VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


Im seeing the numbers 4 and 1 combined all over the place…


Edit: now I saw 1441 and 1444 in a row :ghost:

No 111 or 444


Now I just saw 44:41 :scream: all of this since yesterday, its too much to be considered coincidence.


Doing time till my new custom arrives…

Voodoo Child Q Terminus:
Alchemist ST 4
Primal Seduction
Iron Frame
Aura of Craving
Sexual Manifestation
Earth Shaker
Direct Influencing
Intuition Enhancer
Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha
Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Negative Energy Transmutation
Divine Will
Energetic Development

Blood Sugar Sex Magick Q Terminus:
Sex Mastery
Emperor Fitness St4
Attachment Destroyer
Current Invoker
Gratitude Embodiment
Total Nonchalance
Lion IV
The Architect.
Sexiness Unbound.
Spiritual Freedom.
Carpe Diem.
Inner Voice.
Joie de Vivre.
Love Without Attachement.
Power Unleashed
The Merger of Worlds.


11:44 lol😂


I’ve been seeing all of these as well. 9:11, 11:11, etc…


@Joa93 Did you use Alchemist ST1? If you did, what were your experiences?


4441 now lol😂


Yes I did, I went through the whole program, 1 month per stage, and a lot more in st4.
I had a journal about it but deleted the whole thing while experiencing some major reconciliation. :joy::joy: right before going out of the coccoon :joy::joy::joy::joy:

St1 was all about love, I remember how bright the world looked and being in a deep altered state… one in wich time was really slow.
I left some spiritual practices during that time and went deep into others that suddenly became very attractive.


@Joa93 How about the purification and amplifying of the aura in ST1? With continued use, does it continue to get stronger and powerful?


@Joa93 Have you tried AuraQ?


Purification and Aura are included in St4 too.
It makes it easier for me to detect the energy in another person and to sense the enerfy of a place, very quickly.
In my self Im much more aware of how energies move through my body and aura, and its way easier for me to control its movement, intensity, speed, vibration, etc. Or to change it into something else.
I also notice more how I can affect someone else feelings with ease most of the time, trance them out by oozing trance through my aura.


Nop I havent, Im waiting for Aura Ultima though :smiley:


@Joa93 Is it confirmed that Aura Ultima is coming?


@khan I remember reading that all the superchargers and stacking modules where going to be upgraded to Ultima.
But dont take that as a fact, I might be speaking out of pure desire.


@khan Well it is official :grin:


@Joa93 I’m trying to confirm if AuraQ will amplify Alchemist from all perspectives. Aura Ultima will be awesome.


I havent use it, but from the description and what Ive read in the forums, thats exactly what aura does, amplify the aura of whatever program you are running.


I guess theres no Aura Ultima after all @khan


I would think that Aura Ultima would be the all in one for Aura compared to Libertine Ultima which is focused on a particular set of goals. @Hermit I know you want Aura Ultima.


It might be that Aura at the present time is being figured out with all the problems people are having. It makes sense for then to make it, it would probably make sense if it was based off the description of Auric overdriver.