Vote for the next subliminal


I would personally like to see something like ‘Whole Body Regeneration/Perfect Health’ and ‘Luck in all areas of one’s life’. But I’m surprised that SubClub hasn’t made these two subs yet, especially the ‘Luck’ sub. I think everyone here can use a little more luck in their lives and good health.

Another one would be something that protects you like a shield from negative energies, negative people, and danger. Something that gives you like an intimidating aura that makes people looking to hurt you or rob you, etc, feel uncomfortable to mess with you and move away from you. And if you’re forced to fight, then your mind sharpens and your senses are heightened instantly and you utilize all the fighting techniques that you might have observed by watching videos, practiced yourself, and such.


Thats a good idea for emperor fitness


@PINNACLE - I had asked for Perfect Health in this thread too. Along with Alpha Body. Maybe Emperor Fitness will have them both.


It would be interested to see this idea added into the scripts if it isn’t already. A script inside of all the programs to connect to consciousness into the heart space. We have two modes as a human, duality and unity. Duality is in the brain, it’s where all our negative programming and our beliefs are. In the heart the ego cannot come, whenever you put your consciousness in the heart space everything around you starts to shift. Fear no longer exists etc, thinking patterns change, you’re connected to source, god creator. Being in the heart is really important for manifestation as well. You need two things to manifest something, a though and an emotion, with the most powerful manifestation emotion being love. In the heart space this is exactly what happens, though and emotion become one.

Earlier I was looking for a subliminal that could remove the barriers in the brain. Well it doesn’t really have to be a script if we can just put our consciousness in the heart and come back to unity. Whenever you’re in the heart space you cannot go into any rabbit holes as well. @SaintSovereign @Fire, please your opinion on this, I see allot of potential in this. If you can make it work, trust me it will supercharge everything.

A little bit more on this watch the videoclip below.


Those sound good.would like one that both men and women can use.have a feeling emperor fitness might be men only.(>_<)


I would find a sub that instill principles of logic and rationality and encourages the application of these principles in day to day behavior to be compelling.


Have you tried the Vulcan Academy? :wink:

I would agree that a lot of people could do with more rationality in their lives. As long as we don’t neglect the other hemisphere of our brain. The best people know how to use both.

@PINNACLE luck as a thing doesn’t really exist. What you can do is to enhance your intuitive power to a point where you simply get a feeling there’s some place you need to go or something you need to do (or the opposites), which just happens to make it easier for the Law of Attraction to cross your path. Imagine like Harry Potter’s potion of liquid luck, but possibly not as strong.


Well, I guess something that goes along the lines of what you’ve described would be nice then haha. Intuition power :wink:


Luck has been scientifically studied, and would be an easy stack module to build. :astonished:

Specifically, the work of Dr. Richard Wiseman as published in “The Luck Factor”.
Here are the 4 Principles of Getting Lucky:

  1. Maximize Your Chance Opportunities
  2. Listen To Your Lucky Hunches
  3. Expect Good Fortune
  4. Turn Your Bad Luck Into Good

We have parts of such script already across the product catalog - like in Daredevil, Limitless, Rebirth, etc. And then, there is a lot of Manifestation Technologies included in most major programs.


@Simon - any idea if Khan has manifestation tech in it? Is it in ST4?


Of course it does. It is explicitly stated in the product description :wink:


@pakr93 - do tell me more. Apart from the description, have you experienced it? Am curious to hear some experiences with manifestation on Khan and whether it happened in ST4 cause I will be starting ST3 in a couple of days and then Khan Complete is a month away.


It is called unity consciousness this is something which occurs when you are in the so called “Flow State”. The perfect merging between your left and right hemisphere. Luck as a thing indeed doesn’t exist. But it does as a term for describing a rather helpful coincidence. Which practically is luck.


I would like to see all the sublimnals have a silent version to them. I don’t mean ultrasonic sublimnals where you have to wonder if you have the volume right or if your Bluetooth speaker can pick up on frequency range etc I would love to see sub club subs in the future have a silent version to the mask sublimnals. This way you don’t want to worry about the frequency range or keep 2nd guessing yourself whether or not your brain or Bluetooth device is picking it up. It would be nice to have a Simple silent version of the sublimnals where you can truly set and forget and go about your day. It would also be perfect for work. Ultrasonics are to complicated and annoying to use especially when your constantly moving around and wondering what volume to use. A simple silent track without ultrasonic would be awesome


Subliminals are a voice speaking to you. They work because you cannot hear them. That means that we either put the voice at a frequency you can not hear (ultrasonic) or we hide the voice behind noise (masked). The only way to make a silent track that is not an ultrasonic is to have no voice. And that means no subliminal. Essentially just a 45 minute nothing.

I’m sure if you want to pay for a 45 minute nothing plenty of people would oblige you. Very easy to make. Fire wouldn’t have to have his computer act like a crypto-miner every time he build a subliminal, he can just create blanks. He might even charge you less than the usual cost for customs.

What would an MP3 with a silent voice be? You can’t lip-read an MP3. The only way to do what you suggest is using subtle energy fields. And they work a lot different and cannot contain the same information subliminals have.

But if you have a way, you can revolutionize the subliminal industry. Blackadder would forget all about SubClub and start singing your praises instead. :wink:

The closest you can come is a white-noise masked version. But I do believe the US has done experiments and concluded that if you hear that long enough, it counts as enhanced interrogation.


Reading X

A subliminal that you listen to while reading that helps you to really internalize what you read on a unconscious level. Maybe with added theta waves but I would prefer a standard ultrasonic if that’s a possibility


Emperor’s Sex

A more comprehensive Sex Mastery subliminal with New Beginnings concentrated on tackling all those nasty fears and performance anxiety. A merciless subliminal that will push you to be a god in the bed where women can’t resist ripping your clothes off. The end goal would be to reach complete control over your mind and body in the bedroom, making you multi-orgasmic.

Or you can call it just Sex Mastery v3


SubClub Sutra? :slight_smile:


1.) A TRT sub
2.) QL ST1-type standalone (since someone told me here that ST1 fixed their tinnitus)


I second the second, the cognitive healing/optimization parts of QL in a smaller package to be easier to run with other titles would be great!