VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


This is a VERY interesting choice of modules for a custom. I’m especially curious as to whether Love Without Attachment does what its name implies as it is in my sketches for a hypothetical future custom. Attachment Destroyer combined with it will make for a great synergy.

Also, I really thought that BSSM Q would include Alchemist ST4 or something else more magical based off the name!


I think SM Terminus will be a mind blowing experience!


Yes I believe they will work great together! I was considering Love Without Attachment for my previous custom but couldnt fit it in, so now finally I get to test it.

Alchemist St4 is in my other terminus custom (Voodoo Child) and they are build to work as a whole, hence the presence of mosaic.
The name BSSM comes from SM being in terminus and the mix with daredevil with Emperor Fitness st4.
To explain that… SM in Terminus its gonna be pure sex magick, I been using the regular Q since release, the pre Q version for months before and is 1 of my favorite subs ever, such great and fast acting results.

For the name I envisioned the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the BSSM era, they where pretty fit, really charismatic, sexy, non chalance and really talented, they made a record that to me is pure sex magick. Thats why Emperor Fitness and Daredevil got in the mix, remember that this is going to work with my other custom (Stark, Alchemist st4, Primal Seduction).

Magick is about Manifestation, and Sex Magick is about using sexual energy to will things to life. Im thinking in a larger scale, living my life as an act of Magick.

Ive Always loved the energy of this picture.



Loop 1 of BSSM Ready!! The sexual energy went through the roof in a matter of minutes, so midway into the sub I was having sex :sunglasses:
I had all this ideas in my head of a kind of primal, wild sex but it turn out to be really intimate and tender, I loved it.

Now I feel happy en energetic… I definitely feel the effects of both Daredevil And Emperor Fitness, like a rush of motivation to practice and go have some fun!


Hear just 1 loop of my new custom today and nothing else, even though it released my headache from reconciliation. After an hour or so it came back and Ive been really low the whole day.

I decided that I will take this very easy, 1 loop of each custom a day, for a week, to test the waters. Starting as soon as the headache is over.


Im listening to 1 loop of BSSM and it gives me a very soothing feeling, the remains of my headache immediately started dissolving and then decided to do some yoga.
I feel relax and happy but a little hung over from the reconciliation.
I plan to listen to Voodoo Child sometime in the afternoon, its almost noon here.
1 loop each everyday, with a 3 or 4 hour buffer in between, for my first week.
Tonight might be a good time to get back to meditation.


I dont know if I was istening to 1 too many loops of Voodoo Child or if its heavier for me from its very composition.
BSSM feels smoother and easier to process.
Lets see how things go


Well… 2nd loop today of BSSM, I know I said only one a day, but it was reconciliation talking.
It definitely makes me feel really relaxed and nonchalant, I can feel my moves are getting smoother.
Its a very nice surprise. I can only wonder about how the mix is gonna turn out to be.


Modules I can already feel working…

Total Nonchalance
Lion IV
Carpe Diem
Inner Voice
Love Without Attachement
Joie de Vivre
Power Unleashed


What are you feeling from power unleashed?


How are you able to feel this one? As well as Carpe Diem, which seems to intersect with Joie de Vivre and make the latter redundant.


I feel lm speaking more freely whether my opinion is gonna be liked or not, I dont even care because I seem to find a way of saying things thats careless enough, dettached from emotional charge.
Its weird to say it, the best thing I can say its that I feel more natural, if that makes sense. As if some filters of behaviour have been shutted off.
Specially the filter that determines if Im liked or not, and how Im supposed to behave to be liked. Ive engaged the IDGAF mode. Thats why I mentiones Rogue, Total Nonchalance, Lion IV and Inner Voice.
All of those plus DareDavil I believe are naturally giving me this attitude.


Noted this!


