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Yepp, Primal does all this, and more.

I’m looking forward to a general gym going sub, with fast learning of proper technique and form when lifting weight, extra stamina, pushing the last mile, eating properly (without limiting this to a specific type of diet, I love Keto, and that goes against eating more veggies and greens, so best if no messaging with eating veggies and greens and fruits and less meat and fat etc, because that isn’t Keto), and fat loss and body recomposition and good and fast muscle growth, and breaking through obstacles, excuses and doubts about going to the gym enough times per week, etc etc, @Fire


That is a great idea for a sub

I too would love a emperor like sub for the gym/working out


I’ve got another idea.

Breaking the habit.

A sub that will help you break your bad habits/addictions.
For eg. nofap, smoking, drinking you name it.


That is actual a great sub idea too


Empress? I am a guy, but i see women getting left out.


A gym/peak physical condition subliminal is definitely coming in the future. Both @SaintSovereign and I consider physical activity one of the major puzzle pieces needed for advancing human potential.

There actually already are parts that affect this in all our subliminals, but we do want to focus on it in a major subliminal.


A Testosterone building/estrogen blocking sub.


Emotional healing because almost every problem in life is caused by inner blocks holding us back. I know Rebirth is out, but perhaps a major program that allows us to release the past, old beliefs and unserving attachments so we could express our authenticity and totality freely would be fairly useful. All potential is killed by unproductive reactions to inner conflicts, men and women will never see the light of their inner most desires due to this.

I really think it’d be the most useful sub


I completely agree @UltrasonicBorks. I grew up not seeing my parent take care of herself, then when I grew up, I thought I could help everyone else. It never worked.

What did work beautifully was an emotional healing subliminal I used in the last 2 years from another vendor. It helped heal me, it put my focus on what I could actually change, and it gave me peace–with myself–which is beautiful still. It trained me to look to take care of myself… and I still look for that kind of simplicity. Life was hard trying to fix everyone else. Changing me is what I do have power to do, so I’m all about emotional healing and making healthy choices for myself. This fed me.

And after showing this morning and thinking about this, I must share what I seek in an emotional healing subliminal: making healthy and healing choices today. I’ve done different forms of therapy, I’m doing EMDR now, and that heals my past. Am I still making the same unhealthy choices today, 30 years later? I have many, many times. Letting go of the past is important, but training me to make healthy choices today–emotionally, mentally, and physically–makes me come back for more.

I only know what I know, until I receive new models or instruction. My default setting can go easily to unhappy places, for that was “normal”. I desire to keep a positive focus, look for the best in all circumstances, so I’ll have hope today AND tomorrow. I seek help with this, and I turn to subliminals to change my thinking.

This is what I seek in an emotional healing sub: changing today, the only day I can change.


Quoting Dmitry
“…and then all in one: Emperor, Sex Seduction, Primal all at once!”

I am most interested in running one track that has pretty much all the aspects of mastery integrated and optimized. This is my ideal, that I can run a single track that has optimized all of the most important aspects of being a man in 2018 and beyond into it, rather than mixing and matching from pieces. It would be great to have a companion supercharger or a series of superchargers to go with it.

I get that probably the biggest challenge for a company in dealing with an all in one track is what to charge for it, how often to update it, and whether you charge for updates. Working out a business model for it is paramount.

I would also find it interesting to see more development of a physical health and mastery track. I would want this track to allow the subconscious to configure what is the ideal for the person listening. People have many different physical ideals. Even highly trained athletes will develop different body types through their training.

My ideal is definitely NOT that of the Bodybuilder, as that puts most emphasis on mere aesthetics rather than robust function. You’ll notice that top level athletes never look like bodybuilders.

I could also see a evolution of the alpha principle into something I would call “Warrior” and it might have something of the scope of “Emperor” but take that comprehensiveness in a slightly different direction and with slightly different models. Think of either great warriors from the past or from mythology as models.


I also think that a sub (or maybe a stacking module that fits with limitless) for language learning will be great.
So we can pick the grammar, structure of the language, and the vocabulary much faster, feel confident talking to people from the target language, and even more importantly be able to mimic the “weird” sounds of the language and even recognize them (the brain takes a long time to even hear sounds it is not familiar with). This can be an amazing thing for the language learning community and for everyone one of us who likes to travel, to explore other cultures, and to learn new languages (which will be a type of person who definitely would be attracted to SC’s offering, because it is part of exploring their internal world in the same way they explore the external world). cc @Fire


@Liquidfire Unless I am mistaken there is no body building module in emperor.


@Fire Do you have the technology to create an anti aging subliminal?. As far fetched as it might sound. I believe it shoukd focus on keeping you in peak form as you get older.


Yes, this could be a beautiful addition to the workout / body recomposition / gym going / great health sub.

Fire said before there is a possibility to improve physical and face looks through subliminals. Anti-aging can be a variation of that. Especially droopy eyes, fine lines, and even sagging skin when losing weight.


where did i say there was? I was referring to the social comments here.

Almost everything that was said here, is either in Primal or Ascension, or just a fact of going out and failing forward.


@Liquidfire apologies my friend a “slip of the pen”


There is a fat burner module or so says on the product page.


Are you talking about Emperor @Floridianninja? I know Primal and SS have a fat burning module as well.

But it’s like the difference between Limitless which is found in Emperor, Primal and SS, and the stand alone Limitless: the results are MUCH much bigger with the Limitless subliminal on its own.


Yes in emperor there is a fat burning module


The Fat Burning is not really working for me. I feel less hungry, but my body fat % is stuck at the same number. This usually is caused by metabolic adaptation to the lowered caloric intake to maintain homeostasis.

Hopefully Limit Destroyer will help with this.