Unblocking Chakras


Well if i am not mistaken there are threads on this forum about magic and occult practices b that seem to be allowed and welcomed.

Here’s a question that was left unanswered by fire and saint sovereign on this topic which should have been addressed if of concern

This is what saint said above which didn’t mention the idea of concern that you raised.

I think there’s more appropriate ways to go about this.

Do you not see how i support the community here?


Those other forums were generally either piracy / sharing websites or forums discussing self-help in general and weren’t attached to any particular product / company, so mentioning us wasn’t an issue. In regards to this vendor, we’ve seen link after link to both their free and paid products (and entire threads on the topic) – some of which, we believe is of questionable nature to start with.

We are interested in the science of subliminals (and some overlap with other self-help methods) and harboring a ton of links to an entity that was tied to “energy vampires” and creating “fields” through meditation that somehow survive the print on demand process, selling for upwards of $500, does not fit that goal.

We allow limited discussion on magick and other esoteric practices in certain threads, but if one vendor suddenly popped up in every other thread, we’d stop that too. We even moderated a prominent member here – who we greatly respect and knew we could risk losing this person – when I felt their conversation veered too much into conspiracy theory territory. This is a subliminal forum, where we allow limited discussion on other self-help methods when necessary. You’re simply not able to see the big picture because you don’t have the moderation tools that we have: we see everything that’s posted and we’re seeing how much one vendor is being advertised.

As far as I’m concerned, this topic is settled. I know you consider this person your friend, and we appreciate your contributions, but don’t take it personally. We’ve removed other vendor posts too, we just don’t broadcast it because it’s not necessary. Subliminal results forum first, everything else second.