Today I felt an energy shift from the morning to the evening, less critical of the traits I dont like about people and more accepting. In the afternoon I noticed that my girlfriend was going through some family trouble and I was supporting her in a way that was good for her and that didnt affect me emotionally, before I would have reacted getting pissed off about her behavior and not suporting her that much but in fact trying to change her.

I did office work today, data base, emails, that sort of stuff. Before it was that boring stuff that gotta be done, today I found myself doing it with pleasure and enjoying every bit that I got done. Very much like the description of carpe diem.
I believe joie de Vivre is giving me a positive feeling towards just being in my skin without the need to do anything in particular.
To me they are not redundant but complementary.

Of course my analysis is subjective and early on the process but thats the point of journaling, to let a trace of perceptions and changes so in the long run every little piece completes the puzzle.


Minds Eye T² has been fun, Im listening to it right now and it always gives me a pressure sensation in the middle of the brain, at about what I presume is the pineal gland. It helps me a lot with working with what in NLP we call Sub Modalities, Im much more aware not only of my internal representations (Images, sounds, feelings and sensations) but specially of their structure and composition. So I can easily manipulate, change, enhance or dissolve them.

Dreams are more realistic, they have a vividness thats even sharper than before, and whats surprising is that Ive been having a lot of dreams in real time.


More on Minds Eye T² (and some Alchemist surely)

My sensitivity to energy is way stronger than before and Im getting images or intuitions about that energy, if I get an energy field from someone else it usually comes with an image that shows me some information about that person and why he feels that way, I dont always have the chance to check if the intuition is accurate (random person ln the streets) but when I have the chance, most of the times its accurate.
Creativity and imagination are working pretty nicely, part of my work requieres creating images in photoshop that carries a strong message and also to do some compelling sales writing, both those things are way easier now.
The photoshop part I know exactly what I want to create before hand, the writing part before ME it took me time to get “in the right state” usually happened by chance, and I wrote many times till I found something that I like or have some inspiration in the shower and then struggle not to forget it.
Now I sit in front of my computer and effortlessly write a piece, most of the time it flows out perfectly at the first try, other times just need some minor adjustments.


Listening to Libertine Ultima at the perfect moment, a couple of hours after my custom that has Sex Mastery Q Terminus and while my girlfriend is working.
So shes exposed to the before and after picture :wink:
After LU is over Im taking a shower putting on some nice clothes and work my Primal Seduction mojo.

Ive noticed that most people when they hear or use the word seduction they think about being single and meeting someone to fuck or to start a relationship. Many people also work from the belief that a relationship loses the fire and passion over the years and become dull or even sexless, or at least thats how they justify cheating.

My experience has been astronomically different from that.

Years ago a very wise guy told me that the best opportunities for seduction happens when you are in a relationship, I mean if you are in one you already did just the right things in order for the other person to like you enough to get naked with you, have sex more than once and have the desire to hang out with you more and to biuld a relationship, to share her life with you.

If you continue to do that, she will continue to feel ever increasing passion and love towards you, if you stop like most people, relationships becomes dull. To some seduction stops when you get the girl, to me thats when things starts warming up.

Sex always get better the more you do it and the better your communication gets, women always open themselves up to experimentation and pleassure if you make them feel as the most important and beautiful woman on the planet. If you dont feel that way about your woman she might be with the wrong man.
If it works keep doing it!


Since yesterday Im experiencing pain in some of my joints, I do believe is related to my new custom digging issues that developed strong joint pain at some point in my life.

I have no evidence to back this up, only intuition that tells me its Emperor Fitness ST4, Love Without Attachement and Attachement Destroyer at work.


Its been a while since Im craving playing the guitar, I sold mine almost a year ago. For the last 2 days the craving has gotten really strong, yesterday after minds eye T² I vividly envisioned myself playing guitar.
Almost two weeks ago I order a custom made guitar and I’ll recieve it in two months aprox.
I could have bought one in the store and get it today but I rather wait for what is going to be a beautiful work of art.


Great advice. Thanks