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If you don’t think that’s a problem worthy of being explored with a subliminal then I don’t know what to tell you.


Well it depends what kind of women you attract. For example one might beable to sleep with strippers but it would make no sense trying to make a girl like this into a wife. She will always be a stripper.

There again if you attract a girl with traditional values she would be more inclined to settle down with you.


That’s how such a sub could help yes. And we know how such girls react to sexual tension. So yeah all those sexual subs won’t cut it for people that want to attract girls based on anything more than sexuality. But apparently some people think it’s absurd. Love problems don’t exist.


All girls respond to sexual attraction save a very small minority. Very close to every woman wants to meet a guy who turns her on and only wants her. Do not mistake not overtly sexual as low sex drive. People want to feel wanted. The caveat is they want to be wanted by someone who has something to offer. Not material (necessarily) but intangible characteristics (passion, intelligence, kindness, humour, safety, strength, etc.). That’s all attraction is. So I’m not sure if you’re not attracting the kind of girls you want or not satisfied enough with the girls you are attracting to settle down with one. One problem is solved with a seduction sub, the other I would suggest a healing program


I’m talking to a wall. All I have left to say is that contrarily to what you believe, a seduction sub isn’t necessarily a one-fits-all solution to all relationships problems, that’s it, basically. And I think to believe so is to have a very narrow mindset.
I’ll leave it at that.


When it comes to healing, I supposed the most practical way would be to reinforce the belief in a strong immune system and healthy habits. I’d say activating the lymph system, but that would not be very wise for those with the big C. Then, technically, neither would movement. Maybe a drive towards things like Qigong or Tai Chi?

As for romance, I tend to partially agree with Neurokinetic. In the end, the way to have a lasting long-term relationship is a choice. Even if the seduction subs script in actual latent instructions/techniques ready to activate and teach us when we are in the right circumstances (which I would consider an awesome idea), in the end you have to choose the theme of the relationship and she has to choose to go along with it, since technically monogamy and to a lesser degree romance are against our biology/nature. Doesn’t mean we don’t have lasting relationships, just means humans are probably a lot closer to lions in that regard.

I had a friend who went on a dating site and he became incredibly frustrated because all the women he met just wanted sex and not someone to go through life with together. Didn’t take him 10k tries though, I think it was the 7th that worked out. He attracted all 7. He chose to invest time and attention on the first 6.

More practical advice: teenagers look for adventure, 20-somethings look for experiences and 30-somethings look for family. The closer you target the 30-somethings, the more likely you are to find those who are looking for something long-term. Most college girls simply aren’t ready to settle down yet.

Maybe the subs attract everyone of legal age, which ones to you choose to invest your time in is entirely up to you. She’s in there, and your value to her increases if the others want you as well. You choose.

However, @Neurokinetic, I believe what @Orion is trying to convey is that he perceives a difference between sexual attraction and romantic attraction. And since nearly all product descriptions talk about attracting sex and eliciting sexual attraction, he might be correct in asking for scripting geared toward romantic attraction instead. Maybe it is the same and it’s simply the product descriptions that are geared towards what most men like to hear. Maybe they are different.

But if every relationship has three stages, where the first one is sexual and the second one is the one that makes for happy marriages, can we script the skillset for the second stage?

@shazan keep in mind that scripting is hard. To write a good script towards all the conditions you refer to one needs to have expert knowledge on all those things. Otherwise, there may be perilous mistakes. Which is likely why health-based subs are more generic, catch-all. I’d love to see more generic martial arts though. But I assume something like Spartan includes the need to practice/exercise whichever sport one has picked, martial arts or otherwise.

Finally, @blackadder I did mean chakra clearing/kundalini activation, yes. It takes a lot of dedication to do energy work, while most of us can only focus on it at most two hours a day.
Squirrel-proof birdfeeder, my friend. How much time did its inventor take to create it, and how much time does the squirrel invest in getting to the treasures within?


I am sorry you feel af though I am being unresponsive. Truly my intent is to understand and resolve. Is there any way you can elaborate on what a relationship subliminal would involve? In what way would you want it to change things specifically? Please do not think me confrontational I am 100% attempting to see if there is an existing solution to your problem :slightly_smiling_face:


I consider Emperor the closest to a relatuonship subliminal. You clearly define your boundaries before even getting involved. If those boundaries are crossed i am out the door.


Emperor fits me I am a sigma male thats why I enjoy listening to it so much. It amplifies my natural state of being.


What’s the third stage


One company claimed to have created a.sub for remote viewing. Is this something SC coukd look into ?


Stage 1 is the love/butterfly stage, where you’re always in love, thinking about one another even when you’re not around one another, most easily recognized by lots of sex and still trying very hard to present your best.

Stage 2 is the trust/comfort stage, where you’ve accepted each other’s shortcomings and just generally feel good being with each other, most easily recognized by the fact that you’re no longer closing the door to each other when you go to the bathroom. Also, you’re not as likely to try and keep that beach-body.

Stage 3 is the ending, which (if you’re lucky) is at the end of your life, or (as it is in most cases) the point where you both realize instinctively that you’re no longer the people you fell in love with and something has broken and can probably no longer be fixed. In the latter case, the moment you realize you’ve entered the final stage is the best moment to part as friends rather then keep hanging on until you can’t stand one another.

As expected, the second stage last the longest. Although some people can really drag out the final stage, especially if there’s children in the mix.

I believe it’s a Mystery theory. He then divides each stage into three parts as well. Anyways, I’ve found it quite accurate as I can classify most relationships, my own and other people’s, into these stages.


I think about a procrastination/ get into action subliminal,which can be also be used as an enhancer to other subliminals to get moving.

A full subliminal with the goal to help you get doing the things, you deep down know you should be doin, with a bit of healing of fears holding you back from doing it.


Subliminal on focus and concentration would complete a subliminal against procrastination


This is already in the 3rd stage of Khan, I believe.


With a lot of subs from subclub I have always felt insomnia so a stack or something for sleep would be really helpful


A standalone take on Total Breakdown.


I’ve always been the other way around. The constant barrage of messages from subliminals make me sleep deeper and longer. I’m guessing your mind stays awake to process the information, while mine puts my conscious mind to sleep so it won’t interfere. People do respond differently, for example when drinking coffee, eating or doing strenuous physical exercise right before bed.

Have you tried Dreams? Or something that always worked for me is Pzizz. Within 15 minutes I was under.


Not tried dreams yet what’s pzizz


Pzizz a paid app for your cell phone that creates something like a guided meditation to put you to sleep. It combines background audio and different voice tracks, making a unique mix every time.