Vote for the next subliminal


That is not correct. :slight_smile:



Seriously. Bit frustrating reading all this.

Why are we voting for such (weird) nerd like subs? Please let’s so something more normal.


Don’t we have enough wealth, status, seduction and health/fitness titles here already? What other “normal” titles do you want?

I say we need more weird shit on here.


Many still believe this


Maybe instead of criticizing others’ suggestions, put what you’d like to see forward.


“Normal” should never be the benchmark. Normal = Ordinary = Mediocre. I prefer “exceptional” as a benchmark.

Criticizing without having a vision of one’s own is worse than any suggestion that could be made. At least making a suggestion shows one is trying to formulate a direction and purpose.


To me normal means not having unrealistic expectations. But that too is up for interpretation


Who defines what “realistic” is?

It’s usually those that want to bring others down to their level.

Fuck that. Nobody sets my limits except me (which is bad enough). And I’d rather take a risk on what might be, and be wrong, than accept what others tell me should be, and be right.


@bujin That’s why I said its up for interpretation. It’s your life


I guess maybe I think part of the problem for people is being realistic in a way that is pretty limited and limiting and maybe so limiting it walls off things that are actually very possible. Subliminals maybe can open up an ability to see where we might be exceptional, even in fairly small ways.

For me, and this may be a block, the path has been relatively slow going, but sometimes I surprise myself by being more at ease, or better able to do something or just more free flowing in my life.

I know people who are functional in their lives, but I am pretty sure they can’t see any possibility for changing anything, let alone the self awareness to desire it and move toward it. To me just seeing the possibility for, and making the effort to create change, is one of those small exceptionalities.


It’s not an interpretation, it’s a limitation.

Why not aim for the unrealistic, or even the fantastic, just to see how far you can actually go?

Is it really that bad to be wrong and to fail? Is it actually better to be safe and accepted by the mediocre masses instead?

I’m thinking that loop of StarkT this morning is influencing my perspective on things. :slight_smile:

Bujin - A New Narrative + [STACKED] Oculus Mentis Terminus²

That, I’d say, depends greatly on the context (like everything else, I guess). (You probably would not, for example, choose a surgeon who had this as his guiding work philosophy. Then again, I might be wrong about that.)

Devil’s in the details, as they say.

But I appreciate and am inspired by the spirit of your questions.



Here’s my two cents: I think a lot of people focus on changing their visual aspects - jaw line, cheeks, etc.

Why just not get to low body fat that naturally accentuates your facial features, then on the other side work on self-love and self-acceptance.

Much healthier approach in my opinion.


Members have the freedom to vote for whatever subliminal they want. Thats the great thing about this forum we do not judge :relaxed:



Somebody came up with the idea of an organ transplant. It certainly wasn’t Dr Ordinary. :slight_smile:

Any great advance requires someone to look beyond the recognized limits. Obviously not everything is an advancement, and even those are built on what’s accepted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a guiding vision of extraordinary achievement.

So (to make this post on-topic), I’m all for subliminals that really push the boundaries, even if “normal” people disapprove or disbelieve.


No, I believe it was Dr. Frankenstein.

kidding. kidding.

now, i am completely joking.

seriously though, innovation, risk-taking, and shooting for the beyond are very important. Even being unrealistic is actually super-important.

People are working around the world right now to innovate creative responses to a huge number of problems and issues. I appreciate them dearly and would be proud to be one of them.


Stick-To-Your-Current-Subliminal stack module :smiley:

Just kidding.

NO I really need this! :frowning: :smiley:


A Johnny Depp module/subliminal


Yesssss!!! Good idea