Ultimate Sovereign


Updates in the past week:

  • Didn’t go the full 7 days on break as I planned, was dealing with strong recon and my subconscious nagged me so much that I played 2 loops of my custom today just to tire my mind out and shut it up. A counter-intuitive move but effective nontheless, as I feel the sub processing and after a few hours I’m in full execution mode.

  • Lately I’ve been much less talkative when socializing but also less annoyed by the presence of people in general.

  • Been preparing to move once again due to a family situation coming up. should certain things occur this could be a rough transition.

  • I’ve been taking longer and longer breaks from the internet in order to help my mind get used to processing only my own thoughts, and diminishing the influence of the outside world in times of solitude.


once you mind is done with processing you be back to normal

sounds like a big win, the internet really uses up a lot of own time in general


Looks like I’ve been a forum member for a year as of yesterday. What a year it’s been indeed.

Plan to buy a custom Ultima consisting of:

Godlike Masculinity
The commander
The executive

as soon as the option becomes available. Chances are I’ll rotate both customs and give myself a one day break per week, while still taking 7 days off every 8 weeks.

I’m already in my second cycle for my custom subliminal and feel the foundations have been solidly laid down for the most part. Ran 3 loops yesterday which was mentally easier to handle than I expected. For the time being I’ll stick to 3 loops, to save processing room for my Ultima. Since it’ll be name-embedded, I’ll start with a single custom Ultima loop and see where it goes from there until I’m acclimated. Think I’ll nickname it “Godlike Executive Commander Ultima”.

On second thought Sanguine may be a better choice for me. For one, I already have plenty modules in my custom to assist me with the development and strengthening of masculinity. Two, sanguine could probably help me get my short temper under control over the long-term and help counteract future reconciliation. The other day, my custom generated reconciliation so strong that I almost bought a subliminal from another producer in order to run it. When I realized what my subconscious was doing, I ran my custom to assert the fact that “Ultimate Sovereign’s” job isn’t done and this is the path I’m sticking to. No reconciliation since then though.


I mentioned the upcoming chapter in my life perhaps being a tough one, well having to deal with 2 family emergencies in one day seems to be a preview. upon further thought between what I see on the horizon, and the fact that even running executive Ultima triggered instant reconciliation within me today, I’m opting for a more emotionally healing custom ultima. Already posted the contents in another thread, I’ll do that again here once it’s been purchased. Terminus must have hit quite deep, or perhaps my journey is coming to a point where I unexpectedly hit a “wall” that’s tougher to get through than I imagined. Let’s see what happens. Without something to help keep me sane, I’ll have a much harder time getting through the next year or so.


“Phoenix Ultima” has been ordered. With a 1-day delivery request too. The contents are as follows:

ARES: Weakness, doubt, guilt, shame and fear are the poisons that hold you back from achieving greatness. ARES is the antidote that purges them from you without mercy. Whatever the reasons, and no matter the source, these negative emotions and the traumas associated with them will be released.

Attachment Destroyer: Any toxic individuals, any feelings, any situations or traumas that you might be holding on too tightly will easily be let go of. This will easily transfer into your social ability, where old blockages and inability to say some things will vanish and be replaced with freedom.

FEBRUUS: There are numerous things holding us back. False beliefs, emotions we didn’t let go of, past traumas… All of that can slow down the subliminal’s execution. With FEBRUUS, anything that is keeping you from becoming the most powerful, successful, attractive you is purified. When it comes to personal beliefs, it will not conflict with them – it will guide you to look at your personal beliefs and see them from more profound angles.

I AM: A powerful breakdown module, a part of the well known ST1 of Khan – Total Breakdown. It will break down your negative beliefs, emotions, traumas, thoughts, and behaviors and make you more congruent with who you truly are. Furthermore, it will provide a strong push towards discovering more of who you are and what you need to do to become an individual who lives fully in his power. You will also stop defining yourself by your past, present or future, and become able to live in the moment in the fullest expression of you.

Inner Voice:
Our inner voice is with us 24/7, telling us things, informing us of situations, but that’s not always a good thing. It needs to be positive, powerful, and profound. An inner voice that does not put us down, but lifts us ever upwards. This module will change your whole mental landscape, transforming it into a positive space where good things happen.

Sanguine: Many are familiar with Sanguine for its ability to instill optimism, confidence and an ease of mind in spirit in handling situations, as well as even counteracting reconciliation. I actually ran 1 loop of Sanguine last night and considering how rough yesterday was, I ended it in a good mood. Being able to hold on to my personal power in all situations would also help with the iron frame, total nonchalance, and a couple other modules in my regular custom. It also has scripting to make one more joyful and happier.

I’ll admit that this custom ultima isn’t what I wanted but it may be the one I need. Besides a GLM, commander and executive combo was already verified as being a potentially ineffective combo and there’s no guarantee that executive and commander will ever be available as custom options (at least in the Q store). In any case, I hope this custom Ultima will help me smash through the wall I’ve been hitting subconciously.


