Ultimate Sovereign


Latest developments I’m beginning to notice:

  • I’m more confrontational than ever, it feels like I’m now literally programmed to assert myself and dominate in ALL my social interactions with others, no matter what the dynamic is. I can still display diplomacy but it’s no longer my preference nor my standard way of interacting with others. Feels like I value being respected more than liked. I’m very matter-of-fact and blunt in my approach.

  • Prior to a confrontation; even minor ones, I get an adrenaline rush throughout my entire body, it’s like I don’t have a fight or flight response anymore, it’s just all fight. I have to calm myself for a good 2 minutes to make sure I don’t go overboard from the get-go. Depends on the reason for the confrontation and the problem I’m looking to solve.

  • My sense of compassion has greatly dwindled.

  • I find myself needing much less sleep and have random surges of energy, especially when I’m reflecting upon a masculine philosophy or principle.

  • My appetite, food and water intake have dropped tremendously. Even when my stomach grumbles I don’t want to eat. I also get fuller of off very small portions and food and beverages than what I was previously.

  • My ex sounded concerned, she said I looked like I was losing weight as quick as a crack addict. Told her I didn’t notice, and I still don’t too much but with weight loss people always seemed to notice it faster than I have.

  • I’m more eager than ever to exercise and build muscle. I have been getting in my physical activity but not as much as I’d like due to all the new responsibilities on my plate right now. Looking forward to getting into a groove so I can give more energy towards my fitness.


word of the day is Chaos, that’s what mine has been filled with and yet…instead of becoming mentally overwhelmed and tired like I usually do, I’m remaining unperturbed at my very core. It’s like the more external stress is coming at me, the more mental energy and inner strength I find coming from within. It feels like all 33 programs from the combination of my Terminus, and 2 ultimas are working in tandem to ensure that I no only push through and get things done today, but I do it with grace and strength; that quite honestly, I didn’t even know I had. At least not with this much BS coming at me at one time in succession.

The fact that this is one of the craziest days I’ve had in months, and yet I’m treating it as if it’s normal routine motivates me to stick to the journey even more, seeing the amount of personal power and and mental/emotional fortitude I’ve gained thus far. To think I still have 7 months to go (at least). I’m satisfied that I chose cores and modules that although contained within different programs, work in a synergistic manner so that it all feels coherent on every level…especially on tough days like this when it really counts. There’s now no doubt from me that subclub really has developed programs that all work together, no matter how you structure your stack.


Saw a glimpse of this in EQ. It felt like a respite from the constant turmoil.


Love that it kicks in even more when it counts


Going to experiment adding an extra listening day on Saturdays where I only do one loop of each program with at least 2 hours in-between sessions. I’ll still be getting 2 rest days a week. This’ll basically total up to me getting 5 hours a week of each program.

Over the past week; more than ever, I’m noticing how I’m not hesitating what needs to be said when it needs to be said. My sense of dominance and authority has also strengthened as well. I’ve also been harsher in dealing with those that I deem as irrational during an interaction. Harsh may actually be the wrong term, perhaps “relentlessly blunt” would be more like it.

I’ve also been taking more notes at how most people don’t walk their talk when it comes to certain things, and ensuring that I make great efforts to stick to my principles as a man, even when it’s inconvenient. The worse lies a person tends to tell is to themselves after all. 2020 has been a year full of lessons I never expected to learn. Ones that I’m summary, are now pushing me to want to be as free and self sufficient as possible in all areas.


Things keep happening internally that are getting tougher to explain. Felt two “breakthroughs” today. The first is when I became fed up with a short stint of slightly negative self-talk. For some reason, I imagined myself as Thor holding a hammer and smashing the personified negativity with into pieces. I felt a “shatter” in the core of my being. I felt empty for several minutes afterwards, and then…all self-generated negativity was gone. It’s been a few hours and I’ve felt even more confident and fearless than usual since that moment.

2nd occurrence was about an hour ago, where out of nowhere it felt like a gate of sorts had been opened within me. What came out of this “gate” was an aspect of my shadow self . This energy felt, dark and unfamiliar, but also exhilarating. This brings me back to the moment I was on EV4 and sat in my car realizing how the “darker” aspects of me were not to be feared, but embraced and utilized as a tool when necessary.

This unleashing tonight though felt more like an integration of sorts. I literally don’t feel exactly like the same person I was before this energy welled up inside of me. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m about to develop into a fairly polarizing individual. As if those who come across me going forward may not be able to remain indifferent about me, but rather choose to like or dislike me based upon our interaction, or what they observe.


Seem like you passing a gateway were you about to change for the better and in a big way, your about to manifest things for yourself that probably you didn’t think were possible or weren’t in you field of vision if that is the case then ill like to be the first to congratulate you but this is all my own feeling


Ok so when sultan starts kicking into full gear, I’ll know who to mail a check to as a thanks for the positive encouragement lol.


This is from your custom Ultima only are you running other subs as well?


I have two custom ultimas and a custom terminus I’m currently running.


Tomorrow is the day I begin using my Executive Commander Ultima as a major program instead of just as a booster. I’ll also be using my custom terminus at 2 loops a day 5 days a week and running Phoenix Ultima 4 days a week.

Basically following the stack listening recommendation but I’ll stick to two terminus loops a day.

