VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


A little update on the effects of Emp Fitness ST4.
After 12 days using it I can sumarize my experience with what happened today.

I was going to do my yoga practice this morming and I was hesitating to start, then decided I wanted to rest for 30 minutes then do the practice, 30 minutes went by and I started my practice without hesitation.

I was in a lot of pain because Ive been practicing regularly and the muscles hurts whe u use them, you know the deal.
Physically it was one of the hardest practices in months, muscular pain, rigidity, low energy, but I had the unbending conviction that I was going to do my full practice no matter what.
Mentally/Emotionally I gave no excuses and experienced no resistance at all, I was focused and connected.

Thats moving forward in the right direction…

In the past it would have been so easy for me to come with a good enough excuse to not do any yoga, or to fall at the beginning in the mind game of trying to hard to force myself to practice when I really wanted to rest for half an hour and then practice, taking that as a sign of failure because Im supposed to be always ready.


Have you run Emperor Fitness Stages 1-3? Or are you starting from Emperor Fitness Stage 4?

Also, if you get a chance could you share about your yoga journey? What resources have you found most helpful? Have you worked much with a teacher or studio? If so, how important was that to you?

Thanks :pray:t4:.


Im starting from EF St4, I have no previous experience with that sub.
I know is quite a dense script, thats one of the reasons I mixed it with Daredevil and Sex Mastery, DD is a light script and included in Stark, SM is a light script also, besides I have many months of experience using both Stark and SM.

The other main reason for stacking those cores in my custom is somehow guiding my practice to clear and enhance my sexual energy channels and become sexier and more sociable. Strenghten my sexual energy from the physicall, emotional and mental bodies.

Ive been practicing Yoga on and off for many years and most of my experience has been in Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Styles derived from Hatha Yoga wich is the part of Yoga that deals directly with the Physical body.
Both styles Ive learn in a studio from a teacher. Im not an expert nor an advanced practitioner.
I tried a couple of classes of Kundalini Yoga but didnt feel comfortable around the massive egos of that school.

Yoga practice requieres a lot of body awareness, your posture, the way your muscles are supposed to feel during a particular Asana. You gotta have the experience of how your body feels when you get it right and since you cant see yourself its important to have a teacher, to move and adjust your body to the correct position. Once you lock on it you get a very distinctive feeling that allows you to recognize the correct position.

Some Asanas are more complex and different teachers have different strategies to break them down in to pieces that are easier and lead you to the correct form.
For those reasons I find its very important to get a good teacher for a while, then you can go on your own if you like to.

For now Im practicing on my own but I will go back to a studio soon enough. Young, beautiful women stretching in yoga pants is always extra motivation.


I threw in Emperor Stage 4 in my custom, without running previous stages, and while I see the effects of it more and more, especially with movement practice, I can tell going through the first stages ahead of time would be very beneficial. I expect 4 months minimum to see the full effects.

@Joa93 I bet you will experience results quicker with the script size in that custom and script similarity (DD, SM/Stark) in your other.


Well Im not in a hurry and Im gonna keep practicing and listening to my custom, so I embrace every step forward.
Im already feeling results and I cant even imagine where this will take me in 4 months or in a year, Im eager to find out.


We’re in a similar boat…I put EF ST4 in my custom at Terminus without having gone through the prior stages :open_mouth:


Cheers for Emperor Fitness St4 Terminus!!:muscle:


Same here. I have included Emperor Fitness Stage 4 in my IMBUE Terminus custom without having had experience with any of the stages of that program.

I’m very happy with it. It has been two months so far. I’m not really counting. I hope that I would have been working out anyway, or intending to do so. Actually, I instantly found a subtle but enhanced momentum to my exercise. There was an immediate benefit.

Thanks for sharing about your yoga experience. Enjoyable and informative to read. I’m currrently contemplating spending some time with hatha yoga. I’ve taken classes over the years here or there. We’ll see.


