VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


Other observations…

Yesterday I went out a lot after 4 months of confinement. Being outside feels so good, the day was shinny and the colors were bright. Heavy state of trance and time distortion the whole day long.
Today I will be out again since im moving to a new appartment, so a lot of work to do.

Yesterday I recieved the appartment and the property broker told me It was just cleaned, and it wasnt… it was pretty dirty. So I took some photos and videos and send them to him.
He called to tell me the appartment was cleaned and that he recieved photos from the cleaning guy as proof and proceeded to defend the cleaning guy as if he was there to see the results. I told him he was justifying himself for handing over a dirty appartment and the guy just lost it. His volume and tone of voice became very threatening, and he kept interrupting me everytime I wanted to talk.

I remained fully calmed and just kept repeating, can I talk now? Or will you interrupt me again?
After the 3rd repetition he calmed down and shut up.
I told him the appartment was dirty and he can come visit it if he doesnt believe me. Right there I noticed his energy shifting, he was defending something without evidence and in an aggresive way.
He promised to send someone to clean.

Im pleasently surprised at how calmed and in control I was.


Nice effect of Minds Eye T²…
Ive always been able to read words that I picture in my mind, forwards and backwards. Well maybe not always but for many, many years.

Today I got the idea of visualizing in my mind, writing a word in a glass panel with big letters, then spell it forwards and backwards, then flip the glass panel to the opposite side, so the word is reversed, then spell it forwards (right to left) and backwards (left to right)
Then I flipped the glass upside down so the word is upside down and reversed, spell it again. Finally turn the glass 180° to put it back to its original position.

I was able to clearly calculate and read the word in any possition. Very cool experiment, very cool results.



I have come to the conclusion that Alchemist st4 in this terminus custom sub of mine is guiding me away from every spiritual belief system and towards experiencing my own reality.

I have come to the undertanding that every spiritual belief system, every religion, every esoteric or magickal doctrine is a subjective model that tries to explain spiritual truth.

Every model by definition is not the real thing therefore incomplete, some models are better than others, some models are just plain aweful. Some models are complementary in nature, some are exclusive, but at the end of the day it doesnt matter who came out with that model, how old it is, or how many people swore by it, it still is a subjective understanding of an objective spiritual truth. Its a map to navigate reality and not reality itself. As the late Alan Watts used to say “The menu is not the food”.

Ive embraced many models during my life, some have been more useful than others. From this moment on I will free myself as much as I can from other people models of how spiritual life is supposed to be lived and what is supposed to be believed and practiced. Im only interested in practices for the consciousness expanding and reality bending effects, Im not buying the beliefs that comes in the package, It doesnt matter if they come from the best super guru from India or the latest super cool hyped neuro-scientist or whatever.

It so clear to me at this moment how the spell works.


Thursday night I recieved the news that an old friend has died of cancer, he was sick for almost 2 years.
We were really close friends years ago but we had some differences and stopped seing each other, I saw him 2 years ago in a dinner and he told me he was sick and now hes dead.
I went to the funeral yesterday morning wanting to see the family but cause of the pandemic measures I couldnt, still manage to be one of the few that could enter the ceremony.

I was rushed with memories of when we were friends and how things turned out to be. I quietly said my goodbye and ask him for forgiveness for all the mistakes made and forgave him for the same, for just being troubled kids.

I can remember him with a big smile now


@Joa93 My condolences.


Thank you @khan!


Sex MasteryQ + Libertine Ultima = Awesome! :smiling_imp::boom:


Care to share some details? :wink:


Where to start @SaintSovereign… I decided to make an experiment, the lady was tired and wanted to take a nap after lunch, so I put my headphones on and listen 1 loop of Libertine Ultima, I began to feel really relaxed and fell asleep, woke up when Libertine was over, feeling good, happy and relaxed. Not horny but sexual if that makes sense, not projecting an “I want to fuck” needy vibe, but a “You know you want me girl” kind of vibe.

