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I wonder, can limit destroyer help with sub-modules like fat burner?

How about a fat burner supercharger


I think we need to remember physical limitations too on some of this stuff. If we give the subconscious all the healthy raw materials it needs I’m sure the results would be even better.

Take the fat burner. It can very well be working and the body is burning up the extra calories instead of storing fat but if you personally have one of your detox systems blocked when the body can’t detox all the waste instead of poisoning your body it stores it in your fat. So reducing fat to much to fast if you have a heavy toxic load will be dumped into your bloodstream. I doubt the subs will override actual survival mechanisms.

Limitless too may make your brain work more efficiently but if you have a lot of heavy metals in your brain disturbing your neurological system it will be hindered.

I was reading about the aura and how to strengthen it and it too seems to be as strong as you are health wise. Suggestions to strengthen is healthy eat, reduce anger, reduce stress, etc. Double terminated quartz Crystal’s held in each hand, gregorian chants.


Guys is it possible to increase the size of ones penis through subliminals ?. Being of asian origin I had few girls making fun of the small size of my penis. I am sure they comparing my penis to the local bulgarians mans penis which is much bigger.


Max from RSD has a tiny penis, but girls don’t make fun of him because he holds his frame tight.

Often, to girls, the man she’s having sex with is much more important and arousing than the penis.

I hope this truth helps you feel better.


@AMASH I think your right. I sometimes let it get to me when I really shouldn’t. I should really banter back or something. Maybe Primal will help me overcome this insecurity.


Primal + Rebirth makes me feel my insecurities are memories from the past, like a movie I watched a long time ago, rather than something true right now. Primal is such a wonderful sub.


I am running primal and rebirth thanks AMASH


Added emotional healing :grin:


It can, but you have to take the first step. The next time someone disses you like that, diss 'em back. That’s when Primal kicks in and you’ll see the difference between how you handled the situation.


Emotional healing sub would be great. I know that a lot of these subs have healing modules in them but if there was one sub just designed to work at a deep emotional level would be great. A lot of us have got a lot of emotional issues and traumas from the past which we have picked up over the years.

I am 43 and have loads which i am working on and these subs i know will help but if we had a sub that would clear up most of these i think running other subs like am, emperor etc would work much better like you are starting from a clean slate.


Actually I’d go as far as to suggest why not combine the two? Emotional Healing + Body Healing into one major sub. And I’m not entierly talking about going to the gym/exercise and eating good.

Since placebo effect and nocebo effect is equally strong is their own regards and by releasing negative energy in one area of the body, couldn’t the sub also work on improving programming in that part as well?

Example: if a women hears on the social media that she has to be certain way and develops a very bad self image through which she creates an identity surrounding bulimi or anorexia, couldn’t the emotional side of the sub release the parts of her body in which she feels bad and then the body improvement sub would engage and builds a stronger self image, the cells builds every part of the body which is damaged and improves the persons diet…?

The sub(gender neutral) would target every emotional and body area that has a negative programming. Perhaps this stretches out the possibility of what a sub can do but since you guys are on the forefront of it all, who knows :wink:



From what I know, that could be scripted. It sounds like polymorphic scripting, which is where the subliminal adapts to attempt to meet each person’s individual needs on a given focus. I’ve had success with polymorphic subs since they go right to my personal needs, which aren’t always what I thought were important. I’d be interested in such a sub since any sub which works on my truths vs. what I “say” I want is infinitely valuable. Especially an emotional healing subliminal. I’d go for that in a quick minute!


I second this, also include cortisol blocking. Could just be a stack sub.


@blackadder While we wait for a penis enlargement product from Subliminal Club, we can take matters into our own hands, literally. Traumas with traumas + business


Well, if we’re going to block cortisol, might as well boost serotonin and oxytocin and dopamine to have complete happiness.


Personally, I’d prefer SC keep working on more general areas before they get down to specifics like testosterone.

For example, a sub that guides us into better eating and exercise habits, making us want to be in great physical shape. Then look into something like testosterone.

I’ve suggested this before, but I really think two subs that would be in high demand are:

  • health/fitness one I just mentioned
  • Something equivalent to PUA but for business networking – it makes you confident and smooth in coming up to strangers at networking and social events and talking about their business and your own. Or if you’re not in sales or self employed, then to be confident in building business relationships that can help you on your career path.

I’ve been to countless networking events with good intentions and literally felt like a guy trying to pick up chicks in a bar or dance club. Frozen with fear and doubt. I would love to have the skill and attitude of a pick up artist geared toward business and not sex.


I second both of those ideas for subs


Ascended Mogul & Emperor are totally capable of delivering this. Set the goals and start working.
One may need to bring in the “how to” - whether sales, networking, or pickup.

Would it be fair to assume that this was BEFORE Subliminal Club? :wink:


Yes, AM comes close. From what I understand, Emporer would not, since it’s more about not really caring about others. Less social. AM has the social element and mogul has the money element.

And, yeah, I haven’t been to a networking event for quite a while.

So, in the meantime, I’m playing AM with a touch of Primal and Regen. I’m sure these will help with business socializing. I’d still jump on a sub that was dedicated to that.


It’s a mistake to think that Emperor is somehow asocial or antisocial.
All it does is make one super-focused on his goals, and demands that the goals be big.

If your goals involve business networking:
Ascended Mogul will make you want to talk to everyone, while
Emperor will make you want to approach only those that matter to your goals, or are worthy of an Emperor’s time - speakers, organisers, leaders, other successful or famous people, connectors, venue owners, etc.

You’ll also have the vibe of being someone so important that the average crowd will be too intimidated to approach you.

Above average - even friendships will be welcome - if being socially successful is one of your goals too.
Plus, we do need capable minions & ministers. :blush: