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I’ve been using a delta brainwave track from Iawake to help me sleep. Does it conflict with the subliminals I have running at the same time? I have no idea, but I figure since I am getting about 20 hours a day total exposure to my subs I am still getting enough exposure for it not to matter.


They are more similar to music or drums that one might use to help with relaxing or entering trance. Just rhythmic pulses.

Just as music does not interfere with the subliminals, it is unlikely that these rhythmic pulses would. More likely to enhance, actually.


@blackadder, @dorfmeister - any resources for physical healing with regard to binaural beats and/or hypnosis? I would love to use that so that they don’t interfere with my SubClub subs. Also is iawake and idoser binaural?


I would like to vote for a “Ultimate Hypnotist” subliminal. Imagine if within a matter of few weeks, members from this forum would be able to give women orgasm on command, change people’s lives for the better, be more influential and successful, how much better feedback would you get. Everyone will flock to this forum because nothing like this has been created before. There are hypnosis recordings, but that’s what they are hypnosis recordings.

Imagine a subliminal something like “Ultimate Artist” but Ultimate Hypnotist. We can use the limitless sub to learn hypnosis but to view the world as a playground. That’s what hypnotists do. They view the world as a playground and their mind as the toy. That’s what we are already doing. We have the world as a playground but do we have toys that can do a lot of cool stuff, like become better at learning, mastering any skill, giving women hypnotic mind shattering orgasms. Imagine how awesome that would be, that noone in your workplace or community can do with their words and gaze, that you can do. You will feel like a superhero because you have this power no one has. And you know what people talk, women for sure do. One woman will led to another and another. And has anyone thought about this, that women have more mental issues than men. Imagine a woman feeling melting and all puppy feeling when she’s with you. You have an abundance of clients already in this world. It’s like an untapped market. People can fire off new careers just from learning and utilizing the hypnosis factor in their daily lives. I hope you guys come up with the product before someone does. I have tried products from other subliminal producers and tbh they are just bluff.


Just when I thought my plans for world domination couldnt be any more perfect…


Anyone Interested for a " Reprogram your mind against watching porn" theme based Subliminal?


That’s in most of the advanced alpha subs (Emperor, Khan) already. A Quit Porn stacking module, as good an idea it is, won’t be the best name to use on search engines.

Plus, who’s comfortable enough to openly talk about wacking off to pixels on a screen? They won’t be comfortable enough to admit it and purchase it. Just a thought.


That’s in interesting thought! very true! Btw, i assume you know what else included in each stage of khan?
i’ve been looking for someone to help me list with the benefits of each stage.


@raphael not that i kow of mate. Of course there are competitor subs. However as you have said you dont want to mix subs from different vendors. Better to finish your run of SC. Then perhaps look at what other vendors have to offer ?


This is Mark Cunningham’s Health themed hypnosis track. I have it but have not listened to it a lot.

I am pretty sure Iawake combines binaurals with isochronic beats. I listen to Iawake’s Delta track while sleeping and with my Sub Club Subliminals, though with all the talk of not listening to the Subs at night I am considering changing that and only listening to the Delta track at night.


@dorfmeister - thank you


I know other sublimnal companies have a stop porn sublimnal and use that name. So it shouldn’t be a issue here. Also Theres lots of online forum’s dedicated to nofap and porn addiction if this was 2005 i think people would feel shame and embarrased to look online for nofap sublimnals or look for online advice about this addiction. but in 2019 i dont think it’s weird people sharing there experiences plus lots of men are already doing it. Even youtube nofap its all over. In my journal i think i mentioned i relapses 5 times in one day like 3 weeks back lol but seriously i think it would be a huge advantage and profit if subclub created a nofap program or supercharger. Lots of men have this addiction and are seeking help. Ive beeen on nofap offical site ive been on reddit nofap men need all the help they can get. Right now not to mention names but a competitor has a stop porn and stop masturbating sublimnal.
This is one advantage they have over subclub at the moment. Trust me if subclub created a nofap program or supercharger there will be a audience for it and ill be one of the first to purchase it


I wonder if Sex Mastery X functions to give one a positive relationship to that?


A very good source:


Thank you, @Hannibal


Thank you so much for this!


I’m interesting in a subliminal supercharger that removes everything and everything from the negative programming. From the way we breath to the way we think. Most of it is interconnected as well. But we’ve been programmed from birth on. If there’s a way to remove all of that you would be limitless in your manifestations and actions. Basically the projection of your will.


Is this something that will help you?


All of the above that @raphael mentioned -

plus golden ratio & attractive face
plus General social skills
plus General life skills (+ productivity, - procrastination, + happiness, + mental balance/strength, + balance long term goals and short term goals).

I would listen to this as my EDC (everyday carry) :slight_smile:


Not really. I have no need for any emotional healing. I’ve clear most if not all of my past emotional trauma. I’m talking about the genuine programming of belief systems we go through. It limits us in so many ways. It’s hard to explain specifically as it a very broad spectrum of beliefs. It’s like a prison in our mind generated to avoid becoming our true self. Barriers any barriers of programming where you build a mind which is the ego putting believe systems upon itself, creating something which it is not. I don’t think regeneration will help with this anyway.