

What I’m saying is yes, perhaps this is definite reconciliation but the mindset I’m cultivating would’ve happened regardless, the subliminal is just hastening the process. Time will tell.


Snapped out reconciliation around yesterday afternoon, it took a good dose of monatomic gold to break me out of the funk. It was like day and night, I went from snappy and aggressive to light-hearted. Even went out to party after work. Main thing I noticed last night is that even though I’m not shy, it takes alcohol for me to really cut loose now. I’m still a certain level of sociable but I have to be drunk to loosen up as opposed to the beginning of 2020, I could do that on demand.


Well one day of rest after having broken through reconciliation and my subconscious is firing back up with a burning desire to push forward with subliminal input. I actually haven’t felt this for a couple weeks, I suppose because I’d already been running a good number of loops. I have to wonder what in this custom script makes me crave it so much


Middle of the night, decided to just go ahead and run a loop of my custom since I’ve felt no reconciliation for days now. The Deus module has shown me that this program has indeed increased in power and efficiency. All throughout the loop it feels as if my mind and emotions were locked into the content of the subliminal and actually took me from being a bit tired, to being wired.

I planned to use an Ultima or two today but I feel it’s best if I just let the info from my custom process. Reading back over the descriptions of the ultimas in my playlist, my custom does much, if not all of what they do anyway and so I only plan to use them as occasional boosters going forward, if I’m feel I’m lacking in a certain way. The only thing my custom seems to do that the commander doesn’t is increasing my executive function, but since I don’t know every word of content within my custom then I have no way of verifying that.

Again if I notice myself having trouble making certain decisions and sticking to them, then I suppose that commander would be excellent to run in those instances. The perceived power increase from my custom makes it feel as if it’s the very first time I’ve ever run it.

Difference between then and now is that I was profoundly relaxed with the very first loop, while now I’m picking up on the power aspects of the scripting.


just from this power increase do you think deus is one of those must have module in every custom sub?


Damn right. Seems it’s a module that’ll let you get even more bang for your buck in the long run.


Agreed, even though Deus in a custom will augment/enhance other stacked subliminals, it’s strongest effect will be in the custom it’s in. And my custom with Deus gets better and better the longer I run it, while I notice customs without it, seem to have phases where they stall more.


DEUS is a must-have module, especially if you are running a custom for the long term.


makes me wonder what deus can do on the different build including one included in a one term use ultima or any of the other result enhancement modules


At this rate, it feels like I’ll only be able to handle one or two loops a week by the end of 2020


that still a good place, as long as it wont stall you progress


Of course, if you have Pragya with DEUS then your mind will also be able to keep up with the sub @Davisnwc.


hmmm i was thinking about this for my custom but i removed it, also i feel like at some point am just going to only focus on physical enhancement for a year


I do have Pragya but of course physical changes take time, Deus is faster acting than pragya so I’m sure with time I’ll adjust, just need to keep the load balanced.


The Manipulus module, I underestimated it. Not only did it bring to my attention, a situation where I was manipulated in my past; and helped me learn the lesson from it after identifying it, but it also just helped me see straight through the bullshit of an individual I was just interacting with. I was able to pinpoint the shade being thrown and a hypocritical statement while conversing with this person, and when I identified the weakness in their rhetoric, I flipped the manipulation right back around, instead of calling them out on it directly. Felt more like a PCC moment.


since the first time seeing this module i was like definitely came from PCC, think a relationship sub would be a good fit for this one, especially if you building new relationship and just dating in general


Most definitely, this module alone can help establish one as being too smart and strong for being able to be played with mentally and emtionally.