VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


48 days of VC
24 days of BSSM

Yesterday I had one of those moments when everything just wont work, I tried over and over againg to configure some things with my laptop and my music gear and nothing worked, even when I know for a fact that those settings works just fine.
The more I tried the more things stopped working, it was frustrating as hell.

Then after some 3 or 4 hours of frustration my girlfriend came home and cheered me up, I got 1 thing to work and knew immediately that everything else will begin to work too. Thats excactly what happened.

Today I wanted to do my Yoga practice and just couldnt do it, my legs hurts a lot! I was beginning to get frustrated and remembered yesterday experience. I decided to rest and do my practice in the evening. To hell with the shoulds and needs to.


I though it was over but yesterday I saw 1s and 4s everywhere. Way more than presvious times.



My attitude is getting more relaxed and more focused in getting things done.

Surprisingly (not that much if you think about it) the following modules have helped me to become a much better hypnotist. It flows so effortlessly, people just go deep and experience huge transformations. Many of them are surprised that they can acomplish such a thing, because they have tried so many times with so many others, without results. Now I channel a strong spiritual force that leads the way for the person and me.
I know exactly what to do and when is the right time to do it, people just follow and gain the rewards.

Alchemist st4
Iron Frame
Direct Influencing
Negative Energy Transmutation
Intuition Enhancer


Joie de Vivre is quite a wonderful module, Ive been enjoying things a lot more, specially listening to music, wich I love but I have left out of my life for a long time.
Now I enjoy it daily!
I updated my setup so I can listen to my whole collection easily.


I listened to 1 loop of both my customs this morning, but Im gonna take the rest of the day and tomorrow off.
I will listen 1 loop of libertine today and 1 tomorrow though.


Did a meditation today and felt the energy flowing stronger and stronger through my whole body and beyond, until it filled the whole room.
Midway I started to remember when I was a small kid and I felt really sad. Decided to do a emotional release technique and I began to feel electricity in my heart, very intense.

A while later I did my yoga practice and half way through it, feelings of angst arose, when I finished my practice I did some more emotional release, more childhood memories came to the surface and dissolved.

All the sexual energy I had before the meditation was transformed into tenderness, all the energy ascended from the sacral chakra to the Heart chakra.

Now I feel a kind childlike innocence and joy, all the desire to have sex is now a desire to play, smile and caress.


Everytine I listen Minds Eye T² before bed I have dreams that are way more vivid, longer and intricated than usual.
Sometimes I wake up and feel as the dreams were real, they feel as real as anything Ive experienced.


Have you consciously manifested anything with ME?


Not yet @SubliminalUser, Im not currently using any manifestation method, Im just letting my unconscious bring me what I need the most right now. I opened myself for everything thats good for me.
Soon enough I will start doing the Bengston Method for conscious directed manifestation.


technically you at the very least from what I can tell, consciously manifested your custom subliminals :wink:


Theoretically speaking manifestation happens every single second of our day. Thinking of making a coffee, taking the action to do it – is in fact manifestation.

A door of my sauna in the backyard doesn’t close so easily, very often the lock doesn’t align with the slot and then I cannot close is with my keys. No matter how hard I pull on the door, many times it just won’t align. Every since I made a conscious effort to visualize myself closing the door perfectly, without any hold-ups. Everything went smoothly ever since, without effort I can close the door and it aligns perfectly in slot, rotate my keys and bang, it is locked.

We manifest every second of our days and by using the ability to manifest more consciously, we can make our lives so much easier.

Try these visualizations for yourself. See the experience as you’d like it to happen, give your gratitude and then take the physical action. Miraculously everything will work out as intended. Most of us already visualize events, situations, experiences unconsciously. Think about it… before you go somewhere do you not envision certain outcomes that end up happening exactly as you created them to be? For example; you’re excited for a date and you envision a certain happening to impress her upon first seeing her. How come it happens exactly as you intended? At least if you had trust, conviction and utter-most confidence that it will happen that way.

We have the ability to create our lives the way we want it to be. All it takes is to become the master over your mental, emotional and physical processes. Much like an actor, those people are magicians, they have the ability to control there own reality by embodying any chosen personality wherever they go.


We are god. And we are all one


I Am that, I Am.


I do this everyday, Im so used to do it that I forgot that its a form of manifestation, for me is part of the way I think.
I was refering to more “advanced” manifestation techniques or proccesses, if thats even the right word for it.
Well I understand that what I do as a part of my regular thinking proccess is considered advanced to some.

Totally!!! Mastering my mental, emotional and physical proccesses is something essential for me and I work in that everyday, that for me is mastering reality.
For me being a Magickian is not about doing rituals but about having the ability to shift your state of consciousness and use that to bend reality. Thats my motto.


Today is going to be the 3rd day off subs in a row, Im gonna resume listening tonight. Maybe Im gonna give Libertine Ultima a loop after lunch.

Last night I experienced a crisis, I was feeling increasingly angry during the day for apparently no reason, at night had a discussion with my girlfriend and then went to do some emotional healing and talked to her… we end up talking and laughing.
It was all related with my need to start communicating more and let go of fear and limitations in my ability to express myself emotionally.


Right now I feel mentally tired but in a really good mood, not euphoric, not super relaxed but in the right spot.
I feel like talking a long walk in nature, the forest or the beach, unfortunately I cant do that right now.

Im getting the feeling that I should travel to a place of power.


After a morning of seeing lots of 1s and 4s combinations specially 1411, I had some lunch and did some zoom meetings with clients. I decided to chill out listening to some John Coltrane, fisrt song I played… exactly 14:11 long.


I had no desire to do my yoga practice today, I felt tired. Nonetheless I moved my ass and did my practice, some minutes into it I was totally focused and filled with energy.
In fact I had a better practice than last week.
Emperor Fitness at it best!!


If I dont have sex for a couple of days or if I do but dont ejaculate, then listening to Libertine Ultima and my customs results in huge amounts of sexual energy running upwards from my genitals and 1st 2 chakras.

At the beginning that was too strong and I got an urge for sexual release, since I almost never masturbate that led to 2 results, having sex or getting frustrated. Even when I did masturbated I didnt climax.

Now over time I became aware of that pattern and learned to redirect the energy to exercise or work or some other activities.
Im beggining to learn how to navigate states of heavy sexual arousal without the need to engage in sexual activities nor getting frustrated. Im finally learning to turn that energy into vitality and joy.

It doesnt matter how much you read about it, is when you experience the difference, that you understand that masturbation drains life force and happiness out of you.

Next step learn to orgasm without ejaculation.


Do you consider masturbation without ejaculation to drain the life force out of you?

I understand if it is excessive, even without ejaculation, it can certainly be draining or a time waster.