VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


There aren’t that many “problems” that people are having. These titles haven’t been out long enough – especially customs – to say that people are having “problems.” When you have a dense subliminal with multiple auras and modules, you’ll need to run them longer than a month and a half to get the deep results. Not to mention, we’re in the middle of a global health crisis. EVERYONE is acting differently than they would last year. Even if a person is incredibly attracted to you, there’s a strong chance they’ll run the other way and avoid getting COVID-19. So, let’s not make this out to be more than it is: a few people that haven’t noticed the aura in their customs yet and us trying to help them.

I think we should focus on the fact that most people running customs are already seeing good results for the most part. We haven’t received any complaints, only praise.


I can certainly attest to this, i am loving my customs that i have been running.

The only ultimas i have been really messing with have been limit destroyer and rebirth.

This i also totally understand which is why sex related subs may not be the best thing to gauge results from since the world is in this state.

And thank you @SaintSovereign For all the amazing and awesome subs you guys have released.


Boiiiii, you better get on Beyond Limitless. BLU + StarkQ is by far my favorite combination yet. I’m having a BLAST. @Fire cracks up when this combo sends me into full on manic mad scientist mode and I just ramble awesome ideas for like an hour.


I will definitely get that combo going, i bet it would work really well with my emperor custom too.

Now that is funny and awesome as hell. Sounds like something most people could use.

I am actually really excited about the wealth related Ultima especially with everything going on in the world now. That could be a pretty crazy ultima title to run especially if you base it off of the Financial Success Reality Shifter module that is in the Q store. I mean you could run that a few times before the casino then have some crazy money related manifestations and attractions happen to you. The possibilities and ideas for that are kind of endless lol.


Can you define dense? Does it refer to the amount of information contained within the sub? ie Stark is more dense than Ascension.

Assuming the answers to the above is “Yes”, which would take longer for results to manifest in the real world all else being equal;

  1. a custom sub that is less dense but has modules covering a variety of things eg: male enhancement, productivity, fitness, wealth building


  1. a custom that is more dense but has modules covering only 1 very specific area eg: fitness


Unless you are actually having sex!! I can attest Libertine Ultima is awesome and if you mix it with Sex Mastery… well its awesome²!!
This morning we woke up with the lady and while we ate breakfast I put some Libertine Ultima… at about 15 minutes in she was doing all the tricks to catch my attention to her body… I played it cool, then took a shower.
Sex energy was strong the whole day for both of us, and after lunch we finally had the time to do things properly, of course while listening to SMx2Q.


Refers to multiple metrics. How broad the goal is (Emperor vs. Sex Mastery), the amount of scripting needed to achieve that goal. The number of subgoals needed to achieve the main goal. For example, something like Emperor: The House of Medici is considered VERY dense, considering the end goal. It’s technically more dense than Emperor.


For what its worth Ive noticed that some auras I can feel them in my body and around me and they shift my state in a very obvious (to me) way.
Some others I dont feel anything going on but people respond to me differently.


Is it possible to come up with a Density Index for all the subs? And if possible for the Q store to generate a DI based on the number and type of modules selected.

I know you guys have a lot on your plate, but it never hurts to throw a suggestion out there.


The only thing density affects is how long it’ll take to completely incorporate the sub’s programming. And a density index wouldn’t help as much as you’d think. An “81” would affect me differently than it would affect you. Focus on the end goal and think about how long it’d actually take to achieve rather than trying to rush things. For example, clearly a sub like Medici would take more than a year to fully achieve.


You say clearly, but you’d be surprised. With shiny object syndrome plaguing many here, I’m hard pressed to find someone who’s stuck with 1 sub for a year! (Shoutout to the few I’ve seen who have avoided this :slight_smile:)

Also, it would be a relative density score, not an absolute I suppose.


I just got 11:41 in my clock and 11:14 in my sub… this is getting ridiculous :joy:
Yesterday I was feeling stressed and realized it was about money, not that I dont have money but the belief that I wont have enough, so I decided to use the proper tools to change that belief and began to relax.
My custom has some money modules besides having Stark so I think they are working properly to take me to the next level.
Ive been using Sex Mastery and Libertine Ultima next to my custom thats has Primal Seduction, and sex is getting better, more sex drive, more sensitivity, and a more relaxed attitude towards sex in general, its not a surprise that Im feeling sexual all day long though :joy::joy:

Im recieving unexpected money from 2 different sources wich is good, specially in this weird times we are living.


Im rebuilding my idea for a learning custom, since I decided to build another one first. The main idea is that its an all encompassing learning tool, but I will use it a lot for learning guitar/music, that explains UA and some modules like Master Coordination and Extreme Excercise Motivation.



Good to run it with Emperor HOM…


Just watched the clock and its 14:44. Whats the deal with these numbers.


Why are you limiting it to 20 modules then?

Is the only reason because you don’t want people to complain that the “sub is not working” because it takes longer than usual? Or is there some other reason?


This looks like something that can be discussed in a different place, like in the Q&A forum.


Took a day off subs today, well since yesterday 2pm really. I woke up with a headache and its been persistan the whole day.
Maybe I should lower the dose, specially since Im about to recieve the new custom.
Voodoo Chile is allowing me to become highly sexual and to express that moee freely.
I havent been meditating for a while and tonight I feel like doing some Tantric practices, its gonna be a good way to check for differences.


I recieved my new custom (BSSM QT) a couple of hours ago, I was anxiously expecting it for days, but Ive recieved it in the middle of reconciliation, I have no desire to listen to it now.
Tomorrow the show begins!!

Blood Sugar Sex Magick Q Terminus:
Sex Mastery
Emperor Fitness St4
Attachment Destroyer
Current Invoker
Gratitude Embodiment
Total Nonchalance
Lion IV
The Architect.
Sexiness Unbound.
Spiritual Freedom.
Carpe Diem.
Inner Voice.
Joie de Vivre.
Love Without Attachement.
Power Unleashed
The Merger of Worlds.


Can’t wait to hear about it!
Sex Mastery in Terminus-I think you’ll be the first that I’ve heard of.