Ultimate Sovereign


I figure they are one in the same, hmmm @SaintSovereign how many ultima cores can i have in my custom ultima?

Also is there any warnings for putting deus in a custon ultima?


Thing is I didn’t remember that until hours after I placed the order but to tell the truth I wouldn’t have wanted to just pick less than all 3 cores. GLM I may have been able to do without but what’s done is done. Whether it works or not I’ll honestly assess and document my experience. I won’t place any blame upon subclub for my forgetfulness if it doesn’t work


Definitely will do.


Best case scenario it works and you just have to take a day in and a day off to see the full results


You can have as many as you want, though we strongly recommend ONE.

Custom Ultima Build Thread

They most likely won’t come out broken, as in you won’t get results at all. We’re not about taking people’s money without them getting a benefits. Q has an “integrity check” that can predict whether the subliminal will fail. If we get a warning, we’ll put your custom on hold and reach out to you for suggestions.

The issue is that the sub will be too dense and it’ll take forever to get results / it’ll trigger a lot of reconciliation.


So combining executive and BLU wouldn’t really work?


Yes, that combo can work. Gotta remember, most of our guidelines are directed toward those who would put every available core into one sub and complain that it doesn’t work.


The more I learn, the more I’m impressed.


With this guidance, when you say “cores,” are you talking about the ones like Beyond Limitless Ultima or LIbertine Ultima?

Or is it actually possible to have an Ultima made with, say, Sex Mastery and up to 5 supporting modules?


Ok nice thanks for the reply
Can i get a answer to by deus question
Is there a warning for putting deus into a ultima custom sub since it increase it intensity and ultima are already fast acting?


Can’t tell if it’s taking longer for me to feel these programs or if they’re just hitting so deep that I’m not perceiving their effects consciously until about a day later. This could also be the merger of worlds module at work making me feel the effects of the programs more deeply.

I did 2 loops of both my custom Ultima and my custom Terminus yesterday and finished around 8 am. This morning, I woke up around 4 am and used the bathroom and couldn’t go back to sleep because I felt a gradually increasing surge of anger and ambition mixed together. It took me 90 minutes of conscious effort to calm back down and go to sleep.

I felt the urge to conquer and dominate anyone and anything hat crossed my path. I still feel that way to an extent but I’m much calmer and in a better mood. Glad I’ve only been doing a couple loops a week of each program the last 3 weeks or so because this combo feels like it’s turning me into the next Gengis Khan.

I’m still waiting on my 2nd custom Ultima to arrive which should be no later than tomorrow. I’ll give my current load time to process so that I can have it hit me with full effect when I do get it.


Executive Commander came, I suppose no integrity check was needed since I wasn’t contacted in regards to changing any content in it. Said screw it and I’m currently running it. Took me around 20 minutes to notice that there is an energy being generated, one I’ve felt before but the flow is smoother than normal. It feels like I have the energy of a calm “killer instinct” flowing through me. Not in the sense that I want to harm another person, but rather that I’m ready for anything that comes my way, and will destroy anything that gets in the way of me accomplishing a desired goal. This is probably what Mike Tyson felt like in his prime, once he realized that he was standing across from an opponent that feared him.

I definitely feel the mental fortitude of the commander, only enhanced. The executive is kicking in faster than normal, and with no sense of aggravation like the last couple times I ran the main store version. GLM is providing a sense of grounded-ness as usual. My body is getting a little warm so it seems as if auric overdriver is already kicking in to help develop my energetic system, and new aura. I’ll have to wait until I’m among others to report how the direct influencer and intensity aura aspects work.

Almost forgot to mention the slightly increased heart and thought rate, although I’ll probably acclimate to this soon enough. May just be an initial reaction to the content of the program.

I’ll take the next two days off to ensure my subconcious gets the proper rest this week.



other things I’ve noticed since finishing my executive commander loop a couple hours ago:

effortless achievement and sustainment of the flow state

enhanced emotional control

increased mental control

seamless transition between relaxation and action-taking

decision making is quicker, more precise and unmistakably confident
much less willing to feed into distractions

accelerated physical energy flow and solid reinforcement

deeper voice and extra bass in voice (GLM effect)

very limited patience with people and unwilling to let them waste my time


What you full list of modules for the executive commander?

Good to hear that you are enjoying you custom already



List is:

Executive Ultima
Commander Ultima
Godlike masculinity Ultima
Auric overdriver
Intensity aura
Direct influencer aura


Well, 2 more bite the dust:

Cut off both the women I was talking to. One couldn’t carry a conversation even if she was a bodybuilder. I can’t stand boring people so I decided to just cut things off with her. I’ve been involved with enough relationships where I put in more than I got out of it. She also said she was just wanting to meet new ppl cause she’s bored but that’s probably because she’s so damn boring herself. I have better things to do than go subject myself to being someone’s entertainment.

#2 was a bit strange but what really made me cut her off was when she told me she was a business owner but said she needed to know me more to tell me her company name when I asked. This irritated me and was a huge turn off because it symbolizes irrational behavior to me. I don’t know a single serious entrepreneur who ever turned down a chance to promote or at least mention their company when asked about it. I responded that I would’ve sent some female family and friends her way if I liked the way her fashion designs looked but oh well. I just went and blocked her a few seconds after sending the message.

She claims to be busy often and usually takes a few days to reply to messages anyway. On top of that fact that she never wowed me from the start anyway. This reminds me of when I first started emperor last year and was cutting people off left and right.


Damn thats one hell of a combo will be looking out for your progress


I love my ability to put together powerful combos outta thin air with these programs. Wish me luck and best of luck to you as well.


I’ve used commander and executive ultimas together so i know you going in the right direction with this custom you going to kill keep pushing