I had this crazy idea, not sure if Im gonna go through with it but Im gonna write it here.
A new custom in T² with 1 core and modules that Ive already licensed, so I would only have to pay for the build.

It goes like this:

Alchemist St4
Intuition Enhancer
Direct Influencing
Negative Energy Transmutation
Energetic Development XI
Divine Will
Current Invoker
The Architect
Spiritual Freedom
Merger of Worlds
Carpe Diem
Gratitude Embodiment
Love Without Attachement
Joie de Vivre
Earth Shaker
Aura of Craving
Sexual Manifestation


Its amazing how my creative process at work is getting more and more streamlined and effortless.

Today it took me only 1 hour to get my campaign done, find an image on the internet, use photoshop on the image to create the visual content. Then writing a text for the campaign and publish all in social media.

It wasnt only fast but totally focused and connected, the flow of ideas, finding the right pieces and putting them in the right place, it felt wonderful. Im really proud of the end result.


On the sexual side I thought at the beginning that Primal Seduction with Sex Mastery could have an effect of me being super horny all the time, but it seems that it blends wonderfully well with Alchemist and Emperor Fitness.

If sex is in the air I get super aroused, very intense waves of sexual energy and pleasure, but if Im not in a situation where theres a probability of sex or if Im into other things, then that energy is easily transferred and used in whats important for me at the moment.

I think way less in sex than I used to, but when I engage in sexual activities is way more intense and pleasurable than ever.
Im in control of it, not a slave of impulses.


Woke up with a moderate to strong headache… Im gonna take the day off subs. :face_with_head_bandage:


What an awful day yesterday was, reconciliation kept getting stronger and stronger.
Today I woke up with a headache and a deep feeling of abandonment, I didn want to work or do anything, had to do some emotional cleaning excercises. Now I feel better but not good.

No subs today either.


Today finally I woke up from the nightnare lol, coudnt even tolerare myself the past 2 days.
Today I feel awesome, physically and emotionally, did some yoga and resumed listening to my customs.


42 days of Voodoo Child
18 days of Blood Sugar Sex Magick

I was listening 3 loops each a day with 2 days of rest and occasional Libertine Ultima.
I think it might be too much considering the level of reconciliation I had the last 2 days.
Starting now Im doing 3 loops of VC and 2 of BSSM and find out how that works.
Today I feel really good though, like a ton of weight was lifted out of me.


Checking my profile I discovered that Im about to complete 1 year in this forum.
Its been almost a year since I started using subs, I remember when it all started with Regeneration, I had no idea if it was going to work or where the trip would take me.

Its been a long time and a fun journey. Who knows where Im gonna be a year from now, now that Im using my customs and I have a couple more planned for the future.


Congratulations. So many changes. Regeneration is wonderful. Keep on going.


Thanks @khan! Yes Regeneration isbwonderful indeed, Im gonna revisit it sometime in the future.


Last night I had the most weird dreams I can possibly imagine, cant remember them now, except for bits and pieces.
I do remember they where a mix of reallity and fiction, where the limits of reality got dissolved and all kinds of bizarre things happened.

I had lots of dreams, maybe 5 that I woke up from and the first one left me upset for some minutes before I fell asleep again.


Its funny all the stages one go through when using subs, specially with customs.

The excitement of biulding a new one, the anxiety of the 3 to 5 working days wait, then the over excitement of the firsts loops wondering about the effects that it will bring.
Later on being aware of the things that begin to change, some instantly, some take more time, some build up step by step, and then some you dont notice till a certain amount of time goes by and you look back on the process.

At some point reconciliation strikes and you begin to wonder why the fuck am I using subs, feeling like shit…
Then the magick happens, reconciliation is over and a huge breakthrough becomes obvious. Thats the best part, when you reach a new higher level of consciousness thats undeniable.

And theres where I am now, enjoying a new higher level of Consciousness, knowing that one part of the journey is over and the next one just began.