Volume masked headphones


That’s what I did. Always listen with FrequenSee at the location your ears spend the most time. With headphones that’s easy. In-Ears I would not recommend for ultrasonics in any case. That’s too close.


I measured it now the ultrasonic the volume needs to be 60% to see the ultrasonic frequency move up and down and it doesn’t go past the half way mark


don’t listen to US via your headphone. you can totally fuck up your ears if the volume goes accidentally higher and you won’t even notice it. stay with US on speakers and headphones for masked only.


Not sure why the volume of US needs to be so loud on my headphones to see a difference in the frequency app…


I’m sorry, I don’t have the answers for you.

I know what I did, and did for pretty much 6 months in a row while listening to ultras on my headphones. I used FrequenSee to check by placing the phone’s microphone right on the speaker of my headphones (do make sure you know where the microphone is on your phone) and made sure the recorded value never went above 50-55. That’s still not near the maximum level, so it was safe.

I then checked the visualizer in my PC’s foobar player to see the volume there, as well as the master volume, recorded those values and rechecked them daily. About once every week or two weeks I rechecked with FrequenSee.

That is what I did. I don’t know any more than that, so I can’t tell you why or how to do it in your situation. When in doubt, do as enigma states and don’t use them on headphones. If you believe it could go wrong, it likely will. If you believe you’ve done everything right, all is well and you are fine, it likely is.


I did exactly that…just like how you measured them on the earphone…my measurements are around 70


Like I said, I never went louder than 55. I think I remember Saint saying somewhere around 60 is fine.

That’s all I’m going to say on this, okay? I don’t know your hardware or how exactly you measure, I have given you what information I can.


Perfect thanks alot for the information


Usually when I’m setting volume for masked, I just drag my time to the middle of the track and set it comfortable volume there. That’s a holdover habit from when I was making binaural tracks in BWGen (old school) and SHARM (still happens on occasion).

Halfway through was always the loudest it’d ever get, so I do the same with Masked. I just set it there so it’s audible but not hurting me ears.