VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


I’m not sure if this was you but I believe you said you enjoy T2 but are not quite sure how it’s effecting you?

have you noticed increased manifestation
and/or distinct enhanced visualization from Mind Eye T2 ?

The speed of my manifestation on even 1 loop of Mind’s Eye Q every other day is remarkable


Yes, I said something like that, what I meant is I wasnt actually sure how T² was affecting me, I felt something happening in the background but quite a different experience from Q or Q Terminus (havent tried ME Q though) and I couldnt put it in to words at first.

Yes Ive notice that, I made a couple of posts about MET² up there in wich I go about the details, mainly theres an important enhancement in my visualization abilities, and dreams are way more vivid and many of them are in real time. I havent done any manifestation excersices for a while, maybe I’ll do the Bengston Method, its pretty powerful, and check that out.

Last night I had the most vivid dream about me having sex with 4 beautiful women, I was in some sort of a party and the most beautiful girl invited 3 more to a room, they began to kiss and then they chose me to have sex with them all.
Probably I will sneak that one into the Bengston Method.
Btw I had 2 loops of MET² last night before bed.


I remember last night I also dreamed with and old girl friend (just a friend not a Girlfriend) I think it was part of the previous dream, we were on a street at night, some people around and we began to kiss and made love right there on the street, didnt care of who was watching.


Yes I do remember reading that,
but it may have blurred in my memory with @Malkuth :joy:
I mainly meant in terms of conscious visualization and subsequent manifestation.
thanks for reiterating and clarifying


My visual memory from MET² is awesome, I can remember things very clearly, images are life size, vivid, clear and colorful.


So cool, I
think it’s time I switched Mind’s Eye Q to T2
1-3 x a week again


Now I feel like testing that out, I let you know how it goes.
For the moment I havent done anything to consciously in that regard, Ive been surfing the waves of change as they present.


Ive doing MET² 3 times a week, last night was the exception, I felt like doing it twice before sleeping.
With all the Sex Mastery T and Primal Seduction T, no surpises about the content of my dreams :joy::joy:


Sexually speaking my customs are nothing short of amazing.
I have felt improvements in every single area.
•Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
•Hightened sexual energy
•Sexy Aura
•Playful attitude
•More pleassure
•More control of orgasm and Sexual Energy.
•Im managing her sexual energy better, I tease her, make her want me more.
•Things that were kind of taboo, now they are enjoyable.


Workwise I feel very calm and certain that I will continue to grow, even though things arent moving that much on the surface. Im doing what I need to do, step by step.
Somehow money comes in numbers big enough to be at peace.
Levels of worry about the future, have significantly decreased.


Thought I was the only one throwing out hypothetical builds.


Those I posted have a big chance to get builded, Ive though many other combinations that didnt last long enough to get here.
Of course they can (and probably will) be edited and tweaked till they feel just right.


114 and 441… this is getting ridiculous

Right after writing this I saw

313 twice
117 and 177
Now 155 four times in a row


This morning got out of my home into the car, a couple of minutes later saw 3 different number combinations of 1 and 4.
10 minutes later I saw 114 in three different places simultaneously (no, they were not 3 clocks with the time)
Besides that, it seems that everywhere I look theres number combinations


1114, 144, 1414, 1441, 1444, 141 and 1144!! This aint stopping.


Edit: 5 more times I saw combinations of 1 and 4 in 30 minutes, the last 3 in just 10 seconds (114,1114)

Its driving me a little crazy, I remember Robert Anton Wilson being obsessed by the number 23.


I decided to do a Tantric meditation I havent done in 5 months, because I was focused on a night time Tantric practice.
Since its been a while I though, why not put Minds Eye to the test, so instead of reading the steps of the meditation, wich is quite long, I began visualizing the steps vividly in my head. It was pretty easy and very potent.

Half the way through I was in a deep trance… and couldnt remember anything else, so I look at my notebook and then proceeded to “actually” meditate.

It was a profound experience, very vivid. I could feel the energy moving strongly and the visualizations were so realistic that when I envisioned myself in flames I began to get really hot.

Very good results from this test!!


Listening to MET² before sleeping is yielding great results, I did it again last night and the dreams are so vivid and revealing, last night I travelled to my 18s - 20s as an adult and revisited that era in a metaphorical way.
I drove through a street I worked at, and recognized a drug dealer who parked cars outside the store I worked at.
A simple drive that was so charged with meaning and understandings… like that whole era of my life got emotionally cleaned.

Im not sure if its the new custom or MET², most probably a synergy, but since I heard two loops in a row of MET² last sunday before going to bed, something happened. The number 1 and 4 combinations are popping out everywhere and I feel different in a way I cant express in words yet.

The best I can do is I feel my mind working in a new way.


14:11 the clock on my phone and 41% battery :joy::joy::joy:
Believe me Im not posting every time I see 1 and 4 combinations, that would overload the servers of Subliminal club lol.



what does it mean? the numbers


I have no idea! Maybe nothing, maybe everything, maybe whatever we want them to mean.
Theres a lot of info on the internet and books about what numbers are supposed to mean, I havent found any source to be believable for me, to be honest.
When it comes to numbers Im more inclined to use Gematria.
About numbers repeating themselves like the 1s and 4s, I dont know really what to make of it, but surely its a fun and interesting phenomena I feel connected with subliminals. Minds Eye and some of the modules of my 2nd custom for sure