Vote for the next subliminal


I personality root for a Money and Wealth supercharger :slight_smile:


And a Supercharger to daily charge a goal / manifestation intention will be GREAT as well.


i vote for skills sub, not mastering but becoming top of the field


Just like Muay Thai Mastery, Gaming Mastery?


Yeah, but this one more generic. Everyone could choose what is the skill to become an outlier.


Perfect Health. Will keep repeating that :grin::grin::grin:. SubClub needs one of those. So I can stack it with Khan and any other subs I buy over here.


I like the idea and think some variation of Outlier, Outliers, The Outlier would be a great title for a sub.

Something along these lines would also seem to be appropriately built into Quantum Limitless.


A sub completely focused on discovering your own path, strategies and methods for achieving enlightenment.

The Path
The Mountain
A Finger Pointing at The Moon


Isn’t that exactly Stage 1 of Alchemist?


I would like to see a stop porn sublimnal, a approach anxiety sublimal and a supercharger for getting money


I have tried and Limitless + Beyond Limitless are perfectly awesome for READING and I was wondering if we get a Reading SUPERCHARGER NOW but…
I do know there will be time if such a supercharger comes.


I think there are existing products that indirectly deal with issues like approach anxiety (which stems from a lack of self worth and confidence), and things like finding your own true path.

A physical change sub might be interesting. For instance, something that can lengthen your clavical, therefore making your shoulders wider.


I think a subliminal on “Alpha Body” can incorporate physical changes related to a man’s body which many of us would like. Some elements of Alpha Body could be:

-Full head of hair
-Golden Ratio Face
-Warrior Skull
-Desired Height Increase
-Desired Penis Enlargement
-Muscular Body
-Strong Jaw
-Sharp Chin
-Hollow Cheeks
-Thick neck
-Wide Shoulders
-Big Chest
-6/8 pack abs
-V shaped hips
-Strong and muscled arms and legs
-Broad back
-Tight buttocks
-Flexible body


@raphael I like your idea I know there is one subliminal company out there who sells a subliminal that alters body and facial features to make you look more masculine. If this is something that subclub can offer it would be great.


@blackadder - absolutely. Why I want SubClub to make Perfect Health and Alpha Body is for two reasons:
-I trust SubClub more based on the results
-So that I can stack them with their other great products like Khan


damn…just look at the attributes you listed give me a boner(probably has something to do with libertine and PS…not that I am gay…dont worry…)I could only imagine how that physical outlook will do to women…I can already see they are drooling and wetting…waiting for me to penetrate them right now…hmm…yummy…


@raphael just had a thought when i was using emperor on my 3rd month of listening I woke in the morning and checked myself in the mirror. Maybe it was just my self esteem was on a new level. I got the impression that I had a more rugged jawline. Maybe I just had not noticed it before perhaps emperor did make a change. However I never noticed this on Khan.


@xingliao - I know exactly what you mean. We men know what is good for us like our bodies in their highest forms. And women know it too :wink:


@blackadder - very interesting. Am not sure whether I will do Emperor though. I feel that Khan covers what I need for an alpha mind. Hopefully SubClub can make a strong body oriented sub or I will eventually do the Spartan one.


I would look for
Anti Ageing , like telomeres activation as science says this is key to longevity / pineal gland activation, may be alchemist already has this part
Physical looks may be emperor / khan / ps has already in it

I think what @SaintSovereign @Fire offers us is comprehensive and I can’t think of anything that I don’t want to be, as in
I need wealth ( EOG) , sex ( Sm ) , society ( social ) , spirituality ( ascension ) , physique ( spartan ) healing ( regeneration) , it’s kind of HAVE IT ALL , I want Lol and I think whatever they will offer will keep getting more broad and specific, it’s just the matter of time when SubClub will offer what .