Vanno's Gaming Mastery X Journal


Thanks for the recommendation! I’m new concerning custom subs and just checked out all the modules. How many modules can you add, and how many are even recommendable to add in one custom sub. QLQ is quantum limitless Q core I assume and for the start I guess I should only add the first stage.


Also what’s the difference between quantum limitless and limitless core? Is quantum limitless an upgrade of limitless core?


Quantum Limitless supersedes Limitless. I believe at this point, one would prefer Limitless only out of concerns of heaviness.


Thanks! I’ll consider buying a custom sub soon with ~10-13 modules. Do you have any tips on starting out with custom subs?


My sleep quality has improved a lot compared to two months ago. Even if I’m only able to sleep 5h once in a while, I still feel well rested, and I wake up refreshed most of the days. My issues of not being able to fall asleep have also been resolved for 99% of all days.


I lost the most recent match vs the strongest team in my bracket, it wasn’t a surprise, but I’m disappointed and angry nonetheless. However, during the games and right afterwards I remained calm and positive as this is really important for keeping up the morale of the team and yourself. Only a few hours later all those negative emotions and thoughts began showing up.

Imma take the best from the loss and learn as much as possible from it. I think I didn’t perform that poorly and I definitely practiced a lot, but my coordination with my team was awful. Communication and social competence overall are not my strengths, but even for such a loner and introvert like me there’s ways to work on that! :sweat_smile:



No changes or progress lately. I’ve decided to remove several distractions to focus more on my goal. As it just feels bad being in that waiting-for-improvement-state. Will update once I have more significant stuff to report. Current listening schedule is still 2-4 loops monday to friday and then taking a break on weekends.

The only kinda interesting thing from today is that I was in the 100th percentile of the chimpanzee test on by using a certain method to memorize the positions of the numbers. Basically I invented a story for each puzzle and that’s how I got a high score. Not sure if that was anything special though, it’s a well known technique to make up stories in order to memorize certain things.


Negative, depressive thoughts and low mood for no reason. I literally cant think of a logic reason behind them and they intensify the later it gets throughout the day. This is a serious issue that I need to get rid of especially now with college starting again soon.

Getting tired faster without knowing why. Feeling sick/nauseous more often. Fatigue kicks in each afternoon. Seemingly having a weaker immune system nowadays.

Really not sure if that has anything to do with the sub. To be fair, I don’t think so as I had a weak immune system before I even started listening to the sub.

Really annoys me, as all I want is effective, focused and sufficient practice, which is difficult when I feel sick and struggle to concentrate.

Lately nightmares occur more frequently. They’ve been different from each other, but most of them include experiencing loss or crushing defeats.

Gotta bounce back and fight my way out of those low-phases!


Hang in there @Vanno! How’s your exercise these days? That’s one part that makes a difference for me.

At some point, you might consider a College Well-being subliminal that has Limitless (or, Quantum Limitless), AEGIS: Survival Instinct, Spartan, and/or Ascension. And don’t forget Asclepius to charge up your immune function (that’s actually in the description).

But even with none of the subliminals, the magic formula will always help: exercise, nutrition, and rest.


Doing some form of exercise regularly whether it’s taking my dog for a walk, a workout or some stretching/yoga.

Today went a bit better, but I lose focus more easily when I’m just feeling slightly tired. In the middle of the game I would auto-pilot and mentally phase out if the game was 30+ minutes long. My coach pointed out some stuff about my gameplay and where I was auto-piloting and only then I realized it.
Felt sharper after the review, nevertheless I kinda miss it when I was less lost in thoughts all the time. I enjoy imagining things, trying to figure out random stuff and being philosophical, but it’s at that extreme point where it gets exhausting.

Asclepius is definitely a must-have for me. What’s your reasoning behind recommending Aegis and Spartan/Ascension? I read all the descriptions, but I’m curious after all.

I can lay more emphasis on meditation again (I do meditate, but probably by far not as much as I currently need). Concerning nutrition I probably have to eat smaller meals, but more frequently!


Extreme heachache that hasn’t gone away since yesterday evening. However, I generally have the feeling of being smarter than I used to be months/years ago.

College started and it’s fine so far except for the fact that I genuinely don’t wanna socialize too much as it exhausts/annoys me, if I don’t get enough alone-time.

My team made it to finals in the game tournament! But… almost a week ago my mother and I had a really awful argument and out of anger she destroyed an essential cable of my wifi modem. Especially now… that I have to prep for finals… I ordered a new cable but it still hasn’t arrived even though it should have arrived yesterday according to the customer service. What a disappointment. It’s 2 days until finals and I just hate everyone and everything in this world right now.

Things have been going from bad to worse as my college schedule has changed quite a bit compared to last year’s schedule, which means I won’t have the chance to keep being part of the team after finals and I can’t compete anymore in that tournament due to my lessons being exactly at the time where the tourney games take place… Soooo I wanted to give finals and my last practice scrim game my very best shot… The scrim was 2 days ago and I was able to play it. After college I sprinted to my friend’s place and played there as she lives nearby my college, but HAH it wasn’t that easy! Imagine, right at that time, there was the fire brigade at my metro station and I had to run a few stations on my own instead and take an alternative route, which resulted in a delay of 1 hour. Fortunately the others were patient and I’m grateful for that, but my whole body still hurts from that exhaustion and stress… I planned to grind a ton of games before finals, but I didn’t have the chance to and I’m impatiently and furiously waiting for that new cable. My mum hasn’t ever apologized either. Why is this all happening now? It will be my last game there (I can only possibly participate next summer break again), and it’s all falling apart. I will still play and try to improve at the game regardless of the tournament, but it’s a shame as I got to know all this people there and had much fun plus learned a lot from them.