She woke up moody after the nap and I remained cool, put on Sex Mastery Ultrasonic in the speakers and after 5 minutes she was cuddling me, right there I knew what was about to happen.

Now for the sex part, I didnt feel euphoric sex energy, it was well balanced, I felt in touch with my body, the skin sensitivity was enhanced, the feeling of connection was enhanced too. The feeling for both of us was one of effortless flow, we knew exactly what to do and when to do it, there was no thinking involved. She was so confortable with her own desires and sexuality, that makes me want her more.

I felt playful, confortable in my own body and like a real Sex Master, no doubts no fears whatsoever… and just remembering it, I think Im gonna go for another round :joy::joy:


Im exploring a new custom idea tht will enhance my social, sexual skills, physical state and overall feeling of well being

The 3 cores from Purple Haze (Alchemist st4, Stark, Primal Seduction) are meant to work synergistically with the 3 new cores (DareDevil, Emperor Fitness St4, Sex Mastery) so I added Mosaic.

  1. Emperor Fitness St4
  2. DareDevil
  3. Sex Mastery
  4. Attachment Destroyer
  5. Current Invoker
  6. Gratitude Embodiment
  7. Rogue
  8. Total Nonchalance
  9. Lion IV
  10. The Architect.
  11. Sexiness Unbound.
  12. Spiritual Freedom.
  13. Carpe Diem.
  14. Inner Voice.
  15. Jupiter
  16. Joie de Vivre.
  17. Love Without Attachement.
  18. Mosaic.
  19. Power Unleashed
  20. The Merger of Worlds.


My new Custom Terminus sub is in the queque!!
With those 2 subs I encompass all my goals for a long time.
Im looking forward to experience the synergystic effects.


So this is how things are going to be, both Custom Terminus working as one. It might look as if it has a variety of goals, but to me is 1 thing, a big thing nonetheless.
It will take time for it to give all of its gifts, but thats the idea something to work on for a long time.
Its all about building a new Self, in multiple aspects.

This is what both custom terminus put together looks like:


Voodoo Child Q Terminus:
Alchemist ST4 (Spiritual)
Stark (Status, Social, Wealth)
Primal Seduction (Status, Sex, Seduction)

Blood Sugar Sex Magick Q Terminus:
Sex Mastery (Sex)
DareDevil (Status, Social)
Emperor Fitness St4 (Health, Fitness)


Spiritual Freedom
Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Negative Energy Transmutation
Attachment Destroyer
Gratitude Embodiment
Inner Voice.

Aura of Craving
Direct Influencing
Energetic Development XI

Results Enhancement:
Intuition Enhancer
The Merger of Worlds
The Architect
Love Without Attachement.
Carpe Diem.
Joie de Vivre.
Current Invoker
Divine Will.

Lion IV
Iron Frame
Total Nonchalance.
Power Unleashed

Sex and Romance:
Sexiness Unbound
Sexual Manifestation
Earth Shaker

Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha


I love your custom’s names


Me too!! :joy::joy:


I might straight copy me a Voodoo child in the future :joy:

I’ve got enough blood sugar, sex, and magic on my hands for now


Well enjoy it!! A handful feels good!!


Me too. Those are great names.

I also love your idea of a kind of tandem Custom. Two programs intentionally designed to be run together. So, you think of it as 6 cores and a possible total of 40 modules.

I think I may have been in the process of stumbling into that by accident. But now you’ve made it very clear.


@Malkuth It grew organically, part based on what you and @Sirchiropractixalot are doing and part based in the fact that there were so many good modules that I couldnt fit in the previous build.
I though about how to create something that fitted together like a jigsaw and worked as a whole towards the same direction.
That direction being healthier, happier, richer, to know myself deeper, and have lots of fun!!


Such a cool idea. Reminds me of those standing screens with several sections.


Or like a vitral, like this one by Gaudi in “La Sagrada Familia” Barcelona.