Vanno's Gaming Mastery X Journal


Pogg, how is it? :hushed:
I’ve already registered back when they’ve made the announcement, it already was a long time ago, but no invitation yet :pleading_face: looking forward to it though. :smiley:


It’'s better than Mobile Legends! :smiley:

Yeah, registered months ago, just got my invite last Friday :smiley:

This is my first time playing LoL, still learning the game mechanics and also which hero to choose… hmm…

Need to level-up before you can go ranked. Right now they are all killing me -_-

My officemates are also playing, having fun if you go as a team :slight_smile:

Going to add GMX to my stack. M-W-F with 2 loops a day. Lets see how it goes :grin:


Yoo good luck and fun to you! :grin:
Which heroes/champs do you have in mind so far? (unfortunately my fav won’t be available yet on Wild Rift, I suppose they are slowly gonna add all the champs in the future!)
Also… don’t stress too early with ranked if it’s your first time haha xd and cool that you already have mates as a team! :slight_smile:
Listening to gmx works well (according to my experience) before playing, not during. Remember that CS (last-hitting minions) is crucial in LoL when you’re playing a carry role (top, adc, mid, potentially jungle). But gotta try Wild Rift on my own, whenever I get an invitation. From what I’ve seen it’s really similar to normal league though, but obviously modified so it’s playable on mobile devices.


One of the free champs I have was Ahri. Then a free trial of Ezreal, interesting skills. Started researching, youtube - this after GMX :smile:

Last-hitting? Ah… will pratice hehehe

Regional Open Beta is on Oct 27th mostly in SEA, then early December another batch, Spring 2021 Americas.


Can’t wait to try it out!
I used to play quite some Ahri and Ezreal before. They both heavily rely on their skillshots, getting better at hitting them, already gives you a great advantage :muscle:


Looking back on last week:

Lost almost all games today, but I’m in a good mood regardless. Enjoying life unlike the beginning of last week. Starting the week refreshed. Appreciating things like the pretty sunset, migration of birds and a good song on the radio.
Is the “bad phase” over?
Or are all the phases just an illusion of mine?
Do I just need to learn and grow enough to end a low phase?

Weird brainfog, but peace and good mood until 8pm. Very strange, I felt socially regenerated again?? However, afterwards that whole state fell apart and I felt as exhausted and tired as most of the times in social settings, getting easily annoyed by people.

I’m really hyperactive today??? Depressive, tired phase over?? What is happening?? Social interactions are not causing anxiety and I’m eloquent again?
Manic phase or a representation of my healed self? :thinking:
Questioning whether I’m bipolar… because that hyperactivity is so unusual for me, especially in the last month(s) and I’m talking faster than normally. I suppose though the subs and the actions I’ve taken caused this.

Playing practice 1v1s (duels vs another player) after college, as my brain ain’t capable currently after a long day to play solo ranked games, that require ~30min of high focus and awareness. So quick ~7min 1v1s are the way to go.

Seeing a pattern where negative thoughts come up whenever I’m tired and exhausted. Almost sinking into the unhealthy self-pity and attention seeking state again. Realizing that this had been brought to existence by social media addiction in the previous years and influence from my family and childhood. As already previously mentioned -> self-care and directing my mind to my goals counter those issues.
I still have relapses on those social media cravings, endlessly watching YouTube, porn, binge reading all the journals here lol. It’s good news though that it has become way less, whereas earlier those habits happened on a regular basis. I also get less mad and judgemental about myself once it happens, as this will only make it worse. Anyways, awareness alone is not enough, only if I can find a better and more attractive opportunity to use my energy on, that craving dissipates.
I also lifted my friend’s mood today by shifting his thoughts from complaining about a certain issue to focusing on the game instead.

Getting flashbacks of sports in my childhood. I’ve always loved competing and never wanted people to go easy on me, haha I was quite a bold little dwarf.

Epiphany: My bad habit of refraining from asking others enough questions, that impacts all life areas in a negative way, especially in college, stems from my mother never or rarely ever listening to me and answering the questions I’ve had as a child. Yeh, children and their infinite amount of questions can get annoying, but back then when I was talking to mother’s of my friends or in general other adults, I noticed that they listened more, whereas my mother was always “busy” or she didn’t even consciously hear me. I don’t fully blame her though, things weren’t easy, my father was working a lot, money issues grew and the divorce in later years surely must have been tough. It’s my responsibility now to recognize those things and to work on them.
Interestingly this also explains my fascination for the internet that I had when I was 13. A place where I can research answers to my questions without being judged or ignored.

Some negative thoughts coming up: irrational jealousy, craving for results, feeling bad for not being able to present astounding results, not wanting to update my journal due to that; worry because ranked season in the game will end in 2 weeks, hence me wanting to reach a certain rank before the due date… I’m not far away from that goal, plus I’ve got holidays now until next week.

-> realization of those thoughts
-> trying to simply observe them without giving them the power to drag me down

Noticing that my own awareness is not that well developed yet. I have problems “feeling” certain things. Perceiving subtle changes in myself and all the observations that I can’t see until I read it from someone else in the forum and then being able to relate and understand better (at least that’s what I believe).

Will pause ‘executive’ usage until holidays are over. Going for regeneration, elixir, and gmx this week.


How goes it, amigo? Semester ending out okay?


Lots of project deadlines soon now that the semester is ending soon. However, I recently received my custom and I’m really excited for it!