It’s like something doesn’t want me to succeed. Putting 38573582 stumbling blocks on my path and even if I conquer many, it isn’t enough.

Sorry for the rant, but because this is my journal, I wanted to really describe my honest thoughts, even if they aren’t great/productive/optimal. I have a lot to work on and the situation shows how mad I can get when something or someone decides to stand in my way.


Lost finals sadly, but according to others I was playing really well.
In the end I’ve still improved a lot and reached a new peak rank on the solo queue ladder. Definitely worth the experience despite some unfortunate things happening like roster/coach changes.

College makes me really tired especially towards the end of the week, but i also think that it benefits me in many areas like improving my endurance, versatile thinking and creativity, social skills, physical health/fitness as I have to commute all the time, (Well let’s hope I don’t catch Corona.) logical problem-solving etc.

It’s just a matter of organisation for me to separate college and leisure well enough and to remain focused both in college and when I wanna focus on a game. With time I will solve the fatigue for sure and find ways to counter the problem. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Big point that I’m pretty sure gmx helped me with, is dealing with a loss. I used to get bitter for days after crushing defeats, but now it’s easier for me to stand up again and keep going. A lot of research and exploring my own thoughts helped as well.


added Regeneration & Elixir Ultima
So currently I listen to each of them once per day (monday-friday) besides 1 loop of GMX. Thought it would be a good idea to include those new titles now that college is getting more stressful and to prevent myself from mentally booming and becoming sick all the time again. To minimize reconciliation I’m very cautious with increasing the number of the loops. Gonna trust my own intuition whether I’m ready for more sub exposure.


Sorry, I missed your reply when you first posted it.

I’ve never run Ascension myself, but it’s one that I’d run if I were starting over. Other people have really great results with it and it kicks in a quick and straight-forward way.

Intuitively, it reminds me of the arc reactor light in Iron Man’s chest. An internal sun that you carry around with you.

Spartan’s another one that I haven’t run but have since been impressed by through reading other people’s experiences. It’s not just for combat sports. It seems to charge up your vigor. That ‘fired up’ feeling. Prepares you to face challenges confidently.

AEGIS: Survival Instinct is your all-around adapt, survive, and thrive in any situation subliminal. Seems like the meta-well-being program, in that it inspires the mind to notice survival-relevant factors and to create strategies to maximize survival and wellbeing in any situation.

Either way, wish for you to thrive and prosper in and out of college!


Maybe having issues lately as bad mental health probably also reduces how effective subs are.
Pls correct me if im wrong

updating again once i have anything worth while to mention
currently it just feels like all efforts not being good enough


Funny, I believe I would do this too if I had to start over. Although, the deal for Ascension is much better now (as Ascension Q) than when I joined SubClub.

Imagine a name-embedded Ascension at Terminus. That would work super quickly.


The idea of ‘bad’ mental health is pretty broad. In a broad sense, it’s somewhat like physical fitness, everyone has some areas that are weaker than others. Some people have some areas that are weak enough to be a real problem. And some people are also significantly more fit in certain areas. (In many cases, the fit areas are even directly connected to the weak areas; as when a hard-working person works out without stretching or without exercising complementary muscle groups. The resulting tightness in the body can cause problems and injuries.)

Narrowing it down a little, I’d bet that two mental areas in particular can be an issue:

  1. lack of motivation or focus to take action

  2. difficulty handling reconciliation so that one becomes knocked out and derailed

For the first one, Action taking seems to be the most important aspect of working with subliminals. Lately, I’m thinking of subliminals as Action Boosters, or as ‘ways to ensure that your efforts will be successful’. From those definitions, it’s clear that without action or without efforts, nothing much useful will happen. Like buying high-octane gas when you don’t have a car.

I think that when we lack motivation or focus for action taking, the energy that the subliminal introduces to our system can be more uncomfortable.

Frankly, for both of these points, it’s probably a good idea to ease up on the subliminal listening and get some good care or self-care.


Hows your experience with these two monsters :laughing:


@Malkuth The comparison you gave in the beginning is actually really relatable for me as back then when I would participate in running competitions and was highly committed. I was pretty young, had no coach nor enough knowledge about adequate training, so welp I ended up with a knee injury. :sweat_smile:
I’ve learnt from this, but it could be that this pattern in my brain to have a tendency to practice without doing enough quality research or asking other people, is still there.

I think one leads to the other: Some circumstance/situation causing me to take less action (lack of focus) -> reconciliation; or reconciliation leading me to feel sick/exhausted -> lack of motivation

I’ll cut subliminal usage, when I know that I won’t be able to take action on a specific day. Self-care is something I do, but not enough, so I gotta rewire my brain to actually care for myself, it sounds so simple, but idk why I keep neglecting it when I’m not paying attention to it all the time. :thinking:


Oh boy :joy:
It’s like having a really good day and on the next day having a mental breakdown lol :sweat_smile:
I’m really cautious with my loops though + saturday and friday not listening to any subs at all. I’ll add an example of those ups and downs later on.