Vote for the next subliminal


Sounds like it overstimulates parts of your brain to tire you out. Some subs have had that affect on me, but not with SC.

Regeneration and Emperor have Deep Sleep in them as stated, and I’m guessing that Total Breakdown has it too.


Honestly I’d like something that has to do with luck, never going broke even if you tried, something of the like. Or even being able to win a majority of games of money or chance


The sleep module never works for me. I can’t sleep at all. BUT the nap module works wonders. If I take a 10 minute nap without it, I wake up groggy. But with it, I wake up super alert and energetic, even though I was exhausted 10 minutes earlier.


After the release of the subliminal based on the 48 Laws of Power, the logical follow up product would be based on the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. There are 9 Seducer types, so maybe there should be 9 standalone products so that people can buy the one they feel most suited for their personality.


9 standalone products is a bit much for development


I think a sleep sub would help lots of people or like a weapon x or super charger for sleep


Yes, I agree. We’ve thought about how we could build a sub based on the principles of The Art of Seduction. Sex & Seduction was our solution, but people kept trying to use it like the popular “aura” sex subliminal. Sex & Seduction is best used when you’re out doing a lot of dating. We were getting reports of people claiming it “wasn’t working,” or “received no benefits” because women weren’t giving them extra attention as they mingled about a supermarket.


It’s a seduction sub. You have to go seduce. The whole experience kinda turned us off sexual subs for awhile, hence why Primal Seduction and IT were the last “sex focused” ones we made. The others have sexual components, but isn’t purely sex based.


I will prefer a subliminal to master a skill in less than 10000 hours.


I hope you’ll reconsider and do a deep dive multi-stage Sex & Seduction sub.

Maybe create a name for it that is similar to “Power Can Corrupt” to warn those who aren’t willing to take action. Like “Active Seduction” or something similar.

Please don’t let a few lazy guys with loud voices ruin it for everyone else.


Thats interesting but 10k hours is a lot to put trust whether a sub is helping you. Ofc you can see the path but still i think number should be lower


They should concentrate on other kinds of subs for awhile before they go back to sex and seduction subs


Exactly. They point is to master any skill in much less than 10000 hours. Some sub that make us relentless to master the skill we wish.


Amen to the Physical Healing. A “Perfect Health” sub would be the perfect foundation for all the other subs here, for without health, nothing else is worth it.


I like the Perfect Health concept.


So the 10,000 hour rules comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers”.

I am wondering about a sub based on the concept of being an outlier, someone whose entire strategy in life is to strategize outside of mainstream notions of success. Models for people who do this might be Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Leonardo DaVinci, Picasso, Mozart, Einstein, Tesla, Alexander the Great, etc. Innovators and mavericks in all fields, who strategize and succeed in unconventional ways.


Just riffing on ideas but thinking about what subs called “Philosopher” and “Guru” might develop as.


Will not be for everyone, but a sub to improve healing abilities for those in the healthcare industry would be great.


As sub based on my life? You should wait until I have some more success. :wink:


I’m still down for a Physical strength sub.


Subs I would love to see is: Whole Body Regeneration, Inventive/Innovative Mind, and Good Luck in all areas of one’s life.