This past week I’ve noticed my energy sensitivity increase and I’ve been having to ground myself more to handle the energetic load. Pretty sure auric overdriver is the cause of this.


Lesson (reminder) of the day in terms of masculinity:

“be the transmitter, not the receiver”. Basically a reminder to remain as stoic as possible in any given situation. It is feminine (energetically) to allow external things, people and circumstances to effect you one way or the other. For one to preserve their masculinity, they must know how to remain even-keeled no matter the situation, positive or negative. Feeling emotions is human, but being overtaken by them, and acting upon extreme emotion, is outside the realm of masculinity.

The above is a random reminder I’ve had sitting at the forefront of my thoughts for hours now, right after running my custom Terminus.

I just finished running ECU and currently my energy levels physically and mentally are running at a peak high. I feel a positive but intense energy around me and running through me. Safe to say that auric overdriver and intensity aura are at work here. I’m almost effortlessly pushing to get things done as well so I know my ultima cores are firing up as well.

Currently planning on what move to make next to increase my income in order to expand both my freedom, and therefore my personal power (financially as well as other ways). It seems I now view power as a tool to obtain and maintain freedom in multiple areas of my life…yes, power and freedom have become a priority for me, more so than ever.


Happy New Years to you all. I’ve taken a break from listening the past couple days, I’ll be running just US x3 loops and EC for 2 loops today. Afterwards, I have a scheduled 7-day break.

For the past week, I’ve noticed that I’ve been smiling and laughing a lot less. Not necessarily because I’ve been unhappy but I feel like total nonchalance is creating a greater sense of general calmness within me; alongside godlike masculinity, even when joking.

I’ve also noticed my emotional control increase slightly, with the exception of a small outburst towards my daughter last night. I disciplined her due to her pattern of being disrespectful and argumentative lately. I seem to be the only adult lately that she actually listens to and respects 100%. Although I didn’t scream at the top of my lungs at her I did raise my voice, spoke to her in an extremely firm manner and of course followed it up with making her stand in a corner to reflect on what she’s been doing, and making it clear that I’m annoyed with repeating myself on this issue.

Now here’s the thing. After I put her in check, she became more pleasant towards others, but became wildly clingy towards me. Not sure what it was but it’s almost like she sought my approval very persistently and kept telling me that she loved me. She also kept hovering over me, hugging me and kept trying to laugh and joke with me.

I mean yeah, for some reason, I usually do tend to get along better with others after putting them in check, but this was an extreme case. Reminds me of certain times when I used to out her mom in check while married to her, and all of a sudden, she’d also be as sweet as a bag of sugar within a couple hours. Female nature responding to masculine guidance perhaps. Not my favorite way to gain respect but I do what’s necessary.

Speaking of my ex-wife, our relationship is strained but I don’t even care. I always wanted to get to the point where we never spoke unless we absolutely had to, and even then I still can’t wait for my child to become older so that I can just directly communicate with her when she’s away from me. Realistically until my child is a woman I’ll have to speak with her mother regarding certain thing from time to time but I’m giving very crisp and short responses for the time being.

My best friend’s Father passed away this past Sunday which hit him extremely hard. Everyone that he lived with has passed away in the past 2.5 years and I can’t imagine what how he’s trying to process it all. At his father’s wake I noticed how calm I was, despite his father being like my own. I’ve interacted with his dad more than my own and his death came as a definite shock. Despite this I never lost control of my emotions despite the sadness. Maybe it’s partly due to the subliminal programming, maybe also because it’s the 3rd death in what I consider my family, in the year 2020.

Other than those things, this week I noticed a massive amount of stares from all sorts of people this week while out and about, especially from women. I can’t say if these were sexually-driven glances, people in general just seemed like they were attempting to figure me out while they stared.

One incident did occur when I took my daughter out to the arcade earlier this week. A mother there stepped on my shoe while I was sitting down; but instead of just apologizing, she placed her hand on my thigh when she realized what happened, and then proceeded to caress it while apologizing and looking me in the eye. Don’t know what the hell she was thinking but I shot her a “there are kids here lady” look while saying thanks with a plain expression. She held eye contact for a couple seconds after and then walked off, almost as if she were spell bound. Strange as hell.


If what I think is happening, is truly what is happening, you might want to get used to this because what is strange right now might become a new normal for you in a good way.


Can you elaborate on what you think is happening?


It is possible women are starting to find you much more attractive. Perhaps more attractive than what you think you are.


In a way, I feel like women have always found me more attractive than what I think I am. I have no insecurities about my looks but I think more so, women have always been more attracted to my energy.


Currently on day 5 of my 7-day break, damn time has been moving fast. This whole week, I’ve found that I’m becoming more unwilling to socialize by the day. Ironically, perfect strangers keep starting conversations with me, and make extra effort to keep them going, all with me giving minimum effort during the interaction. It’s slightly amusing I guess as it shows the aura may have increased my status energetically to people.


Not sure if this is a manifestation from the sultan module but my credit card company reviewed my history from the past 8 months, and not only refunded my security deposit, but also increased my credit limit by 5-fold. completely unexpected that I got a x5 boost on my limit.


Thats great if it is i cam wait to get my own version of manifestation from sultan too