Whoa, that Sanguine ultima loop from last night is still holding effect, I’m in a great mood and even laughing and socializing with coworkers like I was almost a year ago. I’ve run Sanguine Q which was strong but the Ultima version is something else, and to think I have a custom version on the way. I might mess around a literally be a new person by 2021 :smile:


Been another tough day but not as tough as yesterday. I’m in a good mood still. Haven’t felt/seen the effects of a single Ultima loop last this long since I was using libertine v1. I admit it feels nice to be back in a mental space where my aggression isn’t triggered on a regular basis.


I can now say without a doubt that Ultima programs really do seem to get stronger the more you run them.

Ran GLM this morning and it took about an hour before the effects kicked in. When they did, I experienced what felt like a surge of energetic testosterone. I began thinking clearer and became commanding and authoritative. My sister; for some reason, also seemed to respond to me as if I were her boss.

Currently running my second and final loop of the commander. It took that aggressive energy that GLM generated and dispersed it throughout my energy system. I became calmer and detached. I also felt heat surges within and around my body during the first loop while the aura fired itself up.


Just received and am currently running my custom Ultima. Updates will be provided soon.


You got it with express time?


Yessir, the sooner the better in my case.


Ran a loop Phoenix Ultima before bed. Just got up to use the restroom and discovered that my daughter wet the bed. Although I did express being irritated; since I know she knows how to take herself to the bathroom in the middle of the night by now, it’s like the actual anger never really took much hold and I easily let it go. Within a few minutes I pretty much was back to an even-keeled mental state.


My custom Ultima compared to just the OG sanguine Ultima is much more…centering. What I mean by that is the original version of sanguine gave me borderline hyper-happy vibes. Kind of like having a strong cup of coffee that lasts 36 hours but without the jitters. My custom Ultima grants me a very grounded sense of confidence.

Things I noticed throughout today with Phoenix Ultima:

  • woke up tired and almost didn’t want to get outta bed but just decided to tackle the day anyway, in fact all day I found it much easier than normal to do things I didn’t want to. My willpower and self discipline were higher.

  • this program made me realize how combative I’ve actually become, I tend not to start interactions in a hostile manner, but nowadays I shift my mind to automatically prepare for it when dealing with people. I start out aggressive in my head but act assertively until if and when I find myself bumping heads with someone, if at all. As I’ve mentioned earlier in this journal though, me butting heads with people has become an infrequent occurrence, it’s becoming quite rare actually.

  • starting to notice at work that I’m definitely more “commanding” towards management. I actually interact them in a far colder manner than I do my peers.

  • noticed my ego trying to mess with me mentally, it failed miserably when it came to self talk. 2 or 3 good instances where I had a negative thought and instantly came with a positive rebuttal which shut down the train of negative thinking. Probably also why I noticed less negative thoughts in general today.

  • I practically refused to get myself worked up over stupidity today. Even if I felt irritation, it was a minuscule amount and I channeled the frustration into solving problems that popped up.

  • ran through a fully detailed hygiene and grooming routine in an act of great self-care. Not a steady habit these days due to the quarantine.

  • I found it easier to actually be in my own head today, a very subtle sensation of having clearer thought processes overall and a reduction in general overthinking.


Wow that sounds amazing. Probably the inner voice module right?


I’m quite sure.


As it stands now my current listening routine will be:

Sunday - 3 loops of phoenix Ultima, then 3 loops of Ultimate Sovereign (with rest time in-between programs)

Monday - 3 loops of US

Tuesday - 3 loops of PU

Wednesday - 3 loops of US

Thursday - 3 loops of PU

Friday and Saturday - Rest days

Basically 18 hours of subliminal usage per week (with 150 rest hours) and averaging 9 loops per program a week, so that I get equal parts negative Emotional and mental breakdown, purging and purification, while replacing the negativity with programming from my custom Terminus Sub. Sword and shield approach.

GLM, Commander and Executive Ultima will be utilized as needed; or as desired on a situational basis. At some point though I hope not to need them as boosters; since my custom in one way or another, already does things similar as those 3 programs combined.


Today, I’ve found it very hard to procrastinate, even when taking planned short breaks, I’d often just cut the break short and get to the next task. I’ve also been very frank and business-like all day, I usually am but today it was on another level. My child’s mother came back from a work trip early and stopped by for a short visit. While here, I noticed 2 or 3 times that she gave me a strange stare, although later she remarked that it looks like I’m losing weight so that could be why.

I just noticed that I’ve begun to think about sex A LOT more the past three days. Must be the sex mastery programming dying to be executed lol. Had a woman DM me online last week but I didn’t find her attractive and I’m pretty picky when it comes to women, especially these days.


Been thinking of building my own version of what ever ultima but just making it a custom version, current it more on productivity and learning so am making a build will share later on

Noting this for when i put sex mastery in a custom sub, guess its making itself know lol


I’m still confused if I should use the Q or ultima. I am drawn to Sanguine, but I want a more permanent effect, like the other major programs in Q. Sounds like Sanguine Ultima is capable of this as well.



Noting this for when i put sex mastery in a custom sub, guess its making itself know lol

Lol get ready for libido as high as the moon