Vote for the next subliminal


So I just learnt from @DarkEmpress’s thread that @Fire is a bodybuilder…

Where’s our Mr Olympia subliminal that will allow nattys to compete with Phil Heath and Kai Greene*?!?!

minus the GH gut of course


It will be called ArnieQ


It’s here.


One for public speaking would be great, or centered around not caring what people think of you at all, that would help all social interactions really. There’s a fear of being judged and rejected in all of us, but we can also remember a time in our early childhood when we couldn’t care less and were our most expressive and fearless. imagine a sub that removes the social conditioning that stifles us.


Haha I am sure he picked that up as this is the best way to test out “physical changing scripting”.

Just realized, with a little bit of research we could probably easily determine who Fire is. We just need to find the one bodybuilder who looks like a total mutant but always gets tested negative for steriods


Nah, he’s legit. Has helped me with my own health and nutrition too.


I’d like to see a sub focused entirely on manifestation. I know that’s in Alchemist, but this would just entirely be geared toward making things happen in the real world. You could do one where you pick your own target and a series that would be pre targeted.


Please have a look at this


I don’t know how many programmers does the forum have, but considering that software development is an increasingly popular, and many programmers turn to self-help, so they might stumble up on this forum too. I think it would be quite cool to make a “Master Programmer” subliminal. Good programming skills could earn a person tons of money.


Ace the interview x. I’m thinking that you could run it from the time you are notified about a job or promotional interview right up to the point you walked in.


A single track subliminal focusing purely on improving strength relative to bodyweight. Yes I know Emperor Fitness covers this, but reading the copy strength gains are focused on Stage 3 (unleasher). Please correct me if I’ wrong @Fire and/or @SaintSovereign

Another one focusing purely on gaining muscle mass if it’s feasible.

Not sure if emperor fitness covers flexibility, if not, this too

A subliminal that improves the Will (self control/discipline) would be awesome.


Check out Spartan. It deals with achieving mental toughness through exercise/active lifestyle.

Should work on muscle growth and strength.


Spartan seems like a really good all rounder, which does not focus purely on one type of physical quality as what I’m describing above.


Looking at the first post about PrimalTech… look how far we’ve come…

I would like to suggest:

A billiards mastery sub

A comedian sub (for those into or looking to get into stand up comedy). this would have elements of QLQ and UAQ but taylored towards seeing the funny side of everything and then having the ability to deliver it in a way that makes ppl roflmao


Something LoA-based and Alchemist-esque that focuses on using our subconscious to help shift the Collective Human Consciousness and universe to a “Golden Age for Humanity” timeline


What about subs targeted for couples / groups instead of single persons?
E.g: A sub that improves all aspects of romantic relationships (communication/understanding/sex/whatever)
Another example would be a sub that makes teams work more efficiently and harmoneously together etc.

To get out of the personal mindspace and go to small groups. I think this could be a real gamechanger…


Some kind of multi stage shark-T sub


@Sirchiropractixalot I believe Fire created a special engine that created the Steve Rogers effect a year ago. It was incorporated I believe into weapon X and then slowly evolved to create “forever young” “jawline streaming”. Which I and others have reported in Emperor. Now I believe this engine could be used to increase muscle mass in a very short space of tiime. If enough people want it then SC could create it why not make a seperate thread to get people interested ?


Cuz you’re da best at hyping it up


My friend the only thing thats stops you from getting what you want are your beliefs. The world was once assumed to be flat :wink: