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@friday someone did request a subliminal a while back that could physically change your face to look like a celebrity. However Fire and Saint stressed at the time that is not the way SC want to go.


@blackadder While I would love to have a face symmetry, jawline (mewing), hollow cheeks subliminal, that’s not what I requested with the Johnny Depp module in particular. For me, he is one of the most charismatic people out there (the way he talks, how he tells his stories, his tonality, pauses he uses, humor) and I would love to have a charisma module using Deep Trance Identification of him.

And this quote is from 2018, unbelievable how much subclub is ahead of the game.

I think a lot of things changed with Q and Terminus power, as physical changes now seem to be possible.


Remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Dark Philosopher.

I have the perfect title. We’ve had As Above & So Below. Now let’s have As Within & So Without. :slight_smile:

It’s actually a Wiccan thing/saying, I believe. As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.


@friday I guess you are more up to date with the new bells and whistles in subliminal technology. I am going by what I heard last year :wink:


Well, blackadder is the Chief Executive Creative Writer of the Future Developments Brainstorming department. Has his own office and everything. You never know what may yet manifest if you make him believe… :wink:

I think they’re still experimenting with physical changes. Even then, I doubt it’s wise to go into such specifics as looking like somebody. But things like facial symmetry are not inconceivable.

Same thing for character traits. It is more likely that a sub would be more generic, allowing you to “pick” the traits that you want from multiple people, much like how Bruce Lee took things from multiple martial arts to design JKD.

Instead of creating a “Be more like Johnny Depp” sub (which might even get them sued), they (we?) would create a “Be Your Alter Ego” sub, where you get to design your ideal person through mixing and matching (a supercharger-type thing?) which is then targeted by the subliminal as your goal.


I like that title thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Black Adder
Chief Executive Creative Writer of the Future Developments


Why limit yourself, let’s make it Chief Executive Creative Artist instead. :slight_smile:


@DarkPhilosopher i really appreciate this new title thanks for the promotion.


Oh boy, what did I do? I’d better tell Saint before he finds out. :smile:


They don’t need to name it that way :smile:

Yes and I definitely agree with the more generic approach and that’s also how subclub does it right now. I am suggesting him as a model in the first place because Saint stated that they are using the Raikov effect for Limitless: e.g. “How would Leonardo Davinci approach this problem?” (just made that up). They could do something similar with a charisma module and Johnny Depp. But that’s also only a request of mine


Friday I like the ideas you are bringing to the table. A decade ago a famous hypotherapist who is now deceased Dr laura Giorgio, marketed a hypnosis product that after a short induction state put you into the body of a famous person whoever you wanted it to be. You would then imprint the qualities of that person into your archetype.

Perhaps your idea could well become a full blown product.

Black Adder
Chief Executive Creative Artist of the Future Developments


A “Kill the boy, bring out the Man” or “Evolve the boy into a Man” sub.

I still feel like a kid inside, and so do many of my peers (outside of this forum).


Manifestation supercharger (for Mind’s Eye)


I thought As Above and So Below had that purpose.


Oh can be. I haven’t looked into superchargers yet.

I was imagining a manifestation guided track where you visualize the thing you wanna manifest


That would be great


I say a multi stage sub for a specific career path. Like digital marketing, programming etc. Digital marketing is not easy to master hence the multi stage part. It can definitely propel someone to do really well in that career path and make an exceptional living out of it. With QL that would be phenomenal I reckon.

  1. Acquiring Languages CEFR C2 level regarding Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing(Languages Mastery X)
  2. Software Engineering Mastery X. Everything to do with software engineering
  3. Others specific Mastery X - like number 2 above.


(project) management subliminal


This stacked with stark Q, my o my o my o my