Unblocking Chakras


To me it helps…for instance, keeping energy blockages clear and ensuring you have healthy chakras enhances results, at lest in my experience.


My apologies, just saw this after my responses. I’ll just let people try the channel if they please and see how it works for them


Thanks … I still am working on getting into meditation and learning to visualize things


Thank you for the responses :slight_smile:


Yes. Almost everything i tried gives me results.


The video @lowrider shared seems very powerful. When I meditate to it I begin to feel sensations in my lower stomach area.


@friday Yes it seems like that for me too. Did you notice your breathing changing as well?


Hard to say because since recently I am practising going deep into trance and I am now always drifting away into my own alchemic universe when I ONLY close my eyes haha. But possibly, yes

He has different (more powerful?) chakra fields on gumroad, I am thinking about picking one or all of them up


Nice bro! :grinning:


Sapien Medicine’s videos are great, I used them yesterday as part of what may become my weekly maintenance for my energy body. A shame we can’t discuss them in detail here (not even in The Emperor’s Lounge) since they appear to work side-by-side (even synergistically) with SubClub audios without a problem.


Imagine if subclub was embedding some of these fields within the subliminal :wink:. It’s psychic energy, you just have to create it and then capture it into data form with some technology. Psychic energy in actuality is scalar energy field.


I have a theta frequency scalar field that is a usb module stick. You plug it in to like a usb wall adapter and it transmitts a scalar energy field. Puts you in a trance State.


How did you get that set up? Would be interested in trying it myself.


I posted it here some time ago. :+1:


That’s odd even can’t post the energetic videos @SaintSovereign ? I would expect hypnosis stuff to be more of a concern?


Not from that vendor (or any vendor selling tracks). In this case, we’re sending that particular vendor a remarkable amount of traffic, but I don’t see them returning the favor. We didn’t work to build a company and community to promote other companies. If they want to reach out to us and we come up with a traffic deal, I’ll consider it.


Well since that vender is a friend I’ll share your message with him and you guys can come to terms of you all care to. I post videos here that i think is beneficial to people and can help them while still respecting you guys. Not intending to steal people away from here. You guys operate in different ballparks. I myself have spent about $200 maybe in last month on product from you guys. And i speak highly of you in this forum. Do you see that?


I can speak for myself and probably others that the way i even came to find out about you guys was through a different platform. I don’t think the suppression of information is the best way to deal with this kind of thing.


Please do understand it’s more than just that. Every time we get into this particular provider, inevitably somebody starts asking about the whole energy vampire thing and people go up and down over that. Recently I believe there was a discussion about the plausibility of imprinting a mechanically-produced pendant with a quantum biofield across a distance without knowing when or where that pendant is.

Now whatever our personal opinions on these things are, we do see that it creates a certain amount of friction and/or doubt among the users. Since this forum caters to a lot of people, many of whom believe in such esoteric things and many that don’t, SubClub has taken the position of avoiding the returning discussions that might give people the wrong impression about subliminals and what this forum is about, as well as the possibility that he’s not as genuine as he appears to be - by removing these links for the time being. Maybe that changes, maybe not.

And should he contact SubClub, maybe Saint will have an interesting talk with him about biofields.

Either way, I trust you understand where we are coming from, like we understand your intentions. Thank you for wanting to help out, it really is appreciated.


As for the topic: has anybody ever used crystals on the chakra’s? I recently saw that certain crystals are related to certain chakra’s and if you placed these crystals on them, it would help activate them.