Vote for the next subliminal


Maybe something with QL st1 and EmpFit st1 mixed together as a single sub.


The next sub would obviously be KhanQ. Look up KhanQ in forum.


I wonder, since there’s already subs for remote viewing and astral projection, why not one for telepathy or precognition? Being able to read (and maybe implant suggestions into) people’s minds and predicting the future would be awesome!




Subclub can install a book into the subconscious. They did it with Power Can Corrupt. If they could do it with The Kybalion. Training the mind to see the 7 principles at work everywhere around us. More importantly, their mastery.
I believe Alchemist has it, but would like to see a sub focused solely on it.

BTW, it’s the same book where @SaintSovereign derives his icon from.


As above, so below :wink:

Alchemist will be the perfect fit here. Have you tried it?


This would be a good specialized adjunct to Alchemist; just as Power Can Corrupt is a specialized adjunct to Emperor and Khan.


I thought of it a bit differently. But I like the idea. As Saint mentioned that Q let’s them squeeze a lot more into a single stage, it could be the master key for to alchemical subliminals.


LimitlessQ please


Too many good ones to list as “next subliminal” at this point.

  1. KhanQ. There’s already the point of doing ST1 + ST4 in one sub but I would NOT mind if you added in stuff from other social subs like PCC and Inner Circle in there since Khan is intended to be the ultimate social subliminal :smiley:
  2. Lucid Dreaming X - Not just a lucid dreaming helper, rather something that alters the brain to make one naturally lucid dream and remember their dreams all the time.
  3. Male Beauty (Emperor Fitness doesn’t quite fit the mold), though I’d suggest this to come in the form of various Q modules (e.g. one module for straight hair)
  4. An adjunct to the Alchemist. Personally, I’d like to see one that combines the concepts of both the Reality Transurfing and Tufti The Priestess books (they are part of a series by Vadim Zeland that combines quantum physics with eastern mysticism).


Would love to see a approach anxiety subliminal where you associate the feelings of anxiety in your body when you see a attractive girl you want to approach with excitement since anxiety and excitement feel the same in the body. So this way you feel excitement and it spurs you on to approach vs feeling anxiety and wanting to run away. So mostly what i want out of it

Make you excited rather than nervous when you want to approach

Make you enjoy the initial feelings of approach anxiety and for them to spur you on, rather than them stopping you from approaching


Something to improve one’s Will.


Iron throne or khan q


Coding Mastery X .

Much needed these days when people are indoors quarantined.


Investing mastery X will be a get additional to other available program like khan.


Adding Learning Languages X to the list :wink:


something entirely different but that is still usefull for everyone. Something more mainstream and that is not already on other subliminal competitor stores. Something that both females and males can use but not just only healing.

The ability to monitor your own emotions as well as the emotions of others, to distinguish between and label different emotions correctly, and to use emotional information to guide your thinking and behavior and influence that of others (Goleman, 1995; Mayer & Salovey, 1990).

Emotional intelligence is what we use when we empathize with our coworkers, have deep conversations about our relationships with significant others, and attempt to manage an unruly or distraught child. It allows us to connect with others, understand ourselves better, and live a more authentic, healthy, and happy life.

A sub that goes beyond everyones expectations but not just in the sales letter


This would be amazing, yes please!


I was thinking of something that would help provide mental and emotional clarity. Maybe a combination of Regeneration and Quantum Limitless. I’m not sure how much if any of Regeneration or Total Breakdown is in Quantum Limitless but the concept and idea of being able to see , understand, and respond to whatever on a rational and mature level is incredibly intriguing and one of my main goals. I see so much immaturity and irrational thinking, behavior, and believing now more than ever. If I am obviously aware of it, it makes me curious as to how much of it is a part of me without realizing it consciously. Power Can Corrupt is a great product but what if someone isn’t mentally or emotionally mature enough to grasp the concepts let alone implement them?


KhanQ, Acquiring Languages CEFR A1-C2 level regarding Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing(Languages Mastery X), and Software Engineering Mastery X. I want these subs next.