VoodooChildQ T + BloodSugarSexMagickQ T


Not necessarily, it depends. Sometimes it is, sometimes it can boost your energy levels. Anyway this aint something I do regularly as a practice or something, it just happened that I became bored of masturbation and didnt even feel motivated to “finish the job”.

It depends in exactly what you’ve said, I believe anything we do excessively can drain us and waste our time.


The latter is the capacity I meant it in,
I have periods where as long as I abstain from ejaculation both during sex
and masturbation, my energy and life force seems to greatly increase/benefit from it.

I did no masturbation or sex for 2 months last year
I felt anxious and depressive at first, then like a teenage boy, it kept evolving until a month in I had an incredible clarity in life, and insane chemistry with literally almost every woman,
then it became too painful …physically…lol.


@Azriel are you utilizing PoMaQ?


No, not currently.
I go incredibly long periods totally ‘on wagon’. Emperor supports this greatly
I do slip up periodically before getting back to where I want to be.
I would like to end the inconsistency of this.
So will be adding PoMaQ in a future custom.


Ive been really curious to know wheter PreMQ will help with acheiving orgasms without ejaculation. What attracts me towards it is this phrase out of the seles page “Furthermore, it will also help you last as long as you desire.”

What you think about that @SaintSovereign? Do you think it will help with non ejaculatory orgasms?


After the crisis 3 days ago, and the proper emotional healing, things are way better.

Situations that made me mad or angry, just dot affect me anymore. I feel this is related to Daredevil and Love Without Attachement mainly, of course some other modules might be involved for sure.

I feel lighter and happier, Im enjoying things more.


53 days of Voodoo Child
29 days of Blood Sugar Sex Magick.

The eagle eye view of things is they are better than when I started, they have been improving bit by bit without pause.
Some big changes in between, almost always after reconciliation.
Business is picking up but I know im not working as hard as I was in the past 2 months and I dont feel like “I can do better” or “I should be doing x” its more like a feeling of acceptance of the flow.


The amount of 144 Im seeing is getting ridiculous!! 4 times in less than 5 minutes, in different platforms.
not to count all the others Ive seen today.


Im leaning towards the idea of making a strip down version of my custom subs, somewhere in the future.
Removing all the healing modules and transform the into 1, I will have to remove some cores and result enhancers too.
Lets see how this idea flows.


what has you interested in this…more streamline/ cohesive results, less listening time etc?


It was an idea I had at the time, It doesnt appeal to me anymore, cant remember what I was thinking at that moment.
Maybe some reconciliation sneaking in :joy:

I record many things in Journal form, just for the sake of it, even if later I disagree with those ideas.


lol, it sneakily sounded like that :slight_smile:
it can be tricky haha

I sound like a crazy person with how I bounce sometimes on my journal

Also please PM that recommendation you had when you get a chance :slight_smile: . (As I am unable to PM you)


Thats weird, I have open PMs


@Joa93 I just PM you. No issues.


Nice! Emperor Fitness is here to stay! Im losing weight, Im more energetic, I do yoga 5 times a week, I had to put a belt in my jeans so they dont drop while I walk.
Most wonderful thing? I enjoy excericising a lot, I dont procrastinate, I just Go for it!!


I was so into Libertine Ultima that Ive forgotten about Sanguine Ultima.
Finished my yoga routine, had some water, now Im resting in bed listening to SU… its so soothing and refreshing.


56 days of Voodoo Child
32 days of BSSM

Im gonna take the weekend off subs to rest, process and integrate.


Today Ive decided that I will only listen to 1 loop of each of my custom subs when I resume playback on monday.
Ive been doing 3 loops each for a month.

I feel kind of overwhelmed everytime I take a break, no hard reconciliation for a while, but brain fogginess and pressure in my skull.

Im gonna do monday to friday with with just one loop, take the weekend off and decide how it worked.


Good stuff. I’m experimenting with listening 5 days straight and take 1 or 2 days off. I might choose to only take time off on the weekend from subs. It is amazing all the stuff that comes to the surface.