Vote for the next subliminal


Fun fact:

Tony was hacking into the pentagon at age 16.


Based on my discussion with others about stacking all the Healing subs, I wonder if it’s possible to have a sub for Holistic Healing. I know Khan Stage 1 is titled “Complete Breakdown”, but Saint said that there are benefits to be reap from stacking Regeneration with it.

So is it possible to have a sub which heals all aspects? Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Sexually. Physically. All in one.



You living in 2022. Well done.


Hahahaha, this one had me in tears.


@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:

Please consider making a sub for those of us working in the healthcare industry, with the objective of improving our abilities to heal others. I have some thoughts about what should be in the scripts/modules. Thanks.


I vote for Improve Your Eyesight and visual cortex Subliminal Program.


A subliminal for culinary skills


Going to reiterate my suggestion for a Billiards Mastery sub.


Climbing / Bouldering Mastery



climbing/ bouldering mastery would be awesome

I vote for a subliminal around discovering, clarifying, and monetizing purpose and passion, maybe even with a spiritual alignment element.

All the major Alpha subs cover this to some degree but something super specific


A subliminal that consists of the 7 hermetic principles, similar to the program named Power Can Corrupt, but then for Alchemist or even to as a Core in the Q-store.

According to the following principles:

With the ability to learn these laws subconsciously, recognize them everywhere in life and also use them to your advantage with the appropriate techniques.

Perhaps even consider the Tree of Life as a guide to use them, the Tree represents life itself.



I would love that as a standalone and as a core for the Q store


Hermetic Principles? Alchemy doesn’t address that?


The sales page doesnt refer to it directly, even if it might :thinking:


I’ve found Khan St 3 improves my pool game :wink:


Lucid Dreaming X is still my next requested sub :slight_smile:


That’s very interesting! You knew for sure it was Khan St 3 and not anything else?


Yeah because I played pool with St 3 running in my pocket on about 3 separate occasions. I don’t imagine there are specific affirmations for sports but my shots were ramrod straight (I usually have trouble with longer shots) with multiple long runs.


Efren Reyes spotted :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: