Vote for the next subliminal


Yes. It’s not that I became anti-social in the sense that I didn’t want to talk to people. Instead, I ended up dropping a lot of friends that really didn’t contribute to my life or mission. Made me very hyper focused.


@SaintSovereign it is very tough to drop people from your life. I am going through that process at the moment. I used Rebirth and I kind of dropped lots of negative things from my life. For example, two of my friends with whom I would pass 85% my daily time (in university campus, and outside too). They want me back, and they are thinking I am being wrong, unsocial person with my surrounding. But I think it is right decision for my goals in life. I mean, suddenly I am realizing I am exactly at the same place I started 2 years ago. Yet I complained my life was not changing, things are hard, cruel towards me. I overlook many of my internal stuffs. Hanging out with them at least make me forget about those problems, and allowed me to be in the comfort zone, and not grow up. Many other class mates are mocking me daily, even today one of them took “steps” to patch things up with them. I denied. Sometimes, I feel am I really being anti-social? really? However, I also know what’s gonna happen if I patch things up with them. I will remain virgin in the next valentine’s day as well. Lol.


Here’s the thing – the “friends” I dropped had been a negative influence in my life for years. People I trusted, who I later found out wasn’t giving me advice in good faith and deliberately trying to push me in a direction that wasn’t congruent with who I wanted to be. Emperor helped me make the decision to cut them, and something beautiful happened afterward. I didn’t just “do well,” I flourished and thrived. We’ve since reconnected and began talking again, but the relationship is so different. They can tell that I have changed and will not longer allow them to cross boundaries.

We all need human contact, so don’t cut it off just to do it. Make sure there’s a real purpose behind it.


Since we’re making suggestions, two I’d love to see: Cult Leader and Pimp Daddy. Former would focus on charisma and, the latter, on being stone cold.

On a serious note, I saw some requests for a fitness sub. I thought Spartan already did that. But in any event, a fitness sub that makes you insanely obsessed with top physical form and peak fitness would be very welcome.

Oh, one more thing:

Guilt. I guess this would fall under the healing requests above. But something that deals with unfounded guilt and shame would be great, as these two things (often unwittingly inflicted during childhood) tend to be big blocks toward emotional development later in life.


I was playing Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, while listening to subs. For a few days channeled Joseph Seed and was told by my gf to create a cult :slight_smile:

“I was blind… and NOW I see”… :slight_smile:


Haha. Like that Scientology Hubbard or whatever his name was. Failed writer for all of his life. He once said or wrote something about money being in religion. And then he went on to create one. :smiley:


Work and study harder / end procrastinating / productivity subliminal would be awesome!


Sovereign\Fire I may have mentioned this in a previous post if I did apologises for repeating the request. How about a status add-on ? For emperor or any of the alpha based subs ?


To be fair I think if enough interest is generated in any particular area. This is something that would work both ways. Greater revenue for Sub clubs efforts and at the same time helping ita base of customers.


So… After Daredevil, what’s next?
What about the Emperor supercharger? :wink: :wink: Or will it be The Alchemist? :slight_smile:


For me…its best to have upgraded previous titles. Saint and Fire, Fire and Saint done great work, maybe the greatest above all sub producers. I vote for graduate upgrade…starting with Limitless and adding Weapon X titles.


I absolutely agree on Limitless. I need the most of this major program. Please upgrade it!


This is an interesting idea. We’ll definitely consider it.


An immortality subliminal, Immortal, that optimizes and increases stem cell proliferation, increases the length of telomeres, activates the telomerase enzyme, boosts free and total testosterone, reduces sex hormone binding globulin, boosts growth hormone production, reduces cortisol production, boosts autophagy, balances the thyroid hormones for optimal metabolism, opens detoxification pathways, strengthens and modulates the immune system, and keeps blood glucose levels normal. I think this would be next level: Immortal sub. Running that along with Emperor – imagine that. And then Immortal Emperor…


Would be useful if there is a discipline/focus subliminal for those who like to meditate


I like the idea of a meditation sub and accompanying meditation supercharger.


I would like a new sub similar to emperor. Maybe even a v2.

I want that aggressiveness, standing up for yourself, not giving a flying single shit in any situation.
Since i’m from a dangerous neighborhood, i feel intimidated a lot of times. (Lot of gangsters walking around forcing eye contact and confrontation ‘‘what you looking at’’ or groups shouting things at you) I want to feel relaxed around these guys and if possible ‘‘alpha them out’’ (can’t believe i used this term lol).
In other words a ‘‘Bad boy alpha’’ sub.

Ultra masculinity towards the asshole side. (rather be an asshole these days by standing up for myself, than being a pushover nice guy.) Being okay with saying your thoughts and not afraid of interrupting anyone.
Very good examples of what i’m talking about are the following people:

Arash dibazar:
Andrew Tate:
Joe Rogan:

On top i’d like to see a NoFap sub.
Many people including myself struggle with this addiction and breaking it can be a such a hassle.
Specially when u run subs like Primal seduction that makes u horny but without action it ends up in a crazy fapping binge. This drains me out and makes me depressed.
Something that completely erases the masturbation addiction and redirect the sexual energy to a better cause such as, approaching women or taking action on anything.
When i’m on a good nofap streak, my life seem to workout as it supposed to be.
So a sub supporting that is only a plus.

Would insta buy both of these subs.


Cutler Leader for sure :joy::joy::joy:.


I still vote for the social supercharger. Something that just shreds your ego apart and puts you in a no-fucks given attitude. Finally feel like I found my perfect stack between Primal Seduction/and Daredevil. For those who are familiar with Californication this stack really gives off that Hank-Moody Vibe where your still really sexual with women, but also have advanced verbal game, witty, no filter, carefree. A super charger that really pushes this attitude would be awesome.


For NoFap - try Ascended Mogul, somehow it lessens the urge dramatically.