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Last night I wanted to listen to 1 loop of Minds Eye T2 before sleeping, but at about 5 minutes in I got this strong feeling that I shouldnt, that my 2 customs are enough for the day.
I turned it off and went to sleep. I woke up from an intense and emotional dream with the notion that it was dawn already, but only 2 hours has passed… the dream shook me from the insides, went back to sleep.
repeated that process 3 more times, to get a total of four times I woke up last night being shaken from deeply emotional dreams…
Feelings of fear and anger were part of the dreams… now looking back on them I feel liberated. I have the intuition that its Attachment Destroyer, Blue Skies and Love Without Attachment at work, considering the plot and messages of my dreams.

On other aspects of the journey, between yesterday and this morning I recieved 3 possible clients out of nowhere, Im in the process of closing the deals. i dont mind if those checks have a lot of 4s and 1s :slight_smile:


You’re running Informaticon too, right?

Do you remember this from the description?

Informaticon contains a very needed part that guides you to the exact amount of repetitions you need for the current subliminal.

I feel like I’ve really noticed this happening for me. There has always been a kind of intuition or synchronicity influencing my listening (e.g., busy schedule affects my listening, ear phones stay in all night or pop out) but it feels even more noticeable now.


Im not running Informaticon, but that description is spot on! Im running Intuition Enhancer, so I guess that could be involved.


Yes. Or it could just be your own natural intuition.


My natural intuition enhanced by intuition enhancer wich enhances your intuition naturally. :joy:


haha :joy: :joy:



Interesting observations:

Im not giving justifications for my decisions or desires, Im gonna give 1 example but theres many. Yesterday some girl from a poll company called me on the phone to try and get me to answer her questions, I told her very politely that I didnt want to, she said: ok, can I call you at another time? to wich I responded: not really and laughed, she laughed and I said goodbye.

My response to that kind of situations before would have been giving unnecesary justifications of why I cant answer the questions right now, please call me back, then block the number, or just act rude.

I believe Total Nonchalance, Lion and Rogue are giving me this effect and ist really good.


Im currently listening to Libertine Ultima, since my girlfriend is at work and Im picking her up in 3 hours.
The tingling sensation in my 2nd chakra area is very strong and Im laughing by myself, I feel really playful and happy.


Mild reconciliation today, Im gonna take te day off as planned.
Only 1 loop from Minds Eye T².


Wow! Time flies when you are having fun!!
Im already 34 days in with Voodoo Child Q Terminus and 10 days in Blood Sugar Sex Magick.

Talking about time, my perception of time has become very funny, I do admit Ive been playing with hypnotic time distortion, but I started that after I felt the phenomena ocurring due to the subs.
On a daily basis times goes very slow for me, I feel I have lots of time for everything, the world spins in slow motion.
On a larger scale, as in when I look back on my life (weeks, months or years) the perception of time is very fast. It feel like yesterday even though many weeks or months have passed. I can see the whole process.

If I use NLP jargon, most of the time Im “In Time” but when I want to review something from the past I quickly shift my consciousness to “Through Time”. I move through different Timelines with ease.

The future its there, I can see it clearly, I feel certainty about things working out for me and theres no stress about it. I have little interest in going there mentally, it feels that its the way I want it to be, so no messing in there feels necessary.


Reviewing my journal Ive noticed that this whole repeating numbers thing, started 7 days after I began listening to Minds Eye T², and before I even received my 2nd custom BSSM.
So that clears things up quite a bit, MET² is most probably causing the effect.


This is really cool to read about, what do you think is causing this shift in time perception the most-Minds Eye T2?

Also If I was going to study one NLP book what would you recommend?


I experienced time distortion before using Alchemist, specially st1 and st4, so I guess that one is involved, and probably Minds Eye too. If I have to mention a module I would say Joie de Vivre seems to be involved.

One of the classic books and lots of fun too is “Use Your Brain for a Change” by Richard Bandler.


It’s not available on Kindle :frowning:
and 42-103 dollars otherwise
I’ll find a way to read it.


Wow @Azriel thats expensive! I can find it here for 20 dollars aprox, in spanish though.
Im sure you can find a better deal if you look some more.


Ok, this is becoming a pattern now, women giggle a lot when I talk to them, and not because Im making jokes or whatever, just doing my job.
I guess PS and Libertine Ultima are working lol.


I think my reconciliation was a product of Emperor Fitness ST4, I think this is the 2nd o 3rd time since Im using my new custom, that I have a headache disappeared as soon as I begin excercising.


Im taking a 2nd day off today, maybe some Libertine Ultima in the afternoon, but thats it.


2nd day of rest this week, not in a row though. Went through some emotional ride this morning and a little restlessness in the afternoon.
Now Im very calmed and with an “I dont need anything” attitude. Simply being and enjoying


To keep record, lots of 144 and 114 today.