Vote for the next subliminal


Perhaps Limitless would allow you to understand and fully absorb Frank Rudolph Young’s work?


I think it will help a lot, but I would still love a Spirituality subliminal. I think a reality creation or dimensional jumping subliminal sounds great too,


Finding out what Lottery sub is, I changed my vote to Sex/Attraction sub.

Technically, my voice does not really matter. I am so very new here and just started on Emperor. Should take me a while to think of adding something in there.

I would like to see that in the future. Of course, luck can be an educated guess due to skills like @dorfmeister mentioned. That’s a great indicator of being lucky - for example, knowing when to go shopping for what.

But I also mean that genuine luck where you simply get stupid lucky. You run into a celebrity/affluent person/knowledgable mentor-like person and for some reason hit it off, win a lottery, shop bargains and find great used stuff or for some reason just the perfect person who can and is ready to help you shows up etc.

As a bit of offtopic, I’ve always loved Gladstone Gander. I wonder what would happen if someone modeled him?

Adult language

It’s either we’d get lucky for life or wake up with a full ass of duck feathers one day. :smiley:

I actually have always loved the ‘‘incredibly lucky’’ archetypes. I can recall Gladstone Gander and Domino from X-men. Maybe could be something drawn from them too.


@Fire Could you please tell us more about PrimalTech, and how different it is from your present day technology?


Now I’m curious as to how many practicing occultists we have here?


Sure. It’s a little bit complex to explain, but shortly and simply - I removed anything that might be unnecessary, while loosening up the ways the subconscious can work on the instructions.

This resulted in basically halving the core scripting while keeping all the features intended, which will lead to a lot more power from a much greater input, combined with more ways for the subconscious to act.

It’s so amazingly streamlined and optimized now. Can’t wait to see it in action.

You could always create a poll in the Emperor’s Lounge. :wink:


I am interested to know too.


Actually, can there be a form of “gratitude” type of subliminal? Maybe a stand-alone gratitude subliminal would work wonders since it would put users in a complete mood for manifesting.


Honestly @Fire and @SaintSovereign I believe the best thing you can do after primal is to update all existing products to PrimalTech before moving on to the next thing.

It seems most products now are at least 2 technologies behind (Primal Tech, then before it Ex Machina). It is time to update, regroup, before the end of the year, then start the new year fresh with a plan for new products.

Primal released for the Holiday Season will be great, and all your catalogue updated to PrimalTech level is even better.


I agree with Amash. Currently listening to Limitless X and may say that it has a much more powerful overall impact on my psyche even than S&S and Emperor. Not in terms of goal achievement (it needs more time exposure to estimate the results) but overall.

It seems that previously updated titles will benefit a lot after being upgraded with PrimalTech.

And releasing Primal this year is very logical conclusion of 2018 year.


Appreciate the feedback. That’s already the plan, we’re just completing it in a parallel process. We just acquired more equipment that will allow @Fire to focus on new title development (but not necessarily newer tech) while I go back and update existing titles. This will start once @Fire is happy with PrimalTech and the technology is “locked down” to a point where we can stop focusing on new tech and just expand our product offerings.

At a certain point, however, our technology will progress to the point that it will be inevitable that we won’t be able to update old titles to new tech and will have to create a new title, like “Ascension 2.” The PrimalTech platform is a completely new engine — and it’s going to be hard enough adapting the older titles to it, but we’re doing it because we owe it to our early supporters.


I’m 100% sure that you are using techologies from another dimensions, guys :slight_smile:

Your subs are already made noticeable changes in me more than all rival sub makers altogether. God bless you and good luck :slight_smile:


That is very reasonable, and understandable.

And also, PrimalTech seems to be a true milestone. So updating existing products to it is a fair deal to your early adopters. So that things are updated enough to blow everything else out of the water. And then, creating future products that will be based on new technologies will make sense.


Maybe we can vote for the next subs to be updated. Personally, I’d vote for a PrimalTech Mogul.

Because more money = happier customer = returning customers who buy more and more, and who have extra cash to support your company.


If you do a physical improvement one, I would really love if it naturally increased testosterone in men. I’m in my mid-forties, so I could really use the boost,


Surprised that there hasn’t been a suggestion for improving skills that are unrelated to the above like playing musical instruments (piano, guitar, etc.), singing, drawing and meditation. Though I understand that it may not be considered a top priority compared to the others so it will be great if someday in near future it is implemented in the same way Muay Thai Mastery X and Gaming Mastery X is.


@SeekingTruths I believe the Limitless subs should help with such things. Limitless won’t only help you with learning information but also with learning skills faster, like playing piano or how to be a better salesman.


I voted for emotional healing because I think that by clearing all the negative beliefs and crap generally from your head will allow the other subs to be more powerful. At least that’s my theory that I base just on my very limited research and opinion :smiley:


I could also see “emotional healing” being a fundamental core script module incorporated into all subs. Hell, maybe it even already exists!?!



Emotional healing and other variants of this concept are included in